Wednesday, December 17, 2008

More Trades To come and Bradley "framework" being talked about?? Really Bored!

- It seems that Jim has been busy after the Winter Meetings in Vegas. He has been contacted by several clubs proposing trades according to Hendry. He of course did not disclose the teams or players but it is interesting! It has been rumored a lot of teams are interested in outfielder Felix Pie with the Pirates, Orioles, and Marlins named potential suitors. I like Nate McLouth from the Pirates, Luke Scott from the O's, and Jeremy Hermida from the Marlins. Get one of those Jim!

- According to the Sun-Times, the Cubs "have had talks about at least the framework of a potential deal" for switch hitter Milton Bradley.

- Could the Cubs trade both Soriano and Lee to the Angels???( No this is not a rumor, just a thought) Here is my thoughts-

****** If the Angels do not land Tex then they could turn to Manny or another big bat for a similar price. Why not Soriano and Lee?? There combined salary for next season would be 29 million and they reportedly offered Tex around 20 million a year. The Cubs would of course have to put some money into a deal( I am guessing 10 million for this season and maybe 30-40 million over the next 5 seasons) but what a salary purge it would be for the Cubs. The Angels would get a good defensive glove at first and two good bats in their lineup.

****** If the Cubs did pay about 40-50 million over the next 6 seasons for 6 years for Soriano and 2 years of Lee they would actually be saving 70-80 million over the next 6 seasons(12 to 14 million a year).

****** Why would the Cubs trade Soriano and Lee besides salary relief?? Well Lee's numbers have not been the same since his wrist woes and Soriano is a streaky hitter and the Cubs need less of those on this team. Plus if you did in fact trade them to the Angels I imagine you could get some nice ML ready players or prospects to stock the minor league system or flip to get a guy like Peavy, Roberts, etc. They have guys like Reggie Willits, Howie Kendrick, Erik Aybar, Brandon Wood, Jared Weaver, Ervin Santana, Nick Adenhart, or Kevin Jepsen could be in a deal for Lee and Soriano. I would not mind any of those names on the Cubs.

****** Now why would the Cubs create two big holes in the lineup as well as in the field by trading them?? Remember the 70-80 million you could save over the next 6 season you would use that to get a more balanced lineup, more power, higher OBP and solid hitters. The Cubs budget as it stands can take on a contract like Bradley( he will get about 10-12 million a year). Here is what I suggest they do. Sign Bradley to a 3 year deal worth 11 million a year, sign Adam Dunn to a 3 year deal worth about 13 million a year, stick DeRosa at 1b in a platoon role with Hoffpauier, and use some of the players you acquired from the Angles along with players like Cedeno and Pie to get Brian Roberts. The Cubs would basically have the same amount in payroll for next season if they were just to keep Lee and Soriano and sign Bradley. But instead they would get a switch hitter with decent defense and hard nosed attitude, a big power bat in Dunn to play LF, and finally a legitimate leadoff man.

Check out the lineup-

Against Lefty

1.Roberts 2b
2.Theriot SS
3. Bradley RF
4. Aram 3b
5. Soto C
6. Dunn LF
7. DeRosa 1b
8. Johnson CF
9. Pitcher

Against Righty

1. Roberts 2b
2. Fontenot SS
3. Bradley RF
4. Aram3b
5. Dunn LF
6. Soto C
7. Hoffpauier 1b
8. Fukudome CF
9. Pitcher

***** It would give Lou so many options for the lineups and positions. DeRosa can play everywhere, Dunn can play RF/LF/1b, Font and Theriot can play MI, Bradley, Johnson, and Fukudome can play all three outfield positions. The only 3 position players in the everyday lineup that can't play any other positions are Soto, Aram, and the pitcher.

Like I said this is just a thought and by no means a rumor but I honestly think this could work if Lee and Soriano waive their no trade clauses, the Angels lose out on Tex, and they are willing to take on salary that they would have gave to Tex anyways.

Guess I am just bored with the lack of rumors. LOL


antonio said...

I like your idea. But I would still like the cubs trade for Peavy.

All those moves you say, plus Peavy, WOW what a team would be!

Anonymous said...

You want to remove two hitters that can change the game with one swing of the bat. Are you kidding me. Any team in baseball would take either Lee or Soriano and build a team around them.

Dunn hit 20 more home runs than Lee last year and only drove in 10 more runs. In addition, lee hit almost 60 points better than Dunn and struck out 45 less times. The Cubs need to put the ball in play and they have the best chance at doing that with Lee, not to mention he is a 3 time gold glover.

Last year was the first time since 2005 that Bradley has played in more than 100 games and only the 3rd time in his 8 year career. To acquire him and lose both Soriano and Lee wouldn't make sense. His production was up last year but is unproven. Now, acquiring bradley while holding on to lee and Soriano would allow him to drive in runs and put him in a situation to see the best pitches to hit.

The young talent received from the angels would set the Cubs back and erase the progress and talent that Hendry has built up over the last years. Kendrick would be a great pick up, but then again the Cubs lose another piece of their lineup that they have slowly pieced together. Ervin Santana would also be nice but lets face it, without him or even Peavy for that matter, the rotation is one of the best in the National League. Its not worth it to dump a top hitter for another starter.

RoofieTop said...

Hoffpauier should get a look in right again. I like his young lefty bat. Platoon him with Dero if he can't handle the lefty pitching. That way the Cubs could concentrate on a real leadoff guy in Roberts and either Peavey or Lowe. That would give you at least 3 lefty bats to mix in the lineup. Everybody rips Lee. But he would have much better numbers if we could surround him with some decent left bat protection. He hasn't had that.

let's play two said...

If you trade DLee and Soriano to the Angels.. just ask for Brandon Wood, at ss.. move Theriot to 2B, Willits for RF, and the Angels top pitching prospect in Adenhart.
Forget about Roberts... then sign your Dunn or Bradley for LF.

Nick I Cub Fan said...

Phil Rogers (Trib) says Minn. is still intrested in Derosa and mentions 4 possible players. MIJARES i would take in a minute. Even though i like Derosa. Rivere is a lefty CF who is very fast. The
other two were Swarzak and Manship.

Anonymous said...

That trade idea is the dumbest and most impossible things I've ever seen.

Alejandro G. said...

Its sure looking like the Soriano signing is doing way more bad than the good. Now we has a left fieldor who gets too much money and thinks hes a leadoff dude when he is not. We could have gotten the best leadoff guy and more pitching if they didnt spend that money on him.

Anonymous said...

terrible idea...i read your blog pretty regularly and like it. That is one of the WORST ideas i have EVER heard though...