Saturday, December 02, 2006

Cubs make Floyd offer? Hendry getting head start?

According to

Cliff Floyd-There is mutual interest with Baltimore. Mets have made him an offer to re-sign and he is mulling it over. Tigers, Athletics, Dodgers, Mariners are all interested. Cubs have made him offer and were believed to be his most likely suitor. The Athletics are in serious talks with him and he could sign a deal with them at the Meetings.... The source of this rumor was Ken Rosenthal.

This is a good signing, as said in my previous post the cubs will need to to get a back up 1st baseman and a lefty, who better than Floyd, i have always liked floyd and when heathy he is a great hitter.. In my opinion the only way he wouldnt come to chicago is because of money or if we in fact didnt offer him a deal... he is a Chicago native and would love to play for the cubs he has stated.. I know i would welcome him with open arms.. great platoon for murton!!!


Jim Hendry decided it would be nice to get to Orlando a day early, this according to Bruce Levine.. He arrived in Flordia this afternoon, hopefully to get his ducks in a row.

The spectulation is to talk to Lilly's agent before the Winter Meetings actually start.. This to me is pretty curious.. could Hendry pull off another big signing and/or possiable trade before the meetings even start??? or maybe he just wanted to get there early to set up his plan.. who really knows... My gut feeling is something will be announced tomarrow, either a trade or signing of some sort.. but thats my feelings, i could be wrong.

Not major news

The cubs have declined to offer John Mabry offer arbitration- Reported by Rotoworld. This is not major news but it does mean the cubs are looking for more bench help.. If anyone thinks that Jim is going into the year without a backup first baseman there crazy, we seen what happened last year.. To me this is a sign of us signing Floyd to a one year deal because he can play first as well as outfield

Friday, December 01, 2006

Jones for Jennings?

According to Fox Sports-

The Cubs have discussed acquiring Rockies right-hander Jason Jennings for right fielder Jacque Jones, who would play center in Colorado. Such a move could lead to the Cubs' signing of free agent Julio Lugo to play center. Alfonso Soriano presumably would play left, and the Cubs would need to figure out right.
The Cubs have maintained interest in signing Lugo to a multi-year deal even while increasing their pursuit of starting pitchers. Lugo likely would return to the infield in 2008 to clear a spot for top outfield prospect Felix Pie. The Cubs have an option on shortstop Cesar Izturis for '08. Second baseman Mark DeRosa, who recently signed a three-year deal, can play other positions

I have a strong feeling that Murton will be in our oufield next season, but i guess sports writers dont consider him an everyday player.. Jennings would be a good fit for Jones and a pitcher like marshall or guzman but none of our good prospects like veal, hill, or pie etc... Its good Hendry has alot of intrest in different players, i like the multi-tasking!

Lilly on the verge of signing with the cubs!!!!

It looks as though the BlueJays will not be able to resign starting pitcher TedLilly. Sources have told Metro that the free-agent left-hander is on the verge of agreeing to a four-year deal worth $37.5- million US with the Chicago Cubs. Baseball owners have lost their minds.

Might be a little much for a pitcher that has injury problems but he has good stuff and would be a good #4 starter for the cubs... I just hope this is close to becoming offical and its not like the whole Schmidt rumor.. We should see in ht next couple of days.

Marquis offered a deal by a team??? says this-

Cubs and Pirates interested. Buster Olney believes some team has made Marquis a 3-year offer....

Can you believe that the cubs would offer him 3 year contract?? That would be intresting to see who did and if he takes it.. you gotta think he would take that deal.. He would be decent to compete for the number 5 spot, but offering him a 3 year deal is a little much.. But thats my opinion..

Soriano, Free Agents, Winter Meetings... Oh My!

Good new for all according to The Chicago Tribune Soriano wont be playing winter ball! Here's the article-

While the Cubs met almost all of Soriano's demands, they are unwilling to go along with his wish to play winter ball in the Dominican Republic to give his hometown fans a chance to watch him play."I told him I would prefer he not play, and he was agreeable to that," Hendry said.Hendry didn't explain his rationale, but there are easily 136 million reasons he could come up with.
Meanwhile Hendry heads to next week's winter meetings in Orlando with a shopping list of potential starting pitchers and wad of cash to spend.He said Thursday he has not yet had any discussions about bringing back Greg Maddux and reiterated he has made no offer to Jason Schmidt, who heads a list the Cubs are interested in, along with Ted Lilly, Gil Meche and Vicente Padilla.
Hendry also will be scouring the transactions list this weekend to see if any arbitration-eligible players are not tendered contracts.The Cubs will offer arbitration to Carlos Zambrano and Mark Prior and likely will include Will Ohman on that list, even if they decide to trade him.

