Thursday, July 19, 2012

Cubs Rumor Bag: Garza, Dempster, Soto, Maholm, and More... UPDATE!!!!!

  • The Cubs have acquired 29 year old right Justin Germano (stats here) for cash considerations from the Red Sox.  Casey Coleman was scratched in case Germano could not make it to St. Louis and Jairo Asensio was DFA. This to me smells like a trade brewing even though Ryan Dempster himself has said nothing is imminent as of game time.
  • Germano is expected to start Friday.
  • Bleacher Nation said his source told him a Dempster deal is close and he has two offers on the table from NL clubs
  • The Cubs made a BIG signing today inking 22 year old Dominican pitcher Juan Carlos Paniagua to a 1.5M dollar deal. He has a fastball that his 98 MPH but stays in the low to mid 90's and a nasty slider.

Here is the most recent Cub news-
  • The Cards have emerged as serious suitors for Dempster. They have Shelby Miller and Oscar Taveras but they are likely untouchable. Some other interesting pitching prospects are 24 year old Joe Kelly, 22 year old Anthony Ferrara, 22 year old Ryan Sherriff, and 23 Kyle Hald. Some position player prospects that could be a good fit are 2nd baseman Kolton Wong and IF Starlin Rodriguez.
  • David Kaplan says the Cubs are currently in negotiations with the Dodgers regarding a trade for Ryan Dempster.
  • The Tigers have said Dempster price is too high and may turn to pitchers Wandy Rodriguez and Jason Vargas. (That is good news if you are the Cubs because you should ask for a lot, limited compromise)
  • The Rays have discussed four players with the Cubs including Geovany Soto, Shawn Camp, Alfonso Soriano, and Carlos Marmol sources tell me.
  • Patrick Mooney has a good article on the state of the Cubs going into free agency next season found here.
  • Cubsden says the Cubs may not be focused on just pitching but the best overall prospect in a trade.
  • I talked to a source who told me that the Cubs are requiring Turner for Dempster in a deal but also want more.
  • That same source also told me that the Royals are emerging as one of the top suitors for Matt Garza. The Royals who likely would not make Wil Meyers available still could offer up Jake Odorizzi, Kelvin Herrera, or Mike Montgomery (who has struggled this season).
  • Another source says the Royals would give up Wil Meyers plus some mid-level prospects for Matt Garza if they have a window to sign him to an extension.
  • BleacherNation has the latest on Theo Epstein doing some talking.
  • Maholm is being scouted by “more than 5 teams” thanks to my insider at the game today. He says the Nationals and Cards have their top scouts present.
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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Cubs Rumor Bag: Levine Speaks and is Everyone Getting Traded?

First Bruce Levine had is chat yesterday so lets check in-
  • The only way the Cubs playoff chances exist is if the continue to win and keep Dempster and Garza.
  • Levine believes Garza, Hamels, Dempster, and Greinke will be traded before the deadline. I think Hamels and Greinke stay put.
  • Vitters would be a nice trade chip if they acquired a 3rd baseman via trade.
  • Levine feels the Cubs may not get a better prospect than Baez in a Dempster deal.
  • The Cubs can get two good pitching prospects for Dempster though.
  • Castellanos will likely not be in a deal for Dempster but Garza maybe.
  • The Cubs want three top prospects for Garza and will be in the ML in 2-3 years.
  • Cubs are not going to trade for Greinke or Hamels. DUH
  • Cubs are not trying to trade Barney but will listen to offers.
  • Cubs are not in on Upton.
  • Cubs are not sure the Vitters is the future at 3rd.
  • Levine says it is doubtful Vitters, Jackson, and Lake get the call up the 2nd half of the season. But out of the group Vitters is the closest. I think if LaHair, Soriano, or DeJesus is traded you will see Jackson get the call. I also think if Barney is traded you could see Vitters get a call. Very unlikely on Lake.
  • Baez is ahead of Soler at this point but that can change when he gets assigned to possible Peoria.
  • Cubs do not have the prospects to land Justin Upton.
Other News, Rumors, and Notes-
  • Olney says the Tigers are the most active when it comes to adding pitching.
  • Reports are the Tigers would trade Turner, Brantly, Rondon, and Crosby but not Castellanos.
  • The Sun-Times says Dempster will be traded before his start on Friday.
  • The Tigers and Braves sound the new front runners for Ryan Dempster because the Braves maybe willing to offer Juilo Teheran for him.
  • The Braves also have interest in Matt Garza.
  • Other names that have been leaked from the Braves organization that could be dealt are Andrelton Simmons, Zeke Spruill, Christian Bethancourt, and Arodys Vizcanio.
  • I would love if the Cubs could land Arodys Vizcanio and Christian Bethancourt for Dempster but that is asking for a lot.
  • Cubs can get a draft pick in a trade according to BleacherNation.
  • The Nationals like Dempster but not his asking price.
  • The Nationals also like Maholm because he is cheaper than Dempster and could be a nice innings eater for them.
  • The Rangers would love to add Matt Garza to their rotation according to USA today.
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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Cubs Rumor Bag: BOY, IS IT FULL

