Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Cubs Talk...

- Reuters article thinks the sale of the Cubs could drag past May. As long as it does not drag past June I am not worried. I love how the team is now but if a guy like Doc Halladay or Peavy are available at the deadline you pick them up!

- The Cubs are still waiting to hear from Mike Lamb. According to a Cub officials the Cubs have offered Mike Lamb a minor league contract. The Cubs have also been in contact with free agents Wily Mo Pena and Javier Valentin as they would serve as depth in AAA Iowa in case Soto, Hill, or an outfielder goes on the DL.

- MLBTR has a list of mid season trade candidates. Here they are-

Jake Peavy
Roy Halladay
Erik Bedard (looking great so far)
Rick Ankiel
Adam LaRoche
Miguel Tejada
Adrian Beltre
Matt Holliday
Jermaine Dye
Brian Giles
Aubrey Huff
Kevin Millwood
Magglio Ordonez
Vernon Wells
Dan Uggla

The players in red are on my short list of players that I think the Cubs will target. The green players are targeted players if an injury occurs with a player being out for a long period of time.

- Jake Peavy rumors will not die until he is a Cub. Here is some links and highlights from the past week on Peavy going to the Cubs-

****Rosenthal said, "Jake Peavy would be the best possible alternative for the Cubs."
****Sun-Times said, "And until Jake Peavy shows up for this team, the Harden spot, Marshall spot and empty spots behind them will be concerns."
****Buster Olney also commented on Peavy"it feels like it's only a matter of time before he winds up in a Cubs' uniform."

- News again on the injury front both good and bad. Bradley is out for 3 to 5 days with that strained right groin, they target him coming back Friday against the Cards. In good news both Aram and Soto are expected to be in the starting lineup Wednesday.

That is it for now Cub fans!!!!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Soto Still Out, Fukudome Making Me Look Bad

- Geo will be out the rest of this series in Milwaukee and maybe the next series depending on how he rehabs. The Cubs luckily have caught lighting in a bottle with Koyie Hill, who has proved how good he really is as a backup. Even though Lou said they will have to come up with a decision by Sunday because they cannot just carry just one catcher. If Lou does indeed put Soto on the DL he could call up Jake Fox, who came up as a catcher. He could also go with Mark Johnson or Chris Robinson. My pick would be to bring up prospect Welington Castillo. The Cubs could showcase him as a trading chip to scouts and plus he would be a better defensive and offensive option than Fox, Johnson, or Robinson.

- Fukudome is looking good and by doing that making me look bad. I have been saying most of the off season that the Cubs should have traded Fukudome for Matthews Jr. I am sure glad they did not. Fukudome is on fire batting .421 with 2 homers, 3RBI, and one stolen base. Thanks for making me eat crow Fukudome! I got to say I love this team just as it is, for right now anyways.

More to Come.....