Saturday, January 19, 2008

Byrd not enough to get Murton?? Angelos nixed 7-for-2 trade??

This is a interesting read from the Newberg Report. Here is the link-

Jamey Newberg doesn't believe that a straight swap of Byrd for Murton is going to happen. He feels the Rangers will have to throw in another player, either a prospect or a guy like Robinson Tejeda or Scott Feldman. Tejeda went 5-9 with a 6.61 era in 19 games started, his strikeouts to walks ratio is scary having 69 SO and 60 walks. I don't see why we would want him besides his young and could turn things around. Scott Feldman went 1-2 with a 5.77 era in 39 innings pitched. I don't see this happening either, they Cubs have a lot of right handed relievers already. Here is what I purpose Matt Murton, Ryan Dempster, and Sean Marshall for Marlon Byrd and Kevin Millwood.

Byrd would give the Cubs there right handed platoon in CF next season and they Cubs would also get a solid starter in Kevin Millwood. Millwood is a good ground ball pitcher who has a career 3.97 era. He would fill the 3rd spot in the rotation giving the Cubs a strong starting 5 along with depth.


The Rangers would get a guy they really like in Matt Murton that could platoon in LF with Dale Murphy. The Rangers would have a nice young outfield with Hamilton, Murton, and Murphy along with a veteran in Bradley. They would also get a guy that they could use in the pen or in the rotation in Dempster. They would probably be using him in there weak rotation as a 3 or 4 starter. Texas would also get Sean Marshall, young lefty that they could use in there rotation right away.

This trade would give Texas depth in the rotation along with younger guy that don't cost a lot of money compared to what pitchers are getting now. They fill out there outfield with a young core and veteran leadership. The Cubs get a solid number 3 starter and a good platoon partner for Pie in CF.

This is a win win trade for the Cubs and Rangers. If I were them I would pull the trigger on this one.


According to the Suntimes Peter Angelos nixed a deal that would have sent Bedard and Roberts to the Cubs for 7 prospects. The prospects were not named but I have heard that the deal did not include Hill or Marmol( that's probably why it was nixed). I'm speculation that the deal was Gallagher, Marshall, Pie, Colvin, Veal, Cedeno, and Hart. That seems alot of players to give up but hey I would do it! Can you imagine the rotation with Bedard and Hill in it?? DOMINATE!

MacPhail denies reports that of the 7 for 2 player trade but what else is he going to say?? Yes its true?? MacPhail says the talks are still on going for Roberts and Bedard and that ownership has giving the OK to trade the players. The O's are going to discuss trading Roberts and Bedard until the end of the month and hope that they get a deal done by then. They want to trade them separately to get the biggest package of players to restock there team with young talent. It is also said that the O's wish to trade Bedard before Roberts so it looks like the chances of the Cubs gettting Roberts is getting slimmer and slimmer.


Joe said...

I read somewhere that Hill was included.

Who is this Affeldt guy? He signed with Reds... but read that Cub were after him too. Based on his numbers seems like a long reliever... dont know why we would go after him.

Anonymous said...

Although I like the idea of trying to expand a deal of Murton for Byrd, I don't see how adding Marshall and Dempster to it would be enough, by themselves, to get Millwood added to the mix. I think that Millwood would be a great number 3 behind Zambrano and Lilly, but he is currently the #1 in Texas and I don't see the pitching starved Rangers moving him for two back of the rotation, at best starters, this close to the beginning of spring training.