Saturday, November 08, 2008

Peavy Rumors:Saturday

Here is the latest from the Jake Peavy front-

- The Astros are unlikely to get Peavy.

- Buster Onley says that Peavy will be dealt before Thanksgiving.

- The Braves are growing impatient, while the Cubs are still in the mix and the Yankees and Dodgers are on th back burner.

- Chris de Luca of the Chicago Sun-Times expects a deal for Peavy to get done within the week. He notes that the Cubs, Braves, and Dodgers are the only teams in the mix now.

- Another juicy rumor from

According to one NL executive, the Cubs are considering preparing two offers for Peavy, one that would include Jeff Samardzija and one with Josh Vitters. The Cubs don't have the deepest farm system, but a deal around either two of those players would get it done. Personally, I think the Cubs would be smart to hold on to Vitters and package four or five players together for Peavy. Players like Wellington Castillo, Donnie Veal, Ryan Flaherty, and Tyler Colvin, along with Randy Wells or Angel Guzman would definitely get the Padres wheels turning, which could force a deal.

The Chicago Sun-Times points out that this deal has nearly taken the Cubs out of the Brian Roberts sweepstakes, something that the Cubs pursued very hard last offseason. While Peavy is a lot better investment than Roberts, the Cubs need to determine if they need Peavy or if they just want Peavy.

Ultimately I think the Cubs will land Peavy. They are willing to pay the asking price the Padres have laid out unlike the Braves( who overvalue their young prospects). I honestly believe that it is down to the Cubs and Braves with no other team even considered to be a threat. If the Braves decide to offer Tommy Hanson they will get Peavy but if they still consider him "untouchable" then the Cubs will get Peavy. As far as Brian Roberts goes, the Orioles told the Indians it would cost them Carmona and Cabrera for one year of Roberts. Asking price is higher for him than it is for Peavy, do not bother with Roberts!

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Joe said...

Any chance we can throw in Marquis? Only one year left on his deal for the cost concious Pads and I would assume they could use a SP to fill out the rotation. They traded Wolf at the deadline right?

At this point I would rather deal Vitters than Samardzja. Sam can have an impact in 09.

Yeah... F Bal. Let them drag it out and end up getting less than what we offered the way Zell will get less than he wanted by dragging out the Cubs sale.

Did you read the Sun Times article on the 19 yr old Cuban defect 3B? South Siders are interested. Anyway if you can find out if the kid can play some OF? Maybe we can stick him in RF?