Monday, September 14, 2009

Big Z and Bradley Being Shopped? Other Notes.....

Bruce Levine said that the Cubs will most likely explore trades for Milton Bradley and Carlos Zambrano this winter. ESPN 1000 recently said that the Cubs would like to send Milton Bradley back to Texas where he will be welcomed back in open arms, but only if the Cubs pay half his contract. I am all for the Cubs trading Milton Bradley but Carlos Zambrano would be a risk considering the lack of pitching depth on this team right now.

Zambrano has a no trade clause but he said if the Cubs wanted to trade him he would not stand in the way. Here are three trade scenarios I see the Cubs making by dealing Zambrano-

Trade #1-
Mets get Zambrano,Theriot, and Mike Fontenot
Cubs get Jose Reyes, Luis Castillo, and Oliver Perez

The Mets would take on Zambrano's 4 year 74 million dollar contract but really only paying about 23 million dollars because that would be the difference in the contracts. The Cubs could also agree to pay the 23 million dollar difference to get this deal done. The Mets would get a good top of the rotation pitcher to go behind Santana and a inexpensive .300 hitter who can steal bases, and play decent defense. They also get a utility guy off the bench in Mike Fontenot.

The Cubs would basically get an good leadoff guy in Reyes, solid defense and good bat in Luis Castillo, and a average (mainly salary dump) in Oliver Perez. There are injury risk with Jose Reyes and Oliver Perez but I honestly think this would be a great deal for both clubs. Zambrano also said he would except a trade to NY.

Trade #2

Yankees get Zambrano and Bradley
Cubs get Cano and Swisher

This would give the Yankees one of the most expensive, entertaining, and best rotations in baseball. Zambrano would fall into Wang's place if the does not rebound next season or even if he does then they could keep Hughes and Chamberline in the pen. The Yankees would also take on a lot of baggage in Bradley who would fill the role in RF,LF, or DH for the Yankees. He would basically fill the role that Matsui plays right now. They Yankees would take on more money but once again the Cubs could chip in the coin to get the deal done, which I think they would do in a heartbeat.

The Cubs once again get an All Star in Cano and clubhouse and fan favorite Swisher. The Cubs chemistry would immediately click with addition and subtraction of players. This would just be too good of a deal for the Cubs.

Trade #3-

Dodgers get Zambrano
Cubs get Matt Kemp and Juan Pierre

The Dodgers get another piece to add to their already strong rotation but they would take on a lot of money to get this deal done. I think the Dodgers would jump on it to get Pierre off the books and get Zambrano to complement Billingsley and Kuroda.

The Cubs would get Kemp, who would be the everyday CF guy for many years to come. The Cubs would then move Fukudome back to RF (assuming Bradley is gone) and use Pierre as the 4th outfielder and give the main three days rest.

Once again how can the Cubs pass this one up?

The Cubs regardless need to hear offers on both players and if they get any of these deals presented to them, I do not see why the should not pull the trigger.



- The Cubs are talking a contract extension for John Grabow. I would love to see him on the team next season. He has done a great job!

- An electronic scoreboard for the Cubs? Do not count it out. I do not know if this is a wise idea because it effects the feeling of the park. I love the manual scoreboard, it is a part of Wrigley we would all miss.

- Soriano had knee surgery Tuesday morning will his rehab will take about 6 weeks. Soriano will also have his eyes looked at this offseason. Soriano also has been asked to get a lighter bat but as of right now he has not listened.

- The Cubs should be in a good place to get Harden for cheap or at least get something for him this offseason. They plan on offering him arbitration.

- The Cubs want Chone Figgins bas even if it cost them 4 years 44 million to land him.

- The Cubs will find a lot of takers this offseason for Zambrano but only after Vazquez and Halladay or traded or pulled off the table.

That is it for tonight, I will keep you up to date with the latest Cubs Rumors!