Sunday, November 09, 2008

Early Rumor Tidbits on Peavy and Dempster-

-Phil Rogers says that the Cubs could sign Dempster by Thursday stating how much Dempster loves Chicago and the Cubs, along with his good friendship with Jim Hendry.

- The Latest form Bruce Levine on Jake Peavy and it is very good-

**** The Cubs want both Wood and Dempster back regardless what the mainstream media says according to Levine but says Jake Peavy is the priority right now for Jim.

**** Jake Peavy wants the trade to happen quickly now it is down to the Braves and Cubs. He does not see the Dodgers in the mix anymore, even describes them as a "long shot."

****Bruce Levine said some things that point toward a deal happening with the Cubs. He said Towers considers Jim Hendry a good friend and that Jimmy is the easiest to deal with out of the 3. Towers also says he trust Jim Hendry and know that Jim realizes getting Jake Peavy will be expensive. He also said that Peavy sees Chicago as an attracive landing spot and that he always liked pitching at Wrigley. Even Mark Grace and Rick Sutcliffe(former clients of Barry Axelrod) have told Jake how great it is to play at Wrigley.

**** Bruce ended his tidbits by saying if Hendry can get the deal done, he will be willing to trade whatever is in the system, within reason, to bring Peavy to the Cubs!

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mickeyrom said...

Do you really think that would tell the Padres that anyone in the Cubs system is available ?
That does not sound like very smart,even if true.