Saturday, November 08, 2008

Peavy Rumors:Saturday

Here is the latest from the Jake Peavy front-

- The Astros are unlikely to get Peavy.

- Buster Onley says that Peavy will be dealt before Thanksgiving.

- The Braves are growing impatient, while the Cubs are still in the mix and the Yankees and Dodgers are on th back burner.

- Chris de Luca of the Chicago Sun-Times expects a deal for Peavy to get done within the week. He notes that the Cubs, Braves, and Dodgers are the only teams in the mix now.

- Another juicy rumor from

According to one NL executive, the Cubs are considering preparing two offers for Peavy, one that would include Jeff Samardzija and one with Josh Vitters. The Cubs don't have the deepest farm system, but a deal around either two of those players would get it done. Personally, I think the Cubs would be smart to hold on to Vitters and package four or five players together for Peavy. Players like Wellington Castillo, Donnie Veal, Ryan Flaherty, and Tyler Colvin, along with Randy Wells or Angel Guzman would definitely get the Padres wheels turning, which could force a deal.

The Chicago Sun-Times points out that this deal has nearly taken the Cubs out of the Brian Roberts sweepstakes, something that the Cubs pursued very hard last offseason. While Peavy is a lot better investment than Roberts, the Cubs need to determine if they need Peavy or if they just want Peavy.

Ultimately I think the Cubs will land Peavy. They are willing to pay the asking price the Padres have laid out unlike the Braves( who overvalue their young prospects). I honestly believe that it is down to the Cubs and Braves with no other team even considered to be a threat. If the Braves decide to offer Tommy Hanson they will get Peavy but if they still consider him "untouchable" then the Cubs will get Peavy. As far as Brian Roberts goes, the Orioles told the Indians it would cost them Carmona and Cabrera for one year of Roberts. Asking price is higher for him than it is for Peavy, do not bother with Roberts!

Friday, November 07, 2008

Lots More on Good Ole Jake

A waterfall of Jake Peavy rumors today-

- According to Yahoo's Jeff Passan, the Cubs have moved in front of the Braves for Jake Peavy. The Padres want Jeff Samardzija, but he has a no trade clause. The Cubs could include other players like Felix Pie, Sean Marshall, Ronny Cedeno, Kevin Hart, and Donald Veal.

- Chris De Luca of the Sun-Times suggested that Rich Harden( No Harden trade) or Mike Fontenot could be involved with a trade for Peavy. He also says a trade for Peavy means the Cubs will not get Roberts.(Who cares, asking price is too high).

- Buster Olney of ESPN says Josh Vitter would have to be involved to get a deal done. I disagree with Buster as usual.

- Bruce Miles of the Daily Herald thinks Jose Ceda, Welington Castillo, and Mitch Atkins as potential players in a trade for Jake. Now I would agree with that.

- The Padres would actually prefer to deal with the Braves but they want Tommy Hanson, and he is untouchable.

- Jake is also reluctant to go to the Braves in a deal that included Yunel Escobar because he feels it would weaken the team chances to make the playoffs. Jake want to be on a contending team.

- Kevin Towers says they expect Jake to be traded before the Winter Meetings which start Dec. 8th.

- Bruce Miles adds today that Samardzija is not on the table and that Mike Fontenot has not been discussed. So basically he is writing off the Yahoo and Sun-Times rumors. He thinks there is a 50/50 chance the Cubs land Jake Peavy.(Well duh, it is basically between the Cubs and Braves)

- Sources say Jake Peavy will be traded at the latest two weeks. Lets hope it is to the Cubs!


-In non-Peavy news, the Cubs are one of 6 teams that are interested in trading for Brian Giles. The Padres picked up his option today and maybe looking to trade him for some young talent. He does have a no trade clause but could waive it to come to the Cubs. I wonder if the Cubs could pull off a deal that would send both Giles and Peavy to Chicago??

-Jim Hendry informed Fukudome that they are looking to acquire a left-handed bat this off season and that they plan on platooning him and Reed Johnson in CF next season.

- Chris De Luca's sources say there is zero chance Bud Selig and the owners lets Mark Cuban buy the Cubs. DAMN IT!

- The Mets are the favorite to land Raul Ibanez. I HOPE THEY DO!

