Sunday, April 12, 2009

Soto Still Out, Fukudome Making Me Look Bad

- Geo will be out the rest of this series in Milwaukee and maybe the next series depending on how he rehabs. The Cubs luckily have caught lighting in a bottle with Koyie Hill, who has proved how good he really is as a backup. Even though Lou said they will have to come up with a decision by Sunday because they cannot just carry just one catcher. If Lou does indeed put Soto on the DL he could call up Jake Fox, who came up as a catcher. He could also go with Mark Johnson or Chris Robinson. My pick would be to bring up prospect Welington Castillo. The Cubs could showcase him as a trading chip to scouts and plus he would be a better defensive and offensive option than Fox, Johnson, or Robinson.

- Fukudome is looking good and by doing that making me look bad. I have been saying most of the off season that the Cubs should have traded Fukudome for Matthews Jr. I am sure glad they did not. Fukudome is on fire batting .421 with 2 homers, 3RBI, and one stolen base. Thanks for making me eat crow Fukudome! I got to say I love this team just as it is, for right now anyways.

More to Come.....