Thursday, October 23, 2008

Cubs like Tex?? Soto ROY! Wood not coming back??

-According to some rival executives the Cubs may shop Derek Lee and persue lefty power hitter Mark Teixeira. Lee does have a no trade clause but may waive it to go to a west coast team. Seeing a Lee for Figgins and Santana would be nice or even Lee and Cedeno for Matt Cain is ideal if you can sign Tex to a deal. Another target suggested is Bobby Abreu, who I mentioned yesterday, which would be a great fit in RF. Other guys named are Brian Roberts, Raul Ibanez, and Crisp. I support the Roberts idea but not a fan of Crisp and do not want to see Ibanez in RF.

-Geovany Soto was named NL Rooke of the Year by The Sporting News. He deserved it!

- According to WSCR, Woody is looking for a 3 year deal and the Cubs have concerns about his health and are reluctant to give it to him. The Cubs are prepared to offer Wood a contract but are unlikely to go 3 years which means Marmol could be the Cubs closer next season, which is not that bad.

- Bob Brenly is the leading candidate for the Brewers management position. That would be interesting.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Hendry and Lou Will Need a Lefthanded Bat

According to Paul Sullivan of the Chicago Tribune and Chris De Luca of the Sun Times, both stated that the Cubs are looking to add a lefty to their lineup. De Luca thinks that Brian Roberts and Raul Ibanez would be the guys Hendry goes after.

The Cubs would more than likely have to put a lefty bat in RF or CF considering pretty much every position is covered. Right field is hard to play at Wrigley and a guy like Ibanez might not handle it too well. There has also been talk about Milton Bradley but that is the same situation. What the Cubs should do is not worry about defense in RF and just get Adam Dunn. Sure he will strike out a ton and not hit for average but he will hit 40+ homers and have an OBP over .375. He will drive in 90+ and would be the ideal middle of the lineup type guy! Another player I would strongly consider is Brian Giles, he has a 9 million dollar club option for next season with a 3 million dollar buy out. It is unknown whether the Padres will exercise his option or not. Either way he might be a good fit for RF, he has really good defense and a good bat. He is a lifetime .294 hitter and has a lifetime OBP of .404. His power numbers have decreased over the years but that may contribute to playing at Petco and switching to Wrigley may make him a 20+ homerun hitter again. He could be a very valuable option to this team and the ideal #2 hitter in the lineup.

Another player that could be a great fit for RF is Bobby Abreu. Bobby is getting up there in age but he can still play defense well and really swing the bat. He is a lifetime .300 hitter, with a lifetime OBP of .405, so very similar to Giles but better power numbers. He would look great in RF at Wrigley and also in the #2 hole!

The Cubs could also go the trade route and try to pick up some guys like Chone Figgins, Brian Roberts, Reggie Willits, etc but I think free agency is the key.

My ideal situation- but unlikely-

1.Sign Dempster
2. Sign Wood
3. Exercise Blanco's option
4. Sign Abreu
5. Trade Soriano to someone for salary relief and young players
6. Sign Furcal
7. Trade Lee and Cedeno for Matt Cain
8. Sign Dunn
9. Trade Marquis for salary relief

1. Furcal SS
2. Abreu RF
3. Aram 3b
4. Dunn LF
5. Soto C
6. Hoffpauier 1b
7. Derosa 2b
8. Fukudome/Johnson CF

Blanco C
Font IF
Theriot IF
Johnson/Fukudome OF
Pie OF

1. Zambrano
2. Dempster
3. Harden
4. Cain
5. Lilly

Wood CL
Guzman or Weurtz

I know, only in my dreams! A balanced lineup, lots of power, good speed at the top of the lineup, and really good pitching adding Cain to that rotation. If the Cubs traded Lee, Marquis, and Soriano and the teams they traded to took responsibility for their contracts for just next season, it would take 39 million off the books for 09. They could then use that 39 million a distribute it across Abreu, Dunn, and Furcal signings. It is not going to happen but it is my wish list!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

More on Peavy, some Hendry Plans, and Prior Ready?!?

- It seems that Jake Peavy will require a full no trade clause from the team acquiring him if traded this year. That could be a deal breaker for a lot of teams. Axelrod said he would not be surprised if Peavy stays put. It could be another "Brian Roberts ordeal".

- According to Carrie Muskat interview with Hendry, Jim seems more likely to sign Dempster to a contract rather that Wood. I can see him doing that considering he does have a lot of arms in the pen and there could a more inexpensive options like Springer or Cruz to fill the set up roll and Marmol to close. Hendry does not know if Jimmy Ballgame will retire this year but seems confident that Pie will make the team out of spring training. A Reed Johnson/Felix Pie platoon maybe?? Lets hope Pie improves!

- Interesting note, Mark Prior said he is likely to opt for free agency this season. He says his arm and shoulder are feeling great and should be ready for the start of the 09 season. I say Jim trys to sign him to a incentive laden deal and see if he is healthy and ready to make his come back. Something like 1 year 1 million dollar contract( similar from what he got from the Padres) with about 6 million in incentives( like IP, ERA, Starts, etc). He is so good IF he is healthy, and that is a big IF! But still he maybe worth a shot, we gave Wood one, lets give him one!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Hendry, Lowe, Peavy, and more....

- Jim Hendry signed a 4 year deal with the Cubs today. I am glad to get that out of the way! Now he will concentrate on resigning Kerry Wood and Ryan Dempster, along with aquiring a big left handed bat, and other moves that may include trading Lee and acquiring Peavy.

- Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe names off a dozen teams that are interested in Derek Lowe, even though the BoSox are his prefered destination, the Cubs are one of the teams interested in the sinker ball pitcher.

- It seems the Cards have already dropped out of the Peavy race according to MLBTR. I think it is because he is too expensive and they do not have the prospects to get the ace.

- According to the Cubs are interested in Russ Springer. He is a veteran pitcher that would take place of Bobby Howry as the set up man. He went 2-1 with a 2.32 ERA in 70 games. He would not likely cost too much and could be a nice addition to the pen. Elis also throw the names Juan Cruz and starter Nate Robertson. I would not mind Cruz but do not see the value in Robertson.