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Peavy and Dempster Rumors!

There is a whole lot of rumors floating around today so lets get caught up!

- Rosenthal reports that the Cubs are willing to give Dempster a 4 year deal EVEN IF they land Jake Peavy! That is some great news! It gives the Cubs a really good chance of landing Dempster now. Also according to Ken the Cubs can in fact absorb the 4 years and 63 million of Peavy's contract while committing at least 50 million for 4 years for Dempster with the Cubs up for sale. So much for this being a dull off season.

- Rosenthal did say that there would be a ripple effect on the Cubs roster is they were to resign Dempster and trade for Peavy. Here is what he suggest-

* The Cubs would not be able to sign Wood. ( Fine by me!)
* Several player may have to be traded to reduce payroll, including Jason Marquis.( Depending on the players involved I am OK with this)
* They may have to go for a cheaper left-handed hitting outfielder than originally thought.( Jeremy Hermida anyone??)

- Cubs are front runners to land Peavy according to Ken Rosenthal, "perhaps even ahead of the Braves." He also stated that the Cubs want to re-sign Dempster. What a rotation, Peavy, Z, Demp, Lilly and Harden. The Padres also like the Cubs' young pitching even though we do not have the "big named prospects" like Atlanta does.

- Ken also says that the Braves are offering Escobar and either Jo-Jo Reyes or Charlie Morton and a unnamed player. Does not sound too impressive to me. Rosenthal also said the Cubs package is like to be "fluid."

- Chris De Luca says the Cubs are in heavy pursuit of Peavy( he is a day late and a dollar short). But he does say it is because Dempster's high demands, he wants 5 years 70MM. Are you SERIOUS!!!! He is likely to settle for 4 years 5o-60 million with the Cubs in my opinion.

More to come later!!!!

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

More Rumors for today!

Update- Ken Rosenthal say the Cubs are willing to offer Dempster a four year contract. This does help the Cubs chances of having Dempster back in Chicago. Dempster agent did say today "there's very little possibility he's to sign soon with the Cubs."

- According to Bill Shaikin and Dylan Hernandez of the L.A. Times Rafael Furcal is expected to hit the free agent market. Paul Kinzer, Furcal's agent, met with Ned Colletti about a contract for Rafael but the two did not see eye to eye. The Cubs have had a lot of interest in Furcal and almost signed him 3 years ago before the Dodgers swooped in and nabbed him. Furcal wants to be with the Dodgers but maybe "forced" to hit the market. He is looking close to a 4 year deal and the Cubs, Giants and Jays all want him.

- The Phillies have interest in Mark Derosa to take over Pat Burrell job if Burrell does not re-sign. This is the first rumors we have heard circling around Mark.

- According to ESPN1000, Bruce Levine is reporting that the Cubs are talking to the Marlins about a trade that would send Scott Olsen and Jeremy Hermida to Chicago. The Cubs have had great interest in Hermida but this is the first we have heard of Olsen. It is speculated Olsen then would be used as trade bait for a potential Jake Peavy deal to the northside. It is rumored that Hermida would just cost 2 midlevel prospects and Olsen about the same. I am all for this deal! I am a huge Jeremy Hermida fan and if they want to include Olsen and then trade him for Peavy, even better! More to come on this developing story.

Sun Times Full of Rumors!

Chris De Luca of the Chicago Sun-Times has the latest in Cubs talk today!

- Sources of De Luca say the Cubs' interest in Peavy as "limited."( Even though talks continue to heat up). Instead he says the Cubs have "deep interest" in Sabathia. Chis also wonders if the Cubs will entertain the thought of Burnett coming to the northside as well. A lot of this has to do with payroll room and depends on Wood and Dempster, along with the ability to move Marquis. I honestly do not see how the Cubs can afford a contract like Sabathia or Burnett with the way sale is going. If anything they should prioritize Peavy and Dempster over both because Ryan and Jake's contracts together would not even come close to what Sabathia is going to get on the open market. I question his source on this.

- He reminded his of Rich Hill's negative trade value and how he will be out of options next spring.

- His source also stats the Cubs continue to pursue Brian Roberts and Raul Ibanez. Like the thought of getting Roberts if he does not cost an arm and a leg, but Ibanez in RF scares the crap out of me!