I love the three pitchers Jim is intrested in.. I hope they get one of them and Westbrook, if that deal is even out there.. Also good news about Sori, im glad Jim said no winter ball! we dont need our new investment to get hurt.. That would kill the cubs!! Good job Jimbo!


Newsday also reports this-

"On the positive side, as concerns loom that Glavine will return to the Braves, the Mets' chances of landing Barry Zito have only increased in recent weeks. The Mets, Cubs and Rangers are considered the primary suitors for Zito, the free-agent lefthander, and friends of Zito believe the 28-year-old would greatly prefer to pitch in New York over Chicago or Arlington, Texas."

I still cant believe were considered suitors for Zito.. I think he is out of reach and he will probly become a met.. they will sign him to a large 7 year 105 mil contract but only if they lose Glavine.. which seems certain he will go to the Braves.
The Dever post says that the cubs are intrested in Jennings-

"If a deal can't be reached for Jennings, it increases the likelihood he will be traded at the winter meetings to address multiple needs. The Cardinals, Cubs, Astros, Twins and both New York teams - Mets could dangle Brian Bannister - are among those that have expressed interest."

I thought we were out of the running for his when they ask for pie or hill but maybe the price will go down?? One curious note, if the mets dangle Bannister then i dont see any reason why Jennings would be in a mets uniform.. Now having said that if they land Zito, probably no reason to trade for Jennings.

Another intresting tidbit is in the Rocky Mountain News-

"Chicago Cubs right-handed pitcher Mark Prior, an Arizona neighbor of Jason Schmidt is trying to persuade the free-agent right-hander to sign with the Cubs..

If this is indeed true, I say thank you to Prior... He my be injury pron but at least he is trying to make this rotation better and stronger without relying on him or wood!!!

With the winter meetings starting you gotta believe there will be alot of signings and wheeling and dealing going on right out of the gate!!!

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Cubs offer Lugo multi year offer

Thanks to a poster, he informed me that is reporting the cubs want Lugo and have offically made a Multi year offer.. This is quite curious, I understand lugo is a good player but why would the cubs sign another shortstop to play center, plus he is right handed isnt he? my spectulation is that he signs and izzy or another outfielder gets traded for pitching.. Because without that the signing doesnt make sense.. why not just get Lofton for one year for 4 mill? Jim says he doesnt want to block Pie because he feels he mite be ready next year..Lofton could fell that void... This is a curious move by Jimbo but im not doubting him one bit this year until he is done

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Many players peak the cubs intrest!!

On the great rumor site has many rumors about the cubs intrest in players. Lets have a look shall we-

Ted Lilly, LHSP--Toronto Blue Jays
His price has risen too high for the Jays to re-sign him, but talks are continuing. The Jays are willing to offer a 4-year deal and have asked to be given the chance to match any offer before Lilly signs, but his agent has not promised that. Cubs, Orioles, Yankees, Red Sox and the NL West are among interested parties. Mets have yet to express any interest. About a dozen teams in total have expressed interest with at least a pair of them willing to make 4-year offers. He will also seek a limited no-trade clause and will not sign with a non-contender. He is seeking 4-years, $36M with several teams willing to offer at least 4-years, $34M. The Yankees will no longer be interested after adding Kei Igawa....

Lilly is a decent pitcher and for 4/36 he is one of best pitchers on the market for the money..He says he would like to stay on the west coast but hasent ruled anything out.. there's a good chance he could sign with the cubs or sox in my opinion considering the yanks are out, and the O's are not gonna be a contender next year so rule them out.. So that leaves the cubs, Rsox. and the west teams.

Gil Meche, RHSP--Seattle Mariners
Does not want to talk with the M's until he tests the market. He has received from more than 15 teams, including the Yankees, Royals, Red Sox, Jays, Cubs, Orioles, Twins and Mets. He is reportedly among the top choices for a dozen teams, though he could command as high as 4-years, $36M. Cubs have ramped up their efforts to sign him. Jays have been recruiting him...

I have always like Meche.. He is a soild right hander, young, and I think will be a dominate pitcher next year.. For the same price as Lilly, but you dont get the possiable head case as Lilly and you can get him back together will Lou!!!

