Saturday, May 23, 2009

Cubs Could be Set to Land Peavy?? DeRosa? Figgins?

All was quite until Peavy to the White Sox came up. More Peavy talk today-

- Peavy is not going to close the door on the Sox saying right now the White Sox do not appeal to him. The White Sox will leave the deal on the table in case Peavy changes his mind.

- Peavy prefers to stay in the NL and if traded he would prefer the midwest. Brewers and Cubs will fight for him with the Cards not having the assets to land him.

- Buster Olney reports the Cubs still have interest in Peavy.

- Paul Sullivan says the Cubs could pursue Peavy once the ownership transition progresses before the last part of July.

- An interesting note is that Peavy praises the Cubs fans and the organization (You know he wants to be a Cub!)

More Cubs Chatter-

- The Cubs and Lou are getting really frustrated at the lack of offense and could make a move for more speed or power. The Cubs are currently eyeing Mark DeRosa, Chone Figgins, Cristian Guzman, and Felipe Lopez according to some scouts. The Cubs are growing tired of Mike Fontenot and Aaron Miles everyday so they are currently looking for guys who can play all around the infield and all four guys listed can with 3 of them being switch hitters. I would not be surprised for the Cubs to make a move on a middle infielder in the next 3 weeks if they do not start getting production from 2nd base.

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waldo7239117 said...

I been saying Christian Guzman forever and I finally heard they are looking at him. Guzman has speed not that much power but has contact and as of right now he has a batting average of, in the 370's.

waldo7239117 said...

Also I heard you say the scouts said that, do you know how to become a scout for the MLB.

Thanks Chris

Jordan C said...

to put plan and simply


Anonymous said...

Cubs need power, they have enough switch hitters with no power or pop. We see everytime they pick someone up like a Guzman, he will fall into the rest of the team's funk. Cubs need a difference maker. How they will get one and at what price I don't know. Just saying what they need. Their pitching really is fine now. Would Peavy be awesome? Of Course. But their main concern is offense right now. They need a move similar to the Angels last year(?) when they brought in Mark Teixera.

Nick I Cub Fan said...

Just my opinion but Theriot and Fontenot are swinging for the fence
not trying to make contact. Last year every starter except Soriano had an OBP of .350 or better. This year only Fukudome and Ramirez have
OBP over .350. And Ramirez won't be back for another month. Hill, Scales and Hoffpauir have good OBP
maybe they should be the starters.

Anonymous said...

Talent Evaluation:
**all Triple-A quality players. What lets them get by is when they play above their talent level. When they are at their talent level they perform poorly. This going along with an age-ing and lazy Lee, Bradley(who was not the player everyone thought he was), a slumping Soto, a spinning Fukudome, and an always impatient Soriano... will be the recipe for 1-3 runs a game for the rest of the year. Need Ram back and need to shake the offense by trading a Lee or a Fukudome plus a prospect and getting a true hitter back or this will be just another year down the pooper. I love you Cubbies, but I want a winner too.