Friday, December 19, 2008

Dunn, Bradley, and others...

- According to David Kaplan and others sources, Adam Dunn wants to play on the northside if the Cubs will have him. Kaplan went further to says "he wants to play here in the worst way." I have also even heard that Dunn would be willing to take below market value to play for the Cubs. I say sign him and let him hit 40+ homers for the Cubs!

- The Cubs have interest in southpaw Fu-Te Ni. He is a free agent but recently played for Taiwan.

- Lou and Jim really want Bradley but have concerns about his health and price of 10 million a year. If Bradley becomes a cancer, the Cubs would not have much space for another over paid player that does not fit. The Cubs also have been said to have "limited" interest in Abreu because of his age, asking price, and he is not a Lou "kind of player."

- The Rockies are trying to decide whether to sign Redding or trade for Marquis. The Mets also have interest in both. It seems whoever gets Redding the other will get Marquis. It would be nice to unload about half his contract on someone.