Wednesday Edition- Jake Peavy Rumors and a Cross Town Swap??

Lets start off with the latest Jake Peavy rumors shall we-

- Peavy rejected already one trade to an American League team with a small ballpark. My guess is the Red Sox.

- Good news Cub fans! According to Tom Krasovic of the San Diego Union-Tribune, the Pads think the Braves, Cubs, and Dodgers are potential matches for a Peavy trade. Towers is down the road with 2 of the clubs listed. It is rumored that it is the Cubs and Braves, but nothing is imminent. We have heard the rumor that Towers likes Pie, Marshall, and Cedeno and while the Braves are talking trades with the Pads GM that does not involve Tommy Hanson. It also appears that the Dodgers are fading away, as well as him going to the AL. So good news!


-On a different front, the White Sox are actively shopping both Javier Vazquez and Nick Swisher. While Javier Vazquez is not a huge name, it may interest the Cubs if they do not re-sign Dempster or get Jake Peavy. 2nd tier healthy pitchers are hard to find in this free agent class, so keep tabs on this rumor.

-Nick Swisher is also a very interesting scenario. Swisher is a switch hitting First Baseman and Outfielder that could really benefit the Cubs. The Cubs had a lot of interest in Swisher last year then the Sox picked him up and the Cubs landed Fukudome. Swisher is a great clubhouse guy and fan favorite both in Oakland and Chicago. He does not hit for a high average, just a .244 lifetime hitter, but does have a decent OBP of .354 throughout his career. He is a good power hitter( hitting 21+ homers since 2005) that would look nice batting anywhere in the lineup. He is a decent fielder with a .991 fielding percentage throughout his career. Ichiro's is .993 to do a comparison. He would be a solid addition to this team and the Cubs should add him to their list of guys that consist of Giles, Hermida, Abreu, and Ibanez. It should be noted that Swisher is owed-
12- 10.25M club option (1M buyout)

This is not bad for a 20+ homerun guy!


- Adam Rubin of the New York Daily News stats that Aaron Heilman is available via trade and that the Cubs along with Rockies, Cards, and Dbacks are potential destinations. Hendry has always like Heilman and even tried to trade for him 2 years ago. It should also be noted that Jim viewed him as a starter not a reliever. Heilman would be another "Dempster type project" for the Cubs(hopefully it would turn out as good). Heilman could interest the Cubs regardless of Dempster staying or going elsewhere. His stock is somewhat low and could be a nice low risk high reward guy. I wonder if a Jason Marquis for Aaron Heilman swap would work?? Since the Mets are looking for a couple of starters. Here is a link to his career stats-;_ylt=At1aaBcuZMeVo0hhKEtRqqqFCLcF

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Cubs make offer to Dempster??

The Cubs have offered Ryan Dempster a 3 year 36 million dollar deal to stay in Chicago. It seems like a fair deal and it is expected that Dempster will stay in Chicago because he likes the Cubs and has a great relationship with Jim Hendry. To get the deal done they may have to add an option year onto the 3 year deal. O'Brien also said the Braves have already spoke to Dempster's agent and expressed interest.

Out of the Blue-

The Dodgers are likely to decline Brad Penny's option for next season, making him a free agent. The Cubs are one of the teams that would be interested in signing the former all star. The Cubs could get Penny for cheap considering the down year he had and the way he battling through injuries. Penny maybe willing to accept a one or two year deal which I think the Cubs have no problem giving him because of the upside he has. This is one to keep an eye on!

Cubs Talk.

UPDATE!-8:52am: Barry Axelrod says that the his client, Jake Peavy, has not given approval for a trade to the Yankees or Angels. He also notes that Jake will require more conditions in order for a deal to be completed with the Yankees. Towers also says that Jake will not accept a trade to Boston and is unlikely to accept a trade to the Brewers.

- Here is some updated information on Jake Peavy to kick off the Cubs Talk. Jake Peavy has now said that he would approve trades to both the Angels and Yankees. This makes it a bit more tougher to land Peavy if your the Cubs. The Angels and Yanks both have better prospects than the Cubs and they have interest in trading their good young players for Peavy. This could also be a ploy to get more market value for Peavy. The last we heard the Braves did not want to give up their main young guys, Dodgers did not want to pay the Padres ransom, and that just left the Cubs. With adding the Yankees and Angels to the mix, this could make teams like the Dodgers cough up a guy like Kershaw.

