Tuesday, October 21, 2008

More on Peavy, some Hendry Plans, and Prior Ready?!?

- It seems that Jake Peavy will require a full no trade clause from the team acquiring him if traded this year. That could be a deal breaker for a lot of teams. Axelrod said he would not be surprised if Peavy stays put. It could be another "Brian Roberts ordeal".

- According to MLB.com Carrie Muskat interview with Hendry, Jim seems more likely to sign Dempster to a contract rather that Wood. I can see him doing that considering he does have a lot of arms in the pen and there could a more inexpensive options like Springer or Cruz to fill the set up roll and Marmol to close. Hendry does not know if Jimmy Ballgame will retire this year but seems confident that Pie will make the team out of spring training. A Reed Johnson/Felix Pie platoon maybe?? Lets hope Pie improves!

- Interesting note, Mark Prior said he is likely to opt for free agency this season. He says his arm and shoulder are feeling great and should be ready for the start of the 09 season. I say Jim trys to sign him to a incentive laden deal and see if he is healthy and ready to make his come back. Something like 1 year 1 million dollar contract( similar from what he got from the Padres) with about 6 million in incentives( like IP, ERA, Starts, etc). He is so good IF he is healthy, and that is a big IF! But still he maybe worth a shot, we gave Wood one, lets give him one!


Anonymous said...

Forget Prior. He is good when healthy, but his exit soured relations with Hendry. I would rather chase other names.

Funny to think a Cub fan would have emotional ties to an ex Card... but I kind of want to see Jim Edmonds back next year. We been waiting for Pie to "arrive" for a couple years now. He could be more useful as a trading chip.


acw said...

Please no more Prior drama. I think we have moved on. you can't count on him, and we have heard this "my arm feels great" 3 million times. I don't think we will land Peavy, He is going to cost too much. We just need to worry about the Right field situation and the lead-off spot. I say we try and work out a deal for Hermida. He could be an interesting fit. I still like Dunn or swing a deal for Ankiel (lol). Go hard after Furcal. If we solve those few things we will be right back where we need to be in '09.
ps-Joe i know Soriano needs to get out of the lead-off spot. He needs to hit third or fifth.

Joe said...

acw... I want Soriano even further than the order than 5th.

But at least we agree on Prior.

Nick I Cub Fan said...

Springer is going to be 40 years old in nov. i would rather go with Ceda,Wells or Roquet. Since Marquis only has one year left on his contract maybe he could be traded this time. Hill may be ready to pitch next year, if not the Cubs still have Marshall, Guzman or Gaudin all have started before.