Saturday, May 23, 2009

Cubs Could be Set to Land Peavy?? DeRosa? Figgins?

All was quite until Peavy to the White Sox came up. More Peavy talk today-

- Peavy is not going to close the door on the Sox saying right now the White Sox do not appeal to him. The White Sox will leave the deal on the table in case Peavy changes his mind.

- Peavy prefers to stay in the NL and if traded he would prefer the midwest. Brewers and Cubs will fight for him with the Cards not having the assets to land him.

- Buster Olney reports the Cubs still have interest in Peavy.

- Paul Sullivan says the Cubs could pursue Peavy once the ownership transition progresses before the last part of July.

- An interesting note is that Peavy praises the Cubs fans and the organization (You know he wants to be a Cub!)

More Cubs Chatter-

- The Cubs and Lou are getting really frustrated at the lack of offense and could make a move for more speed or power. The Cubs are currently eyeing Mark DeRosa, Chone Figgins, Cristian Guzman, and Felipe Lopez according to some scouts. The Cubs are growing tired of Mike Fontenot and Aaron Miles everyday so they are currently looking for guys who can play all around the infield and all four guys listed can with 3 of them being switch hitters. I would not be surprised for the Cubs to make a move on a middle infielder in the next 3 weeks if they do not start getting production from 2nd base.

That is it, for now!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Cubs Will Restart Talks for Peavy.... Lee's Comments

A lot of Peavy news has been circling around baseball. First Jake was going to be traded to the southside but he exercised his no trade clause. It was a wise idea for Jake considering if he waits a bit longer he can determine what team is in contention, if the location would then appeal to him, and if they are built to win in the years to come as well.

Some clubs that have come out and rumored to be interested since this and they are the Red Sox, Angels, and Brewers. The Red Sox already said they have enough pitching depth and may concentrate on offense at the deadline. The Angels are also considering offense and maybe a first baseman and the Brewers, well, are the Cubs biggest concern right now. The Brewers have money to spend right now and at the deadline so I see them as their only competition.

When Jim Hendry was asked about restarting talks about Peavy there was no comment. But it is said that once the Ricketts family finalizes the purchase of the Cubs they will pursue Peavy to add strength to their rotation. Some player that now could be involved are Bobby Scales, Jake Fox, Jeff Stevens, and numerous other young pitchers.

A good thing is that Ryan Theriot and Reed Johnson like the idea!

One thing is for sure, the Cubs will be players for Peavy again!


Something stuck me the other day hearing Derrek Lee's comments on Cubs pre-game. He stated that the Cubs have been "playing good baseball" and that he is "not worried." I am sorry but Derrek you are wrong! I am really getting sick of this attitude that everything is just fine and the Cubs ignore the giant elephant in the room. The Cubs are not "playing good baseball." They are making baserunning and fielding mistakes, lack of hustle, and motivation. A lot of that comes from our Captain Derrek Lee who is hitting a poor .239 with 4 homers, and a .305 OBP. It is not early anymore and a corner man hitting like that would not even be on the 25 man roster let alone starting.

It is time Derrek starts hitting and shut his mouth because he does not have any idea what "playing good baseball" is right now. Considering he is "not worried" scares me because the Cubs are currently in 3rd place and 4 games out of first.

This whole situation bothers me and if Derrek does not pick it up then the Cubs need to start Hoffpauir at first because he is "playing good baseball!"

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Cubs Updates.. I have been busy...

I first want to apologise to all my readers but I have been really occupied with work, family, and finding a house. So hang with me through this rough stretch in Hot Stove Cubbies history. Here is what we have for today-

- The Cubs sale could be done by July according to reports that began surfacing Monday morning. It stated that Tom Ricketts "has lined up three banks to complete the $450 million financing his group needs to finalize his purchase of the franchise."

This is a big step in the right direction and also towards the Cubs getting some of their mid season goals like adding more depth in the pen and upgrading some spots at the deadline. Tom Ricketts has contacted Bill Murray about investing in the Cubs as well as Jim Belushi and John Cusack about investing $25 million each. The meeting took some weeks ago and no one else is talking about this.

It should also be noted that Ricketts and the Cubs want to develop the Cubs Network for all Cubs games. So basically what the Yankees and Red Sox have. Didn't we have this before??? Oh yeah, WGN before Comcast came around!

- Bobby Scales is lighting it up! He is hitting at a .303 AVG., a homer, 5 RBI, a .407 OBP, all while playing really good defense. What a great story!

- Someone else making noise is power slugger Jake Fox. He is now hitting .429, .513 OBP, .968 SLG.. He has 17 homers, 55 RBI, and 13 doubles in 126 ABs. When are they going to call this guy up??? Fox's D is not very good but he can play behind the plate, 3rd, 1st, and in the corner spots in the outfield. Right now I would take him over Miles and Lee!

That is it for now!