Saturday, January 19, 2008

Byrd not enough to get Murton?? Angelos nixed 7-for-2 trade??

This is a interesting read from the Newberg Report. Here is the link-

Jamey Newberg doesn't believe that a straight swap of Byrd for Murton is going to happen. He feels the Rangers will have to throw in another player, either a prospect or a guy like Robinson Tejeda or Scott Feldman. Tejeda went 5-9 with a 6.61 era in 19 games started, his strikeouts to walks ratio is scary having 69 SO and 60 walks. I don't see why we would want him besides his young and could turn things around. Scott Feldman went 1-2 with a 5.77 era in 39 innings pitched. I don't see this happening either, they Cubs have a lot of right handed relievers already. Here is what I purpose Matt Murton, Ryan Dempster, and Sean Marshall for Marlon Byrd and Kevin Millwood.

Byrd would give the Cubs there right handed platoon in CF next season and they Cubs would also get a solid starter in Kevin Millwood. Millwood is a good ground ball pitcher who has a career 3.97 era. He would fill the 3rd spot in the rotation giving the Cubs a strong starting 5 along with depth.


The Rangers would get a guy they really like in Matt Murton that could platoon in LF with Dale Murphy. The Rangers would have a nice young outfield with Hamilton, Murton, and Murphy along with a veteran in Bradley. They would also get a guy that they could use in the pen or in the rotation in Dempster. They would probably be using him in there weak rotation as a 3 or 4 starter. Texas would also get Sean Marshall, young lefty that they could use in there rotation right away.

This trade would give Texas depth in the rotation along with younger guy that don't cost a lot of money compared to what pitchers are getting now. They fill out there outfield with a young core and veteran leadership. The Cubs get a solid number 3 starter and a good platoon partner for Pie in CF.

This is a win win trade for the Cubs and Rangers. If I were them I would pull the trigger on this one.


According to the Suntimes Peter Angelos nixed a deal that would have sent Bedard and Roberts to the Cubs for 7 prospects. The prospects were not named but I have heard that the deal did not include Hill or Marmol( that's probably why it was nixed). I'm speculation that the deal was Gallagher, Marshall, Pie, Colvin, Veal, Cedeno, and Hart. That seems alot of players to give up but hey I would do it! Can you imagine the rotation with Bedard and Hill in it?? DOMINATE!

MacPhail denies reports that of the 7 for 2 player trade but what else is he going to say?? Yes its true?? MacPhail says the talks are still on going for Roberts and Bedard and that ownership has giving the OK to trade the players. The O's are going to discuss trading Roberts and Bedard until the end of the month and hope that they get a deal done by then. They want to trade them separately to get the biggest package of players to restock there team with young talent. It is also said that the O's wish to trade Bedard before Roberts so it looks like the chances of the Cubs gettting Roberts is getting slimmer and slimmer.

Convention Reports and Rumors.

The Convention started off well in Chicago starting with the rumor that the Cubs maybe done with the Roberts trade idea and moving to help out the outfield by adding a right handed hitter to platoon with Pie in CF and fill in at LF and RF next year. Though they wouldn't discuss who, Marlon Byrd is a definite possibility. Byrd had a nice year last year batting 307 with 10 homers in 70 rbi. He would be a decent fit for a platoon in CF.

Lou also discussed Soriano leading off. Lou said "I would say he'll be leading off, if something unforeseen happens as far as a trade or something, it could change that. But outside of that, no. The way our team is put together, he'll be leading off."

Soriano has no problem batting 5th in the lineup. "Two years ago I made the adjustment to play from second to left," Soriano said. "If I have to make an adjustment from batting first to batting fifth, I'll make the adjustment.

"The first at-bat is the only one I lead off," Sori added. "In the third inning, I'm batting sometimes with two outs, sometimes with the bases loaded. I think it's only the first at-bat that matters. After that it's just a regular at-bat."

Lou also added that Dempster will in fact go from the closing role to the staring role next year and it will be a difficult transition for Dempster. Dempster feels that he will do a good job at it. Lets hope he does!

As for right now it looks like Fukudome will be hitting 2nd in the lineup. If the Cubs don't add a speedy guy before Opening Day Fukudome will be a good fit in the 2 spot because of his high avg., high OBP, and his ability to take pitches. If the Cubs do acquire a speedy number 2 hitter then look for him to bat 4th in the lineup to split up Lee and Aram.

Other notes-

- Lou feels Cedeno will become the other super utility player on the Cubs roster. He wants Cedeno to play infield and outfield next year. He does have a lot of athletic ability so I can see him doing well in this role.

- Ted Lilly will start on Opening Day instead of Z. It was Zambrano's decision because he is winless in the last 3 opening day starts. So Lilly will be your Opening Day starter.

Friday, January 18, 2008

With the Lieber signing whats next?? Cubs sign Shingo Takatsu to a minor league deal.

The Cubs feel the signing of Jon Lieber completes the depth in the rotation and with Spring Training upon us lets take another look at the Cubs needs.

I think the Cubs need to acquire a speed number 2 hitter or lead off hitter somehow. Roberts would be that answer if this price goes down. The O's will not get Hill or Marmol so if a deal gets done it might include Gallagher, Marshall, Murton, Colvin, Pie, and/or Veal( obviously it wont be all those players). Another option is getting a SS or utility player to share time with Derosa and Theriot in the middle infield. Cedeno is not the answer because he is not left handed. Unfortunately there is not a lot of players out there besides Felipe Lopez or Christian Guzman that would fill that role.