- Towers suggested that he wants deal comparable to the Teixeira trade or the Dan Haren trade. Which proves more that he want quality over quantity. CBS's Scott Miller says that Pie, Cedeno, and Rich Hill have been discussed.(Where do I sign?!?!)

- Dave van Dyck of the Chicago Tribune stats that there is an unconfirmed rumor going around that the Cubs offered Ronny Cedeno, Felx Pie, and others to the Padres. The others would have to be guys like Sean Marshall, Castillio, and maybe Veal???

- According to the Tribune, Ryan Dempster still prefers to stay with the Cubs.

Monday, November 03, 2008

Unfound Rumor???

I am getting multiple reports from readers of mine that Bruce Levine of ESPN 1000 is reporting that the Cubs and Padres are in heavy negotiations for Jake Peavy. Two readers even said Levine stated that Towers likes Marshall, Pie, Cedeno, and getting back Ceda( they traded him to us for Todd Walker) and a potential deal could get done before the end of the GM meetings.

This is an "Unfound Rumor" so take this with a grain of salt but I thought I would pass it along. I will update you on more details as soon as I come across them. I did send Bruce an email so hopefully he gets back to me soon to confirm this.

If anyone has any updates on this rumor, please feel free to post a comment!

Hot Stove is Cooking!

- MLBTR has it Top 50 Free Agents and there esimated desinations. So check it out-

They have the Cubs re-signing Wood and Dempster along with FA Bobby Abreu. I would be OK with that. It seems that Eli's source maybe wrong on the Cubs not wanting Bobby Abreu since I have heard from more than one site that the Cubs and Abreu both have interest. I think it is less unlikely that Wood is signed, personally I think he will go to Texas or Houston for a 3 year deal. I still hold out hope for Dempster since he has a good friendship with Hendry and Jim has a history of keeping impending free agents.

- Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe says Towers still thinks the Braves as the best match for a trade for Jake Peavy. Nick says that the Braves maybe willing to trade Yunel Escobar in a deal for Peavy. He also stats that the Red Sox have not been ruled out. Unfortunatly Peavy does not want to go to an AL team.

- According to Tom Krasovic of the San Diego Union-Tribune says Towers arrived early at the GM meetings with trading Jake high on his list. Towers is focused on three teams. Those teams are spectulated ot be the Cubs, Dodgers, and Braves. The Dodgers will be held ransom for Peavy since they are in the same division and the Braves do not want to include top prospects Tommy Hanson and Jason Heyward.( Gives the Cubs a good shot!) He goes on to say that Towers is not opposed to a three-team deal but has never done one. Although he would rather do a direct trade. It is also noted that 2 or 3 quality players could get a deal done for Jake Peavy.

- The Cubs and Nationals swapped minor leaguers. The Cubs sent pitcher Matt Avery to the Nats for another pitcher named Ryan Buchter. Thanks to MLBTR.

-The Cubs signed a couple of Korean players: catcher/outfielder Jae-hoon Ha and pitcher Soo-min Jung. Thanks to MLBTR.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Dempster to Test Open Market.

According to Ken Rosenthal , Ryan Dempster will test the open market. He filed for free agency on Friday and is not expected to sign with the Cubs before their exclusive negotiating period with him expires on Nov. 13. This of course means it will be much harder to retain Dempster. I thought for sure he would sign with the Cubs for a home team discount just like Aram and Zambrano did but obviously that is not the case. On the open market Dempster will get 4-5 year deal worth 60-70 million. The Mets, Yankees, Dodgers, Angels, and Braves are all potential suitors for Ryan. If there becomes a bidding war for Demp, the Cubs will lose that War.

The good news if that if the Cubs do not spend the money on Ryan, they could go out and get another decent pitcher to replace him or more offense so he is not missed as much. A guy like Brad Penny could be of some value if his option is declined. Other guys that maybe low risk, high reward guys like Mark Mulder, Mark Prior, and Matt Clement could be options as well.

