Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Cubs Updates.. I have been busy...

I first want to apologise to all my readers but I have been really occupied with work, family, and finding a house. So hang with me through this rough stretch in Hot Stove Cubbies history. Here is what we have for today-

- The Cubs sale could be done by July according to reports that began surfacing Monday morning. It stated that Tom Ricketts "has lined up three banks to complete the $450 million financing his group needs to finalize his purchase of the franchise."

This is a big step in the right direction and also towards the Cubs getting some of their mid season goals like adding more depth in the pen and upgrading some spots at the deadline. Tom Ricketts has contacted Bill Murray about investing in the Cubs as well as Jim Belushi and John Cusack about investing $25 million each. The meeting took some weeks ago and no one else is talking about this.

It should also be noted that Ricketts and the Cubs want to develop the Cubs Network for all Cubs games. So basically what the Yankees and Red Sox have. Didn't we have this before??? Oh yeah, WGN before Comcast came around!

- Bobby Scales is lighting it up! He is hitting at a .303 AVG., a homer, 5 RBI, a .407 OBP, all while playing really good defense. What a great story!

- Someone else making noise is power slugger Jake Fox. He is now hitting .429, .513 OBP, .968 SLG.. He has 17 homers, 55 RBI, and 13 doubles in 126 ABs. When are they going to call this guy up??? Fox's D is not very good but he can play behind the plate, 3rd, 1st, and in the corner spots in the outfield. Right now I would take him over Miles and Lee!

That is it for now!


waldo7239117 said...

I wouldnt take hime over lee because Lee is starting to hit ans also lee saves so many errors for the infielders.

Anonymous said...

Jake Fox will be part of the deal with the Padres for Peavy.

Anonymous said...

Take care of you biz, bro!
We can wait.
Good luck with finding a house.

Nick S.

Anonymous said...

hey guys just wanted to send a note from st louis as i just got back from busch stadium cubs v cards that i'm attending the 3-game series. cubs need to get the bats rolling as the pitching is there with no support. Dempster nearing 100 pitches and Lou calling for pitch-outs and tosses to first base to hold a runner on?
C'mon Sour Lou, lets not over-manage in these situations and let the starters concentrate on the matter at hand in making quality pitches to the slumping Dead Birds. Cubs Rule! Jimbo

Nick I Cub Fan said...

I think Patton will be let go today
he hasn't pitched in 14 days has an ERA of 8.03. Reinhard and Stevens have been pitching well in AAA. Samardzija and Hart also have pitched better their last couple starts. Thank you MR. Peavy i wouldn't play for the sox either.