Jason Jennings, RHSP--Colorado Rockies
Rockies shopping him, though they are leaning toward holding onto him until mid-season when he will likely have more value. Rockies also discussing a long-term contract extension with him and have offered a 2-year, $16M deal and a 3-year, $21M deal, but he is seeking more than 3-years, $30M. Talks are not progressing. Astros interested and the Rockies covet Chris Burke. Twins (Jesse Crain), Cubs (Michael Wuertz and Felix Pie) and Rangers (C.J. Wilson) interested. Mariners, Cardinals, Yankees and Mets also interested.
Cubs are unwilling to move Rich Hill, whom the Rockies covet, for him....

He is a good pitcher but im skeptical that he is even worth Pie straight across.. I would do a deal like Coats and weurtz for him or Marshall and Weurtz but no Pie or Hill..


Luis Gonzalez, LF--Arizona Diamondbacks
Cleveland, the Dodgers, Padres, Cardinals, Cubs, Baltimore, Texas, Cincinnati and San Francisco are among the dozen teams that have expressed interest. Indians have met with him in person. Prior to hitting the market, he was said to be leaning toward signing a 1-year deal with the Cards, but now he is leaning toward signing with the Dodgers. The Cards and Orioles are also serious bidders....

This is the first I have heard of the cubs being intresting in.. i guess it makes sense tho.. He could platoon with Murton in Left or Come off the bench.. But if we are gonna do that why not sign Floyd???


Its nice to know we are keeping our options open.. I cant wait til we find out when what rumors become news!!!

Random rumors and talking

This according to

Barry Zito, LHSP--Oakland Athletics
The Yankees, Cubs, Rangers, Dodgers, Cardinals, Angels, Padres, Mets and Red Sox are among 12-15 teams that are interested. The Dodgers say they will not pursue him. He is interested in playing for 8 of those teams, including the LA teams and the Padres. Mets have made him their top target. He is seeking 7-years, $105M. Rangers will be willing to give him $75M. Angels have made an offer....

I dont see the cubs shelling that much out for a fly ball pitcher.. He is good dont get me wrong and if he signed i would welcome him with open arms.. I just feel we need more than one pitcher in our rotation.


An Internet report that the Cubs were offering San Francisco free-agent pitcher Jason Schmidt as much as $45 million for three years is unfounded, sources said Tuesday night.

Officals say in the Tribune along with the Suntimes that this rumor is unfounded.. Its amazing how this rumor got legs so fast!! Now having saying that who say the Cubs officals arnt telling the whole truth or the deal could be a complete lie.. we will know in a week i would have to think.


Despite a flurry of national reports Tuesday, Cubs insiders vehemently deny they’ve offered free-agent pitcher Jason Schmidt a three-year, $45 million deal.
That doesn’t mean the Cubs aren’t interested in Schmidt or that they won’t make an offer. But they need two starting pitchers, and it’s more likely they’ll come from a pool that includes Gil Meche, Vicente Padilla, Jake Westbrook and Jason Marquis.

The Schmidt deal appears false in the paper but cub fans keep you head up.. I tell you what, with a runner up prize of a maybe a combination of Meche, Padilla, Westbrook, or Marquis you cant be mad... I like the thought of Westbrook and Padilla or Meche in our rotation.. i expect Jimbo to get alot accomplished in the next 2 weeks( rotation and centerfielder)

Alot of noise is starting, and i will do my best to keep everyone updated on Cubbie Rumors!!!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006


The score and sportscenter have both said the cubs HAVE IN FACT offered a deal to Schmidt. The deal is reported as 3 year 15million!!! Schmidt did say he doesnt want to go to the east coast but last time I check is Chicago isnt on the east coast.. also money talks.. This would be big for the cubs! A veteran pitcher with a killer sinker to follow Big Z... How sweet it is! Now all the has to do is accept the deal!!

Also the yanks have won the bid to talk to Kei Igawa.. 25 million to talk to him.. Wow! I guess the yanks wanted to show the Red Sox that they arnt the only ones throwing money around on Japan's players..

Igawa winning bid is 25 million! but who won???

I dont see the cubs bidding that much but dont be fooled, Hendry suprised us with Soriano, could he do it again?? To me it looks like the mets or yanks got him... Thats alot of money but #4 pitchers will go for about the combination of the 3 year 40 million.. I have seen his stuff, he is not bad.. but he hasent faced hitters like the mlb has.. so we will see!!!

