Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Many players peak the cubs intrest!!

On the great rumor site has many rumors about the cubs intrest in players. Lets have a look shall we-

Ted Lilly, LHSP--Toronto Blue Jays
His price has risen too high for the Jays to re-sign him, but talks are continuing. The Jays are willing to offer a 4-year deal and have asked to be given the chance to match any offer before Lilly signs, but his agent has not promised that. Cubs, Orioles, Yankees, Red Sox and the NL West are among interested parties. Mets have yet to express any interest. About a dozen teams in total have expressed interest with at least a pair of them willing to make 4-year offers. He will also seek a limited no-trade clause and will not sign with a non-contender. He is seeking 4-years, $36M with several teams willing to offer at least 4-years, $34M. The Yankees will no longer be interested after adding Kei Igawa....

Lilly is a decent pitcher and for 4/36 he is one of best pitchers on the market for the money..He says he would like to stay on the west coast but hasent ruled anything out.. there's a good chance he could sign with the cubs or sox in my opinion considering the yanks are out, and the O's are not gonna be a contender next year so rule them out.. So that leaves the cubs, Rsox. and the west teams.

Gil Meche, RHSP--Seattle Mariners
Does not want to talk with the M's until he tests the market. He has received from more than 15 teams, including the Yankees, Royals, Red Sox, Jays, Cubs, Orioles, Twins and Mets. He is reportedly among the top choices for a dozen teams, though he could command as high as 4-years, $36M. Cubs have ramped up their efforts to sign him. Jays have been recruiting him...

I have always like Meche.. He is a soild right hander, young, and I think will be a dominate pitcher next year.. For the same price as Lilly, but you dont get the possiable head case as Lilly and you can get him back together will Lou!!!

Jason Jennings, RHSP--Colorado Rockies
Rockies shopping him, though they are leaning toward holding onto him until mid-season when he will likely have more value. Rockies also discussing a long-term contract extension with him and have offered a 2-year, $16M deal and a 3-year, $21M deal, but he is seeking more than 3-years, $30M. Talks are not progressing. Astros interested and the Rockies covet Chris Burke. Twins (Jesse Crain), Cubs (Michael Wuertz and Felix Pie) and Rangers (C.J. Wilson) interested. Mariners, Cardinals, Yankees and Mets also interested.
Cubs are unwilling to move Rich Hill, whom the Rockies covet, for him....

He is a good pitcher but im skeptical that he is even worth Pie straight across.. I would do a deal like Coats and weurtz for him or Marshall and Weurtz but no Pie or Hill..


Luis Gonzalez, LF--Arizona Diamondbacks
Cleveland, the Dodgers, Padres, Cardinals, Cubs, Baltimore, Texas, Cincinnati and San Francisco are among the dozen teams that have expressed interest. Indians have met with him in person. Prior to hitting the market, he was said to be leaning toward signing a 1-year deal with the Cards, but now he is leaning toward signing with the Dodgers. The Cards and Orioles are also serious bidders....

This is the first I have heard of the cubs being intresting in.. i guess it makes sense tho.. He could platoon with Murton in Left or Come off the bench.. But if we are gonna do that why not sign Floyd???


Its nice to know we are keeping our options open.. I cant wait til we find out when what rumors become news!!!


Anonymous said...

It appears cubs are interested in lugo, on in the rumors page it says cubs have made an offer to lugo.

cubsfan82 said...

Thanks for the info, iknow we were intrested in him but didnt know we made him an offer.. Great info!!