Thursday, November 13, 2008

Cubs Trade For Gregg, Hermida looking doubtful, and Peavy chatter.

-The Cubs traded Jose Ceda today for Kevin Gregg. This was a suprise move up until about a hour ago when GM Jim Hendry says the Cubs will part ways with Kerry Wood. The Cubs just could not give Wood the BIG deal he was looking for. The good news is the Cubs save 6MM dollars with having Gregg instead of Wood. It is expected that Marmol will take over the closer role and Gregg along with Samardzija will take the 7th and 8th. Greg will probably make 4 million next season with his arbitration raise with Wood wanting a guaranteed 3-4 year deal worth 8-10 million a year. It really is a no brainer here. By the way do not expect Gregg, Marmol, or Jeff S. to be flipped over to the Padres for Peavy, will not happen.

- With the trade for Gregg today it seems a Hermida trade looks doubtful. It is not to say that the Cubs and Marlins would not pull another trade but it is unlikely because they would have included Hermida in a deal with Gregg and the Cubs would have sent more players to the Marlins. The Marlins have already said they would have to be "wowed" for a trade for Jeremy Hermida.

- Here we go with the Peavy Rumors!!!!

*****First we heard last night that Peavy was going to be asked to waive his no trade clause today to go to Atlanta for a package of players headed by Escobar.

***** We have also heard that Jake Peavy actually prefers to go to Chicago but labels Atlanta as one of his destinations he would consider waiving his no trade clause to go.

*****Tom Krasovic says there it is "no clear signs of a deal" and that Barry Axelrod and Kevin Towers have different goals.

*****Ken Rosenthal has a source that says the Miller report last night is "totally inaccurate."

***** Yahoo's Tim Brown reports some movement but nothing is close. He also says the rumored deal the Cubs had for Peavy is much better than reported.

***** Scott Miller tried to support his story by saying that all the denials are a matter of semantics and that the Padres are "expected to" approach Peavy soon. He also stated that a deal was not done.

***** Here is a quote from Kevin Towers today- "Nothing is close. I wouldn't say we are even remotely close to pulling the trigger on anything with Jake."

***** Rosenthal also stats that talks between the Padres and Braves remain at an impasse, but the Braves would pursue Furcal next if they do acquire Peavy. Obviously to replace Escobar.

***** Remember the Braves have an unofficial deadline for midnight tonight to get a deal done or else they will go onto free agent matters. Should be interesting!

I am sure there will be more to come!


jRod said...

For one I am somewhat glad the Kerry Wood era is over although I am a bit ixed up. I hate to see him go, it's like losing Gracie but the team could be better w/o Woody. I believe Gregg is going to be the 7 or 8 inning man, depending on situation opf cousre, while an insurance policy should Marmol not step up for the closer role. That being said, how about going after Hoffman? Looks like he will be free to shop.

Nick I Cub Fan said...

jrod If the Cubs won't sign Wood why wood they sign Hoffman. They have Marmol, Samardzija, Guzman, Gaudin, Gregg, Hart, Wuertz, from the right side and Cotts, and Marshall from the left side. They don't need any right handed relief pitchers. Also they will get 2 draft picks for losing Wood, if they sign Hoffman they would lose 2 draft picks. Furcal and a left handed hitting power hitter will be Cubs goal in my opinion.

GoLittleBears21 said...

How can Jim Hendry and Lou look the Cub fans in the face and expect us not to be outraged by the decision to let Soriano bat leadoff again next year. They are trying my F@cking patience.

Nick I Cub Fan said...

If season started today





and Snyder are all on the 40 man roster. There are only 32 players on the roster at this time, by Nov. 27th or 28th i'm not sure which all teams have to have 40 players on the roster.

If everyone stays healthy thats not a bad team now. And we know the Cubs aren't done dealing yet.