Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Cubs made offer for Manram???

This according to mlbtraderumors.com-

A Cubs source e-mailed that Chicago has offered Matt Murton, Bob Howry, Sean Gallagher and Donald Veal, and that Felix Pie hasn't come up. That sounds like not quite enough, but if the Red Sox trade Manny, then turn around and sign J.D. Drew and Julio Lugo, the need for impact-quality major-league talent (say, Michael Young) is lessened. The same source indicates that the Mets and Braves are also interested.

Not quiet sure why this wouldnt work except the sox are looking for relief arms and a short stop... Take Veal and Howry and replace them with izzy, Weurtz, and Marshall and i think you could have a deal... I would love the top of our lineup!!!


Most feared lineup in baseball!!! Now having said that this could be all BS but it is a rumor!

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