Thursday, August 27, 2009

Heilman and Harden Claimed... UPDATE! UPDATE2!

- According to Bruce Levine the Twins claimed Harden and the Giants claimed Heilman. The teams have until noon on Monday to get a deal done. Harden will likely require one or two top prospects and Heilman may get a minor league player in return. More on this as it becomes available.

-UPDATE-9:20pm- Bruce Levine has the latest in double H claim. He stats that "An American League source with knowledge of the process indicated the Twins may be the team that claimed Harden." If this is true the Cubs could make out pretty well considering the Twins farm system. I would do a Denard Span for Harden in a heartbeat but I may be wishing upon a star. There are also reports that the Marlins are the team that claimed Harden, so who knows.

- According to Rosenthal at the Cubs had Harden and Heilman both claimed off of waivers today. Ken stats that Heilman was claimed by a National League team and Harden was claimed by an unknown team but most likely did not make it past the National League. Ken names off the Giants, Rockies, and Dodgers as potential landing spots. The Cubs have until Monday to work out a deal with the club, let them go as a salary dump, or pull them back. The Cubs could just offer Harden arbitration and lose him to the market next season and still get two high draft picks for him since he is a type A free agent. Since they have really nothing to lose they will likely ask a bundle for Harden. Heilman on the other hand may get pulled back because he is likely not to command as much in return.

My thought is that the Rockies claimed Harden and the Giants claimed Heilman.

- Bradley has made no friends and will likely be traded, released, or DFA this off season. Get this punk out of here.


Anonymous said...

"Get this punk out of here." Good call.

Tanner said...

Bye Bradley!!!!!!

Joe said...

Bradley was brought in for the wrong reasons. If they had announced the deal to add OBP with some pop the way they did with Fuku... Bradley is a fit. The Cubs did him a disfavor right off the bat by saying he was the lefty middle of the order bat that they supposedly were missing in the 08 playoffs. Of course Bradley's brittle nature added more fuel to the fire... but its funny to see how a lot of Cub fans are so quick to push Bradley off the plank of the ship when you got Soriano doing NOTHING for millions more and more years on the hook.

I hope Hendry took notice of the Rios to the Sox and at least put Soriano on waivers to see if anyone would bite. He may fair better back in the AL where he can DH and not worry about playing defense.

I will miss Harden. But the Cubs should only deal if they can get more than two quality prospects as they can get the two draft pick compensations you mentioned even if they hang onto him.

I secretly held out hope for the Wild Card... but after they just dropped a series to the worst team in MLB... season is done.

Anonymous said...

Id keep Bradley. He is a good player. Just having an off year.

Nick I Cub Fan said...

I think Bradley will be just fine next year. He has never been a HR hitter, he just gets on base alot. Hes a perfect no. 2 hitter.
If you remember Ramirez when he first came to the cubs in 2003 only batted .259. And people complained he didn't hustle. Now hes our best RBI man. Soriano on the other hand needs to go. I'm also not sure i want to get rid of Harden. Heilman i would get rid of.
Any cubs pitcher who doesn't walk many batters is a keeper in my book.

Anonymous said...

i think you should read what gene Wojciechowski Had To Say About Bradley on

Jordan C said...

nice call on the giants

ivorybanger15 said...

Personally I like Bradley. At least he has a desire to win and a work ethic when the going's rough. (*cough* Soriano *cough*)

As for the double H's, Heilman can go. He was Hendry's biggest swing-and-a-miss IMO. We already have enough hard throwing guys with control issues as it is. Joe has the right idea as far as Harden goes, although I might add that I would like to keep him around next year as long as it doesn't cost too much.

phil Wilson said...

Bradley is a great player, second best OBP on the team (Fuku). Yes hes having an off year, but dont blame the cubs struggles on him. Aram, Johnson, Geo, have all been on the DL, while every starting pitcher not named wells has been on the DL.

Next year if you keep the same class of players, with changing the closer and getting a second baseman, this team is a 90 plus win team. With the starters getting hurt that easy took 5-8 wins off the board, when aram got hurt that took 10-14 wins away.

If you want to blame somebody blame SOTO, Kap said if Geo gets hurt this year this team will suffer.

This team doesnt need that much help, jsut a closer and a 2b.