Sunday, December 14, 2008

Weekend Tidbits and.... OH NO! Peavy Talk????

- Bruce Levine said the Cubs have worked out Bradley and he is the main priority of the Cubs. He also thinks he will be signed right around the new year.

- The Brewers were a player in a potential deal for Peavy in a round about way. Kevin Towers was ready to take on Marquis and then flip him to the Brewers for two pitching prospects. The Brewers like Marquis and the fact the Cubs would pay 4-6 million of his contract would help. I think this is one deal that should be made within the division. How about Marquis for a couple of pitching prospects??

- Are you ready for it??? Bruce Levine said on talking baseball that "most people think it's over, its is not." This referring to the Jake Peavy to Cubs saga. There is a lot of people who do not agree with him but that is what he is hearing. He said the two sides continue to talk and unless the Cubs trade players that would be involved in a deal for Peavy or he is traded somewhere besides the Cubs they will still work towards a deal. He added the Padres must trade Peavy and cannot wait. That is why Towers had a self imposed deadline at the meetings and him saying they will hold onto him is just posturing to see if the Cubs or another team will flinch. He has been told by the owner of the Padres to deal Peavy and his contract because of the divorce settlement. He remains to say that Peavy has only approved trades to teams named the Cubs, Stros, and Braves. It also should be noted that neither Towers or Hendry would tell Levine that a deal is dead.

Stay Tuned!

- The Cubs still like Mark Teahen but not as a everyday player. Levine said the Cubs want to add two left-handed bats this off season and like the Teahen and how he is a lefty version of DeRosa.

- With the tendered contracts and 1 year deals the Cubs payroll is now sitting at 131.875 million the way the roster is right now. The Cubs still need a switch hitting or lefty bat( Bradley), maybe a lefty reliever(??), bench bat( Teahen/Figgins), and catcher(Blanco/Bako/or in house Hill??). With those in mind the Cubs payroll could reach 145-150 million for start of next season.


Nick I Cub Fan said...

Instead of Vizquel how about AARON MILES a switch hitter who plays 2B,
SS and 3B. St. Louis let him go.

Anonymous said...

I think we are set in the back up IF department, even if we deal DeRo, Theriot, or Font (dont deal DeRo if you ask me).

I agree the Peavy deal isnt dead. But with the Padres having limited options due to his no trade rights and the need to deal him for payroll reasons, the chance will always be there. The priority right now is improving the offense a touch.

Interesting how you called Teahen the lefty version of DeRo. Something to think about if DeRo is in fact being dangled to get some prospects to swing for Peavy.

I was still hoping we would go after Furcal. We need the new owner situation soon! Maybe not the actual sale, but announce the new owner so we can run the deals by them.

Still need to add a lefty pen arm.

Anonymous said...

Is there any news about when we hear who is going to be the Cubs new owner??