Sunday, November 09, 2008

More Levine Rumors for Today

Wow Levine putting in a lot of work!

- The Cubs asked about Nate McLouth at last seasons trading deadline. The Bucs wanted a big power arm for McLouth and now are apparently looking for the same for Nate, which means he is still on the trading block. Bruce said the Jeff Samardzija for Nate McLouth would get it done but Jeff has a no trade clause and the Cubs might be reluctant to trade away good bullpen help. Another name he mentioned is Mitch Atkins but said the Cubs just might not have the power arm the Pirates are looking for. It is too bad because he would look great in RF for the Cubs!!!!

- The Cubs are still talking to the Marlins about Jeremy Hermida and Scott Olsen. Bruce broke the story earlier this week but the trade talk took a backseat when the Peavy talks heated up. If talks for Peavy break down they could restart talks with the Marlins. A three way deal could be in the works as well. It is also stated the Hermida is not the Cubs #1 target for RF next season.

- Both Raul Ibanez( now a favorite to land to the Mets) and Milton Bradely are on the Cubs' radar according to Bruce. The Cubs will take a closer look at Milton Bradley to fill their need for a left-handed bat for RF. I still think Bradley will be much better than Ibanez.

- It has come out that the Cubs do not have any interest in trading for Brian Giles( Damn It!). The Cubs did have a deal in place last year's trading deadline that would have sent Brian to the northside but he rejected it. This was according to Bruce Levine.

- Levine says the Cubs remain very interesed in Furcal. Would love to see Furcal, Peavy, Dempster, and Hermida all Cubs next season. Dream come true for me!

- Ron Santo could finally be elected into the Hall of Fame this year by the Veterans Committee. Some former Cub players are campaigning for him like Ryne Sandberg and Billy Williams. The results will be announced on Dec. 8th.

- The Cubs spent about 118-126 million dollars to field the team last season. Bruce Levine can see that number exceeding 150 million this season.


Willie said...

Hey dude, I know some people have given you shit about your blog, but I want you to know that I read it every day and really appreciate and enjoy your efforts. Great job!

cubsfan82 said...

I appreciate it willie! I really enjoy finding out, then posting the rumors and news about the Cubbies.

I really enjoy all my posters and readers on here as well, you guys have made me laugh, think, and my days doing this very enjoyable.

Thanks to you and everyone for reading and commenting on my blog!

God Bless!


Joe said...

McLouth is a good name to hear. He can play CF and RF right? I wonder if we have enough left over after a Peavy deal to land him. If all it takes is one power arm, what about Ceda? Or maybe Guzman and Hart if Hart isnt sent for Peavy? I would actually like McLouth over Hermida, cause I think Mc has at worst an above avg glove, but I'm saying that not really knowing how Hermida's glove is.

Honestly we can get alot done without spending much. Demp, Wood, and Furcal would be the FA targets. Blanco too, but he wont break the bank. If the McLouth and Peavy deals go through, we've added a top of the rotation SP and a quality lefty RF/CF bat. That leaves a combination of Theriot, DeRo, and Fonty at 2B depending on who's involved in the Peavy deal.

That will shift the main concern in a couple lefty arms for the pen and even another righty.

Looks like we'll find out this week if the first deals happen.

mickeyrom said...

I second that motion.Nice blog.

Anonymous said...

love your blog, don't let those internet douches like windangit bother you. People like him have no life and act 10 feet tall behind the comfort of a computer knowing they can talk to people like that outside the real world. Great Blog I check it everyday

cubsfan82 said...

McLouth is a very good outfielder and can play all three spots. The Cubs would use him in RF with a platoon with Johnson and Fukudome in Cf if the acquired him.

I like McLouth over Hermida as well, more speed a versitality with McLouth but he would cost more. To land him it would cost a guy like Samardizja unfortunatly, maybe both Guzman and Ceda could get it done but that would leave a huge hole in the pen.

Antonio said...

Congratulations for this great site! I really like what you're doing too.

I think Hermida has a whole lot better future than McLouth, it would be nice seeing him as a cub. But definitely my dream would be Adam Dunn. I know he's not very solid defensively, but I think his bat would be awesome at Wrigley.

Furcal would also look nice in cubbie blue.

I also hope the Peavy thing gets done, that would greatly improve the cubs pitching staff. Also I'm all for making a serious push for CC Sabathia, who knows, may be his preference for the National League would give us an advantage over the Yankees (not very probable but not impossible).