Friday, December 19, 2008

Dunn, Bradley, and others...

- According to David Kaplan and others sources, Adam Dunn wants to play on the northside if the Cubs will have him. Kaplan went further to says "he wants to play here in the worst way." I have also even heard that Dunn would be willing to take below market value to play for the Cubs. I say sign him and let him hit 40+ homers for the Cubs!

- The Cubs have interest in southpaw Fu-Te Ni. He is a free agent but recently played for Taiwan.

- Lou and Jim really want Bradley but have concerns about his health and price of 10 million a year. If Bradley becomes a cancer, the Cubs would not have much space for another over paid player that does not fit. The Cubs also have been said to have "limited" interest in Abreu because of his age, asking price, and he is not a Lou "kind of player."

- The Rockies are trying to decide whether to sign Redding or trade for Marquis. The Mets also have interest in both. It seems whoever gets Redding the other will get Marquis. It would be nice to unload about half his contract on someone.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

More Trades To come and Bradley "framework" being talked about?? Really Bored!

- It seems that Jim has been busy after the Winter Meetings in Vegas. He has been contacted by several clubs proposing trades according to Hendry. He of course did not disclose the teams or players but it is interesting! It has been rumored a lot of teams are interested in outfielder Felix Pie with the Pirates, Orioles, and Marlins named potential suitors. I like Nate McLouth from the Pirates, Luke Scott from the O's, and Jeremy Hermida from the Marlins. Get one of those Jim!

- According to the Sun-Times, the Cubs "have had talks about at least the framework of a potential deal" for switch hitter Milton Bradley.

- Could the Cubs trade both Soriano and Lee to the Angels???( No this is not a rumor, just a thought) Here is my thoughts-

****** If the Angels do not land Tex then they could turn to Manny or another big bat for a similar price. Why not Soriano and Lee?? There combined salary for next season would be 29 million and they reportedly offered Tex around 20 million a year. The Cubs would of course have to put some money into a deal( I am guessing 10 million for this season and maybe 30-40 million over the next 5 seasons) but what a salary purge it would be for the Cubs. The Angels would get a good defensive glove at first and two good bats in their lineup.

****** If the Cubs did pay about 40-50 million over the next 6 seasons for 6 years for Soriano and 2 years of Lee they would actually be saving 70-80 million over the next 6 seasons(12 to 14 million a year).

****** Why would the Cubs trade Soriano and Lee besides salary relief?? Well Lee's numbers have not been the same since his wrist woes and Soriano is a streaky hitter and the Cubs need less of those on this team. Plus if you did in fact trade them to the Angels I imagine you could get some nice ML ready players or prospects to stock the minor league system or flip to get a guy like Peavy, Roberts, etc. They have guys like Reggie Willits, Howie Kendrick, Erik Aybar, Brandon Wood, Jared Weaver, Ervin Santana, Nick Adenhart, or Kevin Jepsen could be in a deal for Lee and Soriano. I would not mind any of those names on the Cubs.

****** Now why would the Cubs create two big holes in the lineup as well as in the field by trading them?? Remember the 70-80 million you could save over the next 6 season you would use that to get a more balanced lineup, more power, higher OBP and solid hitters. The Cubs budget as it stands can take on a contract like Bradley( he will get about 10-12 million a year). Here is what I suggest they do. Sign Bradley to a 3 year deal worth 11 million a year, sign Adam Dunn to a 3 year deal worth about 13 million a year, stick DeRosa at 1b in a platoon role with Hoffpauier, and use some of the players you acquired from the Angles along with players like Cedeno and Pie to get Brian Roberts. The Cubs would basically have the same amount in payroll for next season if they were just to keep Lee and Soriano and sign Bradley. But instead they would get a switch hitter with decent defense and hard nosed attitude, a big power bat in Dunn to play LF, and finally a legitimate leadoff man.

