Monday, October 20, 2008

Hendry, Lowe, Peavy, and more....

- Jim Hendry signed a 4 year deal with the Cubs today. I am glad to get that out of the way! Now he will concentrate on resigning Kerry Wood and Ryan Dempster, along with aquiring a big left handed bat, and other moves that may include trading Lee and acquiring Peavy.

- Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe names off a dozen teams that are interested in Derek Lowe, even though the BoSox are his prefered destination, the Cubs are one of the teams interested in the sinker ball pitcher.

- It seems the Cards have already dropped out of the Peavy race according to MLBTR. I think it is because he is too expensive and they do not have the prospects to get the ace.

- According to the Cubs are interested in Russ Springer. He is a veteran pitcher that would take place of Bobby Howry as the set up man. He went 2-1 with a 2.32 ERA in 70 games. He would not likely cost too much and could be a nice addition to the pen. Elis also throw the names Juan Cruz and starter Nate Robertson. I would not mind Cruz but do not see the value in Robertson.


Joe said...

acw... Soriano is who he is. But you cant have a guy like him in the lead off. We have found that out two playoffs in a row now. Over the course of a 162 season... yes he'll put up All Star numbers. But he isnt the guy you want setting up the table in a playoff series. He is a mistake hitter that hit .200 in the playoffs because that reflects how much less pitchers make mistakes in the playoffs.

The Cubs will not win a WS with him at the top. I can live him with down in the order... but that sign and trade for Manny mentioned in the Trib is very tempting. When Manny was rumored on the block at the deadline I too didnt want him cause of his clubhouse issues. But he still took the BoSox to two WS titles and hadnt been a true problem until this past season (the Boras instructed dogging is a whole other story).

Good to see Hendry locked up. Now we know stuff will happen this off season.

Anonymous said...

Hey are the cubs looking into any japanese pitchers? if so who?