  • Heyman says there are no good reasons teams, especially AL, shouldn't be lining up for Soriano because of the production this year.
  • The Yankees feel Garza and Dempster are not upgrades to what they currently have on the team.
  • The Tigers are still wanting Barney with Dempster or Garza but the Cubs still want Castellanos and Turner so nothing has been progressing.
  • The Cubs are not trying to trade LaHair but they are listening to offers.
  • Soto has some trade value but not a lot.  Still a fit for the Rays.
  • Padilla adds some thoughts on Dempster to the Dodgers and does not think the Cubs could get Zach Lee.
  • Marmol trade value is still low but could improve once the deadline approaches.
  • Buster Olney reported yesterday the Red Sox are aggressive in their pursuit for Ryan Dempster and the Cubs are going through the process with Dempster.
  • Olney also says the Red Sox maybe relectant to make a trade with Theo because he knows that farm system so well.
  • Rosenthal chimes in and says the Cubs are exchanging names with a number of teams about Dempster.  He goes on to list the Dodgers, Tigers, Red Sox, and Braves.
  • To shoot down Olney, WEEI is saying the Red Sox are not in on Dempster because how Morales and Cook have been pitching.
  • The Nationals are also in on Ryan Dempster and.... Geovany Soto??? Make it happen!
  • Dempster would welcome signing with the Cubs again next season even if traded.
  • Rosenthal said the Cubs wanted a package similar to what the A's got for Gio Gonzalez this offseason and may want the same now.  That is about right.
  • Here is an interesting name in the Matt Garza sweepstakes...THE ROYALS.
  • Mr. Rogers (Phil) says the Cubs are in the "final stages" of putting a Dempster deal together and list the finalist as Red Sox, Dodgers, Tigers, and Braves.  Out of those I would prefer the Braves because I want the Tigers to land Garza and Barney.
  • Via Twitter (I love Twitter) Joel Sherman say execs are saying Dempster will the be first big peice traded and will lead to other trades which is why they are making a strong push to do so.
  • Joel Sherman also adds there is a 50/50 chance Garza will be dealt by the deadline.
  • The Jays are pursing Garza hard but silently according to sources.
  • The Indians maybe a sleeper for Garza or Dempster because they are looking for a front line starter and an outfielder bat.  Soriano still intrigues them as well.
  • Cliff says via twitter that Levine reported via radio that the Rangers are in on Garza.  I love that idea about as well as I love the Jays looking at Garza.  If the Cubs could get Mike Olt, Martin Perez, or Jurickson Profar in a deal for Garza I may just break into tears.
  • Heyman is adding some last minute news.  The Cubs already have begun naming their price for Dempster and other teams have not gone that far with other starters.  GREAT NEWS!
  • Kaplan and others keep on saying Dempster will be traded by his next start which is Friday.
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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Rumors Gone Wild...