Check out the lineup-

Against Lefty

1.Roberts 2b
2.Theriot SS
3. Bradley RF
4. Aram 3b
5. Soto C
6. Dunn LF
7. DeRosa 1b
8. Johnson CF
9. Pitcher

Against Righty

1. Roberts 2b
2. Fontenot SS
3. Bradley RF
4. Aram3b
5. Dunn LF
6. Soto C
7. Hoffpauier 1b
8. Fukudome CF
9. Pitcher

***** It would give Lou so many options for the lineups and positions. DeRosa can play everywhere, Dunn can play RF/LF/1b, Font and Theriot can play MI, Bradley, Johnson, and Fukudome can play all three outfield positions. The only 3 position players in the everyday lineup that can't play any other positions are Soto, Aram, and the pitcher.

Like I said this is just a thought and by no means a rumor but I honestly think this could work if Lee and Soriano waive their no trade clauses, the Angels lose out on Tex, and they are willing to take on salary that they would have gave to Tex anyways.

Guess I am just bored with the lack of rumors. LOL

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Cubs in on Lowe??? Trading Marquis?? Cubs Need a Right Fielder!

- Derrek Lowe could land with the Cubs?? According to baseball people that Jon Heyman talked to, Chicago could be a landing spot for Lowe. He said since the Cubs were trying to trade for Peavy and his 63 million dollar contract over 4 years they could sign Lowe to replace him with a similar contract and not have to trade anyone to get him. He also says some baseball guys think the Peavy talks will heat up and I think so too. The Cubs do have competition for Lowe like the Braves, Red Sox, Mets, Phillies, Dodgers, and Angels.

- The Cubs are still trying to trade Marquis but with the market flooded with middle to the back of the rotation pitchers, he will not likely get traded until the market slims down. The Rockies and Mets remain interested.

- If Bradley signs with someone else besides the Cubs, there fall back option is Bobby Abreu. The Cubs do not like his price or age but he is the next best thing according to some Cub officials. If the Cubs do not get Abreu or Bradley expect them to turn all there attention to Adam Dunn. Another rumored option is Garrett Anderson.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Cubs to sign Gathright??? UPDATE

UPDATE @ 11:45 am- The Cubs have signed speedy defensive outfielder to a one year deal worth $800,000. He has a lifetime 74% success rate on steals, which is pretty damn good!

According to and the Score out of Chicago the Cubs have Joey Gathright on there radar and could sign him soon. He was non-tendered by the Royals on Friday. This guys is considered one of the fastest guys in baseball and would compete for a spot on the bench. He would add speed and a left handed bat to this team. If the Cubs sign him it would be hard to argue that it is not a good signing. Low risk, high reward.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Weekend Tidbits and.... OH NO! Peavy Talk????

- Bruce Levine said the Cubs have worked out Bradley and he is the main priority of the Cubs. He also thinks he will be signed right around the new year.

- The Brewers were a player in a potential deal for Peavy in a round about way. Kevin Towers was ready to take on Marquis and then flip him to the Brewers for two pitching prospects. The Brewers like Marquis and the fact the Cubs would pay 4-6 million of his contract would help. I think this is one deal that should be made within the division. How about Marquis for a couple of pitching prospects??

- Are you ready for it??? Bruce Levine said on talking baseball that "most people think it's over, its is not." This referring to the Jake Peavy to Cubs saga. There is a lot of people who do not agree with him but that is what he is hearing. He said the two sides continue to talk and unless the Cubs trade players that would be involved in a deal for Peavy or he is traded somewhere besides the Cubs they will still work towards a deal. He added the Padres must trade Peavy and cannot wait. That is why Towers had a self imposed deadline at the meetings and him saying they will hold onto him is just posturing to see if the Cubs or another team will flinch. He has been told by the owner of the Padres to deal Peavy and his contract because of the divorce settlement. He remains to say that Peavy has only approved trades to teams named the Cubs, Stros, and Braves. It also should be noted that neither Towers or Hendry would tell Levine that a deal is dead.

Stay Tuned!

- The Cubs still like Mark Teahen but not as a everyday player. Levine said the Cubs want to add two left-handed bats this off season and like the Teahen and how he is a lefty version of DeRosa.

- With the tendered contracts and 1 year deals the Cubs payroll is now sitting at 131.875 million the way the roster is right now. The Cubs still need a switch hitting or lefty bat( Bradley), maybe a lefty reliever(??), bench bat( Teahen/Figgins), and catcher(Blanco/Bako/or in house Hill??). With those in mind the Cubs payroll could reach 145-150 million for start of next season.