Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Minor Signings, Moves Impacting Moves, Levine Notes, and Much More...

- The Cubs have signed Andy Sonnastine and Manny Corpas to minor league split deals. Both are decent signings and a low risk/high reward move for the Cubs.
- The Cubs signed Jason Jaramillo to a minor league contract. He will likely battle the two young guns for Soto's backup. This could be a sign the Cubs are no longer interested in signing Jason Varitek. Or they could deal Soto and still sign Varitek because I doubt Jason takes a minor league deal.
- To confirm the thought on BleacherNation the Cubs are in advanced talks with many teams about Garza. I am hearing the Red Sox and Jays are two of them.
- I put a Garza trade before Opening Day at 60% because of how the talks have increased.
- In that same post at BleacherNation Brett has a juicy tidbit about Ryan Dempster saying if the Cubs truly wanted to move him and it was a good trade then he would consider waving his NTC.
- I can see the Cubs having interest in Kyle Drabek of the Jays if Gaza is moved but he will not be the centerpiece of the deal.
- Four prospects the Cubs would have some interest in if Garza is traded to the Jays are Jake Marisnick, Justin Nicolino , Travis d’Arnaud , and/or Noah Syndergaard.
- JimBowdenESPNxm on Twitter says the Cubs along with the Rays, Indians, and Cubs are looking at trading for Mark Trumbo or Anthony Rizzo.
Here is the latest from Bruce Levine
- His response to why Byrd is still in Chicago telling. He says because the Cubs have not signed CoCo Crisp yet or traded for a young CF from the Jays. Then adds in Byrd will be gone. I get three things from this 1) He knows something 2) He is reading the signs 3) He is trying to sell his site and chat more. I think it is a combination of all three.
- Levine states he is one of the few that think the Cubs have a shot at Fielder. He goes on by saying the Cubs have had continuous "intense" talks with Scott Boras.
- Levine stats the obvious that the Cubs are entertaining trading Garza to add younger pitching to the minor or major league level. He also name drops Kyle Drabek and Deck McGuire.
- Levine names CF prospects Anthony Gose and Jake Marisnick as two guys that the Cubs could obtain for Garza from the Jays.
- He thinks that Soto will be the catcher next season but not the future catcher; making Geo trade bait.
- Bruce thinks the Cubs will make a run at Rizzo but is not sure if the Padres and Cubs match up well trade wise. The Padres are looking for young cheap pitching.
- Levine thinks the Cubs need to sign Castro to an extension. I totally agree and I would go 6+ years.
- Levine says there is zero chance the Jays would give up Lawrie and I agree.
- Bryan LaHair maybe a stop gap for the Cubs next season according to Bruce.
- BleacherNation once again has a great write up on the Cuban outfielders Yoenis Cespedes and Jorge Soler. Because of the thought that Soler could sign in the summer and Cespedes will sign this month I would not count out the Cubs signing both this season. Both fit the direction the Cubs are heading.

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