Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Opening Day Thought & Tweaking the Lineup

Some thoughts I had from the first game:


·         Our defense looks pretty solid.

·         We need an RBI threat in this lineup.

·         Bunting again…I hate bunting.

·         Not worried about guys struggling this early.

·         Shark’s trade value is going to be a lot better this year.

·         No reason not to have Bonifacio play every day.

·         A lot of opening day jitters on both sides.

·         The lineup already needs tweeked (more later).

·         I think our pen might be pretty solid this year.

·         Why does Neil Walker kill us.


Now in regards to our lineup.  I hate already questioning Renteria’s first ever lineup but that is exactly what I am going to do.  Here is what I see as a solid lineup against RHP and LHP.


Against RHP:


1.     Bonifacio CF

2.     Kalish LF

3.     Rizzo 1st

4.     Olt 3b

5.     Castro SS

6.     Schierholtz RF

7.     Valbuena 2b

8.     Castillo C

9.     Pitcher


Against LHP:

1.     Bonifacio CF

2.     Castro SS

3.     Olt 3b

4.     Lake LF

5.     Rizzo 1b

6.     Ruggiano RF

7.     Castillo C

8.     Barney

9.     Pitcher


This is the lineups I would trot out on a regular basis.  I do realize that other players are going to get more (including Sweeney who is not in either lineup) playing time but it is pretty interchangeable to me.  I believe Bonifacio should always lead off until he needs a day off then I think Kalish should get the leadoff spot those days.  I also think bathing Rizzo 3rd or 4th against a lefty is a mistake.  I would suggest batting him 5th or even 2nd when a lefty is on the mound.  I also love Lake in a RBI spot against a lefty.  In a small sample size Lake is hitting .375 with a .412 OBP in 64 AB.  We have a nice lineup and a nice balance.  It just needs to be tweaked some to get the most production.


This just makes sense to me but I would also like to hear your take.


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Monday, March 31, 2014

Prediction: Cubs, Awards, and the Playoffs

Cubs Predictions:


Cubs record: 77-85

Team MVP: Starlin Castro

Cubs ERA leader: Travis Wood 3.24 ERA

Cubs HR leader: Anthony Rizzo 28 HR

Cubs BA leader: Starlin Castro .315 AVG

Cubs RBI leader: Mike Olt 88 RBI

Cubs SB leader: Emilio Bonifacio 22 SB

5      Bold things:

1.     Cubs will finish ahead of the Cards and Brewers in the NL Central Standings

2.     Mike Olt will hit 25+ HR

3.     Kalish/Bonifacio will steal a total of 40 bags

4.     8 players in the Cubs organization will be traded from the Cubs before the trade deadline

5.     Baez will be called up to the majors on July 25th for the Cardinal series at Wrigley.






AL MVP: Mike Trout

AL Rookie of the Year: Jose Abreu

AL Cy Young: Jon Lester


NL MVP: Andrew McCutchen

NL Rookie of the Year: Billy Hamilton

NL Cy Young: Homer Bailey





AL East Division Winner: Boston Red Sox

AL Central Division Winner: Kansas City Royals

AL West Division Winner: LA Angels

Wild Card #1: New York Yankees

Wild Card #2: Detroit Tigers


AL Championship: Angels over Yankees


NL East Division Winner: Washington Nationals

NL Central Division Winners: Pittsburgh Pirates

NL West Division Winners: LA Dodgers

Wild Card #1: Atlanta Braves

Wild Card #2: Cincinnati Reds


NL Championship: Pirates over Nationals


World Series: Pirates over Angels


Until Next Time…