Thursday, August 27, 2009

Heilman and Harden Claimed... UPDATE! UPDATE2!

- According to Bruce Levine the Twins claimed Harden and the Giants claimed Heilman. The teams have until noon on Monday to get a deal done. Harden will likely require one or two top prospects and Heilman may get a minor league player in return. More on this as it becomes available.

-UPDATE-9:20pm- Bruce Levine has the latest in double H claim. He stats that "An American League source with knowledge of the process indicated the Twins may be the team that claimed Harden." If this is true the Cubs could make out pretty well considering the Twins farm system. I would do a Denard Span for Harden in a heartbeat but I may be wishing upon a star. There are also reports that the Marlins are the team that claimed Harden, so who knows.

- According to Rosenthal at the Cubs had Harden and Heilman both claimed off of waivers today. Ken stats that Heilman was claimed by a National League team and Harden was claimed by an unknown team but most likely did not make it past the National League. Ken names off the Giants, Rockies, and Dodgers as potential landing spots. The Cubs have until Monday to work out a deal with the club, let them go as a salary dump, or pull them back. The Cubs could just offer Harden arbitration and lose him to the market next season and still get two high draft picks for him since he is a type A free agent. Since they have really nothing to lose they will likely ask a bundle for Harden. Heilman on the other hand may get pulled back because he is likely not to command as much in return.

My thought is that the Rockies claimed Harden and the Giants claimed Heilman.

- Bradley has made no friends and will likely be traded, released, or DFA this off season. Get this punk out of here.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Offseason Talk..

- Kaplan said the Cubs will not re-sign Kevin Gregg in the off season which is not a surprise.

- Kaplan and Wittenmyer say that Bradley should and can be traded this off season. They said the Cubs will have to pay a portion of his contract but it is a move that has to be done. Especially after these comments he made. He is owed 21 million over the next two years.

- There is also talk that Harden may not be retained which is not a surprise either. He is a very fragile pitcher much like Mark Prior and the Cubs do not need to lock up major money in a player like that. They already have Soriano and Z for that. There is talk that Harden will get a 20-60 million dollar contract next season. I rather go with a serviceable inning eating back of the rotation pitcher or with youth before Harden. I would still offer him arbitration though.