Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Rumors just stacking up!!!!

This is according to Rotoworld.com-

The Cubs have reportedly talked with Jason Schmidt's agent more than once since the right-hander became a free agent.The Mariners remain the favorites to sign Schmidt, whose market has been slow to develop so far. The rumors regarding him and Barry Zito may begin to run fast and furious at the winter meetings next week.

It would be amazing if the cubs landed Schmidt! I always thought he wanted to stay on the west coast but money talks and the cubs might just have enough to get the guy in cubbie blue!!


To confuse my previous post, there is this article in the Tribune-


Though they have talked to representatives of almost all available starting pitchers—including Jason Schmidt's more than once—the Cubs seem willing to wait until next week's winter meetings to see where the market is headed.

It doesn't appear the Cubs will be signing Schmidt or Barry Zito, the big two in the free-agent market, before next week's meetings. Agents for those players seem to be waiting to see who the Yankees want and what the current market price is, which the Yanks normally set.

From the article it sounds good that were gonna address our pitching needs during the winter meetings rather than later!!!

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