Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Tweaks in Lineup?? Hawpe Perfect Fit??

- Good Ole Lou said today that he see tweaks in the lineup already for next season. He did sound like he would keep Soriano in the leadoff spot( makes no sense) but said the Cubs need a left handed hitter in the middle of the order to play RF. He still plans on platooning Reed Johnson and Fukudome in CF.

- As far as Peavy talks this is what he had to say-

"First of all, I think it's only talk," said Lou "I haven't talked to (GM) Jim Hendry too much about our situation. We had a nice conversation two weeks ago at the organizational meetings. There were no specifics. At the time we hadn't talked about Peavy. I've really learned about Peavy on ESPN. Obviously, a very good pitcher, a top of the rotation pitcher. As far as myself I haven't had substantiative talks with Jim about it."

Well I hope Jim Hendry gets Peavy but if he can't I say use that money to get a Bobby Abreu or Adam Dunn. As long as the Cubs get either Peavy or Dempster and land a guy like Abreu, Dunn, Hermida, or maybe Milton Bradley I would consider this a good offseason.

- Another rumor that is floating around is that the Cubs interest in trading for Brad Hawpe. He would actually be the ideal fit for RF at Wrigley. He is a power RF with a good glove and is signed very cheap through the next 3 years. He is owed 13 million over the next 2 season with a club option for 10 million in 2011. Hawpe is a good left handed hitter with a lifetime .282 hitter with a .375 OBP and has hit 22 or more homers the last three seasons. His home/away splits are equal so you don't really need to factor in that for a deal. But why would the Rockies trade him??? Here are a couple of reasons-

1. To dump salary. Most teams are doing this now and it seems with Holliday traded to the A's along with Street and Atkins on the market, they may put Hawpe on the block as well.

2. Sell high. Brad's trade stock probably won't get any higher than it is now. They would look to sell now rather than later when he gets more expensive and older. Plus Hawpe could give the Rockies some good pitching in return which they need. Guys like Guzman, Wells, and Marshall could really interest them.

3. Hawpe is blocking less expensive prospects. There are several outfielders in the Rockies system waiting to get their shot. Joe Koshansky is a 1st baseman by trade but has moved to play some outfield positions in the minors, he has tons of power is currently blocked by Hawpe and Helton. Another name is Dexter Fowler, he is a switch hitter who hit .335 with 9 homers and 20 SB in Double A. Some other names are Ryan Spilborghs, Cory Sullivan, Seth Smith, Matt Miller, and Justin Nelson. That is a lot of names for just 3 spots in the outfield and 1 or 2 on the bench.

I think he is the ideal guy for RF for the Cubs and of course this only works if we do not pull off a trade for Peavy because the same chips maybe involved.

See if anything more comes of this!

Stay Tuned!!


Anonymous said...

yeah, its starting to look more and more like the Atlanta Braves will acquire Jake Peavy... for a not so good looking package. cubs loose out on peavy, can't sign demp... yikes

Anonymous said...

Please no Adam Dunn with him in the lineup along with Alfonso Soriano then you are looking at over 300+ strikeouts between the two of them. It would be like playing indoors and being air contioned by all the swings and misses.

Nick I Cub Fan said...

Cubs getting GREGG tells me Wood is gone.

acw said...

cubs just traded jose ceda for kevin gregg. Can't say that I like this trade at all.

Anonymous said... saying that Cubs traded Ceda for Kevin Gregg, ex closer for Marlins. Does this mean Wood may be on his way out? That is worst case scenario if you ask me. Not that I dont have faith in Marmo, but I think Wood can be the guy. Hopefully its just another good arm to add to the pen. Maybe this means the Cubs throw in Smardzja in the Peavy deal? Or does Gregg get flipped somewhere else?