According to, the winning bid for Japanese left-hander Kei Igawa was for about $25 million.
Incredible. Igawa's stuff has drawn mixed reviews, and while he might be well ahead of MLB hitters in his first season in the U.S., it seems unlikely that he'll settle in as more than a third or fourth starter. If it costs a total of $40 million to bring him in for three years, we have a new candidate for the biggest bust of the winter. It's expected that we'll know tonight who won the bidding for Igawa. Nov. 28 - 1:57 pm et

Westbrook deal heating up!!!

This is on

The Chicago Cubs have talked to the Cleveland Indians about a deal for pitcher Jake Westbrook, according to baseball moles. The Tribe would get pitcher Ryan Dempster among others in return for Westbrook (15-10 4.17era).

I believe this would be a steal as long as they dont ask for the world with him... I would sending them Marshall, Guzman, and Dempster for Jake!! With Dempster as the center piece of the trade i wouldnt mind a package including any reliever besides Eyre, Howry, or Cotts... or give them one of our young pitchers not named Veal or Hill.. This would be big... Gotta love Westbrook for that package!!!!

Cubs offer schmidt a deal! link

3 years, $44 million
It's in the last paragraph.

Briefly: All has been quiet on Jason Schmidt's potential return to San Francisco, and this might be why: According to one source, the Cubs have offered Schmidt a three-year deal worth $44 million. ... The Giants reportedly did not bid by Monday's 2 p.m. PST deadline for the rights to Hanshin Tigers left-hander Kei Igawa, who did not excite Giants scouts. . ... General manager Brian Sabean spent part of the weekend in San Diego helping arrange funeral services for Giants scout Pat Dobson, who died Wednesday. A memorial will be held in San Diego after the winter meetings, which run from Sunday through Dec. 7 in Orlando. The family requests donations to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, 9150 Chesapeake Drive, Suite 100, San Diego, CA 92123.

I wonder what source they have that the Tribune didnt pick up... well just thought i would post it... That deal should bring him to chicago!!

Rumors just stacking up!!!!

This is according to

The Cubs have reportedly talked with Jason Schmidt's agent more than once since the right-hander became a free agent.The Mariners remain the favorites to sign Schmidt, whose market has been slow to develop so far. The rumors regarding him and Barry Zito may begin to run fast and furious at the winter meetings next week.

It would be amazing if the cubs landed Schmidt! I always thought he wanted to stay on the west coast but money talks and the cubs might just have enough to get the guy in cubbie blue!!


To confuse my previous post, there is this article in the Tribune-,1,2546868.story?coll=cs-cubs-headlines

Though they have talked to representatives of almost all available starting pitchers—including Jason Schmidt's more than once—the Cubs seem willing to wait until next week's winter meetings to see where the market is headed.

It doesn't appear the Cubs will be signing Schmidt or Barry Zito, the big two in the free-agent market, before next week's meetings. Agents for those players seem to be waiting to see who the Yankees want and what the current market price is, which the Yanks normally set.

From the article it sounds good that were gonna address our pitching needs during the winter meetings rather than later!!!

Cubs made offer for Manram???

This according to

A Cubs source e-mailed that Chicago has offered Matt Murton, Bob Howry, Sean Gallagher and Donald Veal, and that Felix Pie hasn't come up. That sounds like not quite enough, but if the Red Sox trade Manny, then turn around and sign J.D. Drew and Julio Lugo, the need for impact-quality major-league talent (say, Michael Young) is lessened. The same source indicates that the Mets and Braves are also interested.

Not quiet sure why this wouldnt work except the sox are looking for relief arms and a short stop... Take Veal and Howry and replace them with izzy, Weurtz, and Marshall and i think you could have a deal... I would love the top of our lineup!!!


Most feared lineup in baseball!!! Now having said that this could be all BS but it is a rumor!

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Marquis on cubs radar once again

Jason Marquis-
Cubs and Pirates interested...This rumor was last updated on 02:09 PM - Nov 26, 06. The source of this rumor was Chicago Tribune.

This is according to I would like Marquis to battle for the 5th spot in the rotation. He will pitch .500 baseball and is a inning eater!!! If we can get him less than 5mill a year i think it would be a great pick up. Expect alot of rumors to be going around in the next 3 weeks with the winter meetings starting dec. 1st... Time to start up the hot stove again!!!