Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Rumor Starting Up Again.

*****Peavy Update-3:20-Desipio has said that they have a "source" that says Peavy is headed to Chicago for Pie, Marshall, and Theriot. I honestly do not believe this but I thought I would put it up here. I have not heard any rumors or read any that indicate that Peavy has been dealt to Atlanta or Chicago. I also question if this would honestly be enough to land Peavy. If maybe the Cubs added Guzman/Veal and Castillo it would be more believable. If Hendry did in fact pull of this trade it would be the biggest lopsided trade since the Aramis Ramirez trade. More to come on this.

*****Peavy Update-3:15- It is stated that Braves GM Frank Wren has put a Friday deadline of the Peavy trade to happen to the Braves. Free agency starts then and we recently heard the Braves were getting tired of waiting and will look to go the free agency route it a trade is not made by Friday.

*****Peavy Update-3:00- Dave O'Brien says the Braves are growing frustrated waiting on Kevin Towers, especially with the free agent market quickly approaching. This puts more stock into Ken Rosenthal's column today, rather than Buster Olney.

Rumors took a day off yesterday but are starting up once again today!

- Ken Rosenthal says that the Braves are frustrated with the progress on the Jake Peavy talks and will explore other options. The free agent market opens Friday so they will have plenty of other options. Also according to Ken, the Padres have went over proposals and sent them to the Cubs and Braves but both teams want to stick with their offers.

- In Ken's same column he says the Cubs have offered Ryan Dempster something around 4 year 41 million, similar to what Kyle Lohse got. Seems fair but I think the Cubs might have to increase it a bit to keep Dempster.

- Ken also believes that Jeremy Hermida along with Kevin Gregg are next on the trading block for the Marlins. The Marlins traded Josh Willingham and Scott Olsen recently and are looking to trade Hermida and Gregg before Friday when free agency starts according to one executive.

- Paul Sullivan of the Chicago Tribune has a good thought on the effects of the Peavy race on Dempster and Wood. Paul sees Dempster not taking a discount if the Cubs get Peavy (he is due 15.75 million a year). But Jeff Blair says that he heard Ryan would give a discount to stay a part of the Cubs' great rotation. Sullivan says the Cubs offered 4 year 50 million and Ken Rosenthal said the Cubs offered 4 years 41 million. The Cubs had probably offered both since Dempster is likely to reject 4 year 41 million. Paul also says the Cubs would have to unload at least half of Jason Marquis contract to land Wood.( That would be a blessing)

- ESPN's Buster Olney says the Braves and Padres are making progress. This is contradicting Ken Rosenthal's report. Buster says the Braves would send Escobar, Gorkys Hernandez, and Charlie Morton or Jo-Jo Reyes. They are discussing the last player and the Padres like Jeff Locke. - By the way, I love how late ESPN is on everything. "Cubs jump into Peavy trade talks" come on! They have been in the talks for weeks now, get it together ESPN, there are teams in between the east and west coast you know!- The Cubs are still in the mix and Buster says a third team would be included to flip pitching to San Diego, since the Cubs "do not have the pitching"(BS). Another way is to offer Josh Vitters and others.

- Richard Justice says the Cubs and Cards will be talking to Andy Pettitte when he becomes a free agent. Even though his heart is with the Yankees. Good backup plan for Dempster or Peavy.

- Soto believes Henry Blanco will resign with the Cubs.

- Elis says that the Cubs will go after Hermida if they fail to get Ibanez or Dunn. He also says that one AL executive said that the Cubs will consider a run at Carl Pavano. He thinks his experience would give the Cubs more depth in their rotation and solid option in the pen. I am fine with adding Pavano but only for a cheap price, he is similar to the Mark Prior situation a while ago.

- The Padres are still holding out for Tommy Hanson and the Braves are still saying he is "untouchable." Which is good because it has been rumored that the Padres will not trade Peavy to the Braves without Tommy Hanson being in the deal.

That is it so far today, will be back later today as news develops!


ACW said...

Good stuff! Peavy, Dempster, Wood and Dunn (or Hermida) would be one hell of an offseason!

Mr. Cub15 said...

The Peavy rumor sounds far fetched

Joe said...

Wow... hopefully Towers doesnt read this blog or the source you linked... but I would do Pie, Marshall, and Theriot in a heart beat. Pie still has a chance to be a gold glove contact guy in CF with speed, Marshall is and will continue to be a steady middle of the rotation starter who can easily follow the mold of Lilly, and Theriot is a scrappy contact guy who could definitely handle 2B better than SS and could even keep SS warm for the Pads if they are able to dump Greene and dont have a prospect ready just yet. Speakin of Greene... makes me wonder if maybe taking on his salary is helping the Cubs save a prospect or two in this deal.

I couldnt post earlier while at work, but I was starting to wonder if maybe the Peavy rumor was a ploy by Jim to keep Demp honest. Not that Demp is holding the Cubs hostage or being a bad guy, but rumors have reached 4 yrs, $50 mil, which is in the neighborhood of what Peavy has left ($60 mil or so), but Demp knows he has no Cy Young hardware on his resume on top of liking Chi and Jim and willing to come back for slightly less than market. But we'll see soon enough I guess.

If Theriot is in the deal, then signing Furcal became that much more important, although like I said Greene could be dealt back or worst case scenario we put DeRo at SS and have to fill the lead off guy at 2B with O Hudson or the will it ever happen B Roberts.