Also according to Rosenthal, if Dempster leaves it will make a Jake Peavy trade for the Cubs even more prominent and more likely. If Peavy comes here, I doubt Dempster would be missed that much.

Losing Dempster is not the end of the world for the Cubs but will definitely take a blow to the rotation. Besides the players listed above, here are some more free agent pitchers that the Cubs might look at for one reason or another via trade or free agency-

Dontrelle Willis
Ian Kennedy
Brett Myers( rumored avaliable)
Aaron Harang( rumored avaliable)
Mike Hampton
Oliver Perez
Randy Wolf
Jon Garland
Kenshin Kawakami
Greg Maddux
Carl Pavano

Not the greatest list in the world but Myers, Harang, Garland, and Willis are some good names. I especially think Rothchild could turn around a guy like Willis and Harang.

Bruce Levine's Latest

Here is the latest from insider Bruce Levine-

- Levine said that the Cubs and Padres will talk about a deal coming up this week at the GM meetings. The two teams have not exchanged names but he feels that Marshall would be the Padres first choice, with Ronny Cedeno, then Felix Pie. He does say that those 3 alone would not get Peavy, and that one or two young good players along with them. Levine stated that Marshall could win 12-13 games for the Padres, Ronny Cedeno would fill the spot of Khalil Greene(who is likely to be traded), and Felix Pie would be ideal to patrol the spacious outfield of Petco. Sounds good to me, get it done!

- Levine also said that Jim Hendry's top priority this off-season is to solidify the pitching staff. He could do that by re-signing Ryan Dempster and trading for Jake Peavy. It is also noted that just because the Cubs sign Dempster does not mean they will not go after Peavy. They want BOTH!

- The Padres would like to get the Peavy deal done sooner rather than later said Levine. Towers is reportedly looking for 4-5 players for Jake to help them rebuild for 09,10, and 11.

- Bruce also addressed the middle infield for next season. He said that it is not a guarantee that Theriot will be starting at SS for the Cubs next season. Of course Furcal's name is on everyone lips because he is an ideal SS that would be our leadoff guy. Furcal is neither a Type A or B free agent so will not cost the Cubs anything as far as draft picks. Levine thinks it is a very good possibility that Furcal could end up on the north side if not resigned by the Dodgers.

- Levine said the Cubs and Dempster talked last week about a deal that would keep him on the northside. Dempster's agent is looking for a 5 year deal which the Cubs are not interested in. The Cubs are willing to offer him a 3 year deal, four tops. Bruce goes on to say that going beyond a 4 year deal for Dempster would not be a smart move, and I agree. He thinks that the Cubs need to re-sign Dempster before Nov. 13th or he is as good as gone. I think he stays with a 4 year deal with an option.

- On the Cubs radar according to Levine is Raul Ibanez and Milton Bradley. Although Raul's numbers have been really steady throughout his career, he is 36 years old and plays the outfield about as good as Dunn. Milton Bradley on the other hand has similar numbers, is a switch hitter, younger, cheaper, and would play a little bit better outfield. Easy decision there, Bradley!

- Jim Edmonds will play next year but not for the Cubs. Jim will not retire but with the Fukudome/Pie/Johnson idea for CF there is no place for Jimmy Ballgame.

Cubs Not Wanting Abreu? Cubs frontrunner to land Tazawa?

- According to, the Cubs will not pursue Bobby Abreu. According to his sources the Cubs are very big on making improvements on the Draft and will look elsewhere for help in the outfield. Lou has already stated that they are looking for a left-handed hitting RF through a trade rather than free agency. Eli continues to say that Milton Bradley is a target for the Cubs and has been for many years. Bradley is a Type B free agent so it would not cost two draft picks like Abreu would. This does make some since to me but I still think Abreu should be on the radar. He is a consistent lefty bat that could bolster this Cubs offense. Although I do think Bradley would be a nice fit, he is 4 years younger and would sign much cheaper than Bobby, here is his stats-

I still think Giles, Hermida, and Dunn should be at the top of the list of candidates for RF next season.

- The Mariners, Red Sox, Cubs, and Phillies are the front runners to land 22 year old Japanese Phenom Tazawa. He could cost a bit but would be a good addition to any team. It should be noted he is expected to start off in the minors to develop more of his pitches. So it would be like signing a draft pick.