The other thing the Cubs could do is just leave Derosa at 2b (in which he did a great job last year). Go get a platoon player for Pie in CF or full time OF that can play all three spots and fill the number 2 role in the lineup.. Here is a list of players that would be a good fit-

Ryan Spilborghs- Young guy, low money, but cost some players. He is a righty will a high average, good pop, and OK speed. He could also play all 3 outfield positions. He would platoon well with Pie!

Marlon Byrd- The Cubs do have interest in him and would be a nice platoon player. Though I don't believe he would be ideal in the number 2 spot. He wouldn't cost to much but could be a nice pick up.

Rocco Baldelli- If he could ever stay healthy he would be a force defensively and offensively. He can hit for power, steal bases, and fill in the two hole nicely. He would cost some players too, even tho he has only played 263 in the past 4 years.

Melky Cabrera - Also rumored the Cubs are interested in. Might come cheaper than the players above. He provides great D and decent offense but not a 2 hitter.

Coco Crisp- Would be nice in the 2 spot. Had an off year in Boston but would look good platoon in CF with Pie.

Kenny Lofton- If you read this blog you know how I feel.

Randy Winn- He would be nice in CF for the Cubs next season. He has veteran leadership, plays good defense, and hit for avg. Not to mention he has decent speed and a career OBP of .345. Would look mighty good hitting 2nd.

Chone Figgins- This is the guy that would absolutely be the perfect fit for the Cubs. He can play all outfield positions and do it well. He can play SS, 2b, and 3b. He hits for avg. Has not to much power but can hit the ball out of the ball park. 41 SB last year with a .330 avg and .393 OBP he is the complete package. The Angels are looking for a 3rd baseman to replace him so we would have to get another team involved because they can have Aram. I honestly thing the Angels, White Sox, and Cubs could match up well in a 3 team trade. If the Cubs got Figgins they can go into ST feeling very confident.

Either way the Cubs need guy who can play middle infield or OF with speed and can fill the #2 hole in the lineup. If they can get that before Spring Training I think Cubs fans would feel pretty good about the team.

The Cubs signed Shingo Takatsu to a minor league deal. He has decent numbers for the time in the ML. Here is his stats-

He is the one with that weird 60 mph change up LOL

Here is a video of him-

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Cubs and Pads trading partners?? Roberts trade close??

The Padres are currently looking for a corner outfield via trade and have been linked to Matt Murton along with Payton, Lind, Bay, among others. I can see us matching up well considering Murton won't cost a whole lot and the Cubs maybe in need to restock the farm if they trade for Roberts. I would love the idea of a Greene for Murton and a prospect but I maybe stretching a bit. Either way the Cubs need to find a place for Murton whether its in AAA or another MLB team.

Thanks to my reader and MLB RUMORS for this one-

According to ESPN 1000 in Chicago, the Cubs and Orioles have reached a tentative agreement on a trade that would send Brian Roberts to the Cubs for at least three players. It sounds iffy because no players are known but it is believed that they are holding off on announcing it until this weekends Cubs Convention. The Cubs have been known to save announcements on signings and such till the Convention. Last year, it was the signing of Jeff Samardjiza, so it is possible. Also, with the signing of Jon Lieber it would make sense they would trade a pitcher like Sean Marshall or Sean Gallagher. More on this as it unfolds...

UPDATE: One baseball insider confirmed through email that the Cubs would like to make another move this off season before pitchers and catchers report. He went on to say that he has not heard anything about a deal being close, but said a deal is likely to go down before the end of the month

.UPDATE 2: Chicago Tribune's Paul Sullivan writes that GM Jim Hendry declined to address the latest rumors that a Roberts deal was imminent.

UPDATE 3: No word yet on whether or not this is true. It seems ESPN 1000 got ahead of themselves a little bit. The Daily Herald believes the Orioles would prefer to trade Bedard before Roberts, so we will see what happens.

We have heard this before( MANY TIMES), but I have to post it! This would make more since to trade for him before the Cubs Convention because Jim loves to make big splashes. I will keep you posted on anything I hear.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Lieber a Cub!

Former Cub and 20 game winner Jon Lieber is back with the Cubs. He signed a 1 year 3.5 million dollar contract. This a low risk move for the Cubs. They add depth to there starting pitching and also may make it easier to trade Gallagher, Marshall, Dempster, or Marquis in a deal. This move makes other moves a lot easier, while I still believe the Cubs need another top tier starter I am OK with this. Now the Cubs can move onto more outfield help and middle infield help. I honestly think the Cubs should target Figgins along with Roberts now that we have our pitcher in place. Either one would really improve the lineup. Lets just hope Jimbo is not done yet!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Will the Roberts trade ever go away??

According to baseball reporter Phil Rogers the Cubs and Mariners are both still in talks with the O's. He expects the Roberts and Bedard to be traded within the next two weeks.( We have been hearing that for months). The O's want Colvin and Pie, Rogers says if the Cubs do move one of those guys they would want Bedard too! I honestly would give up Colvin and Pie along with Marshall, Gallagher, and Cedeno for Bedard and Roberts. That would really boast the lineup and rotation up. Then you could just sign Lofton as a stop gap for CF. But there is no way I would give up Hill in a deal for Bedard and Roberts. He is too valuable! He also stats the Cubs may just pass on Roberts, which we have heard recently because of the high asking price. Either way it would be nice to see Hendry and the O's to make a decision soon!