  • Bruce Levine feels the Cubs should hang onto Soriano because of his numbers this year and he is a good influence on younger players.  I think if you have a taker for Soriano you deal him.
  • The Cubs locked up their first 20 picks in the draft.
  • It really does not matter the Cubs have won 11 of their last 15 because they are still in last place and Hoyer said they are sellers.
  • Many say yesterday's start for Dempster is his last.  More than 10 teams have interest in the veteran starter.
  • The Cubs may go for quality over quantity for Dempster.  In fact I am hearing the Cubs may just want one top prospect for Dempster.  Maybe like a Zach Lee for Ryan Dempster type deal.
  • Buster Olney said via twitter that the Cubs are going to push the Dempster talks in next week, partly to clear decks for Garza talks later.  (Man I love how this front office works)
  • The Pirates are one of the ten teams with a ton of interest in Ryan Dempster and Matt Garza.  I love the Pirates system and would love to deal either one to get some pieces from their farm system.
  • The Rangers are unwilling to deal Mike Olt, Jurickson Profar, or Martin Perez for a rental player but are willing to deal one for a player under control for more than one year or willing to sign an extension before a trade is completed.
  • There are mixed reports about the trade interest in Soriano.  One source is saying interest in minimal at best while another says there are two AL and one NL team interested in trading for the aging outfielder.
  • George Ofman says the Tiger prefer Garza over Dempster.
  • Ofman also says the Cubs have two offers on the table for Ryan Dempster.
  • Ofman suggest two players from the Dodgers that do not impress me LHP Chris Withrow and RHP Garrett Gould.
  • He also says the Tigers deal for Dempster could include a young lefty which it could be Andy Oliver, Casey Crosby, or Adam Wilk.  I would take any of those three but there would still have to be more IMO.
  • The White Sox and Cubs are talking about a Reed Johnson deal which I reported via twitter yesterday.  A low level minor league player may head the Cubs way.
  • To add to the Reed Johnson trade speculation I am hearing the Cubs could be targeting a low A ball player or more established AAA player. I am hearing Jared Mitchell, Charles Leesman, Gregory Infante, or Andre Rienzo could come the Cubs way from the southsiders.
  • The White Sox and Yankees like Ryan Dempster but only the Yankees can put together a deal for him because the Sox do not have the talent Jed and Theo are looking for unless they want to include Sale in a deal.
  • Ofman chimes in again saying a Tigers deal for Dempster could include Barney.  I am hearing if the Tigers do deal for Dempster or Garza; Barney will likely be included.
  • It looks more and more likely that the Tigers will end up trading for Garza with all the smoke I am seeing and I am leaning toward a deal that has Garza, Barney, and Vitters going to Detroit for Castellanos, Turner, and a prospect or two.
  • As of right now I see Dempster and LaHair going to the Dodgers. Soriano and Soto going to the Rays. Garza, Barney, and Vitters going to the Tigers. Maholm to the Pirates or Cards. Baker to the Nationals. Reed Johnson and Shawn Camp to the White Sox.
  • Soriano would accept a trade to the Rays but has not been asked yet according to a person close to Alfonso.
  • Dempster and Garza will likely not be traded by themselves.
  • Tigers cannot obtain both Dempster and Garza according to Ofman.  Boy would I like to see them try.  How about Garza, Dempster, Barney, and Vitters for Castellanos, Turner, Rondon, Andy Oliver, Casey Crosby, Tyler Clark, Brian Flynn, and Daniel Bennett? Sounds good to me.
  • A source told me do not be surprised if Brett Jackson is included in a trade involving a piece like Barney, Dempster, LaHair, or Graza.
  • I am still hearing the Cubs could end up dealing up to 10 players on their 25 man roster.
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