Friday, November 06, 2009

More Hot Stove Action....

- The White Sox have officially acquired Mark Teahen and it is unlikely he is traded again this offseason.

- Brett Myers will not be offered a contract by the Phillies according to the Philadelphia Inquirer. The Cubs have some interest in Myers, especially with Ted Lilly's health up in the air.

- J.J. Hardy was traded to the Twins today and there goes another player the Cubs had interest in.

- Whether the Cubs sign Reed Johnson mainly depends on what they get for Bradley in a trade, if they trade him.

- Rich Harden and Reed Johnson filed for free agency today but Jim is still in contact with them and their agents.

- Hey folks, I think Starlin Castro may be the real deal!

- According to MLB Daily Dish, the Cubs could have interest in Scott Podsednik. I only see him as a 4th outfielder.

That is it for today.....

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Lilly Out, Another Target Traded, and Other Talk....

- There is a rumored trade that has been going back and fourth on whether it is true. The report earlier today is that the White Sox traded Chris Getz and Josh Fields for Mark Teahen. Teahen was on the short list of players the Cubs have been watching via the trade market. More on this as it becomes available.

- The Red Sox also acquired a guy the Cubs had an eye on last season and was rumored as an inexpenisve replacement for Milton Bradley, Jeremy Hermida. The Sox got him for pitchers Jose Alvarez and Hunter Jones. Interesting move for the Sox.

- Ted Lilly underwent arthoscopy surgery yesterday which surprised us all. Jim Hendry has said he does not see the Cubs adding pitching depth because Lilly should be throwing around April with no set backs. Jim, learn your lesson, nothing goes as plan. Lilly will start the season on the 15 day DL according to reports. Regardless what Jim says other media outlets are reporting the Cubs will look to add pitching depth, some even saying a top of the rotation starter, maybe even resigning Rich Harden. Let's look at some affordable options for the Cubs-

Erik Bedard- Coming off an injury, maybe a cheap deal but not a guarantee he won't hit the DL with Lilly.
Doug Davis- Ideal inning eating lefty, should rank right up there.
Justin Duchescherer- Maybe to expensive but could go in the pen once Lilly comes back.
Randy Johnson- Cubs had interest last season, would like to see him here for a 3 million a year.
Noah Lowry- Will come cheap with big upside.
Brett Myers- Phillies will probably re-sign him but I would love him on the Cubs. Could work in the pen as well.
Vicente Padilla- Good option.
Ben Sheets- If he does not break the bank, he should be at the top of the list.
Brad Penny- Another guy who could come cheap.
John Smoltz- Would love to sign him!
Randy Wolf- May come too expensive but would be ideal.

The Cubs have also entertained the idea of trading Milton Bradley to the Rangers for Kevin Millwood. That would be a done deal in my book!

- The Cub Reported has what they think will happen with the Cubs in the coming weeks. They note that Heilman maybe traded to the Giants with Bradley for Rowand. I would also do that deal in a second! They also mention that depending on Milton Bradley will determine whether the Cubs bring back Reed Johnson. They do mention Rajai Davis as an available outfielder who is eligible for salary arbitration as a "Super Two." He would come cheaper than the Reed Johnson salary which would be around 3 million a year. Here is Rajai Davis stats. At only 30 years old and posting 41 SB last season he could be a very valuable 4th outfielder for the Cubs. I like the Davis idea.

The GM meeting start Monday in Chicago, so expect the Hot Stove to get really HOT!

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Iwamura to Pirates Then Cubs?

I am hearing that the Cubs still have interest in acquiring recently traded infielder Akinori Iwamura. Iwamura was traded to the Bucs for reliever Jesse Chavez. Iwamura would be one of the Pirates highest paid players at almost 5 million due next season.

The Cubs were to have reported interest in Iwamura recently and even talks about a package deal of Iwamura and Burrell for Bradley was rumored. I am now hearing that Jim Hendry could be in contact with the Pirates about Iwamura and maybe even Ryan Doumit who is another high price player on the Pirates. But what would the Cubs give up? You guessed it, Milton Bradley.

Bradley is owed 23 million over the next two seasons and Doumit and Iwamura are owed 13 million over the next two seasons combined. That is not including the two club options on Ryan's contact. The Cubs of course would have to fork over some cash to get the deal done and maybe include a player like Mike Fontenot or a minor league arm but I can see this as a possibility.

Doumit has primarily been a catcher his career but has logged innings in RF and 1st as well. He is a very good athlete and it would not be any different from running Hoffpauir or Fox in RF. Iwamura would be used either as a expensive utility player or an affordable starting 2nd baseman. Here is Doumit's career stats and Iwamura's career stats.

Pittsburg would be ideal for Milton. It would be a low pressure rebuilding team surrounded by young talent that he could mentor. The Pirates would get a guy that could in fact be the vocal leader of the team and Bradley would have the chance to stick it to the Cubs during the next two seasons.

If anything this rumor is very interesting. Lets see if it has legs!

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Bradley, Hendry, and Ricketts.....

- Sullivan mentions today that the Cubs could trade Milton Bradley to the Rays for Iwamura and Burrell. I have been saying that for a while! If Hendry can pull that off, I say do it!

- Hendry says he does not believe his job is in jeopardy and is just working towards building a strong team for 2010.

- The Cubs are working on signing John Grabow to a multi-year deal worth right around 7 million.

- The Cubs would also like to sign a speedy leadoff hitter. Figgins seems the logical fit even though I think Iwamura could fill the role if they traded for him.

- The Cubs do not want to get in a bidding war for Chapman so they are likely to search for pitching depth elsewhere.

- The Cubs are looking for another "Rich Harden" type player for next season. They want a guy the can buy low and have tons of upside. Players like Eric Bedard, Noah Lowry, and Ben Sheets could fit the bill.

- One Cubs exec says if Mark Teahen or JJ Hardy are non-tendered expect the Cubs to be "serious players" for one if not both players.

- Tom Ricketts has stated that he want the Cubs payroll to remain in the top 3 in baseball. That is some great news Cub fans!

Til Next Time!

Sunday, November 01, 2009

This and That....

- There has been a lot of media outlets that have said that the Cubs are interested in trading Milton Bradley for Gary Matthews Jr. Although Matthews numbers have decreased since going to the Angels, he still plays really good defense, is a switch hitter, and is owed 23 million over the next two years which is very similar to Bradley. One good thing for the Cubs is that Matthews would be reunited with hitting coach Jaramillo, someone who made him an impact bat in Texas. The question is will the Angels want to add a bad news player like Bradley. I know personally I would do the deal.

- Buster Onley rattled off some places that Bradley could be going and for the player the Cubs would get.

Carlos Silva and the M's- No Way!
Derek Lowe and the Braves- Yes Please!
Gary Matthews Jr. and the Angels- Sure!
Carlos Lee and the Astros- OMG YES!
Zito or Rowand and the Giants- Rowand Yes, Zito NO WAY!
Oliver Perez and the Mets- Nope.
Dontrelle Willis and the Tigers- Sure.
Scott Linebrink and the White Sox- Sure.
Pat Burrell and the Rays- Yep

- Another name being thrown out there is Bradley for Kerry Wood. I would love to welcome Woody back. There is also talk around Eric Byrnes and the Yankees Nick Swisher. I would not mind seeing any of those either.

- The Cubs have some interest in new free agent Noah Lowry according to league sources. He was recently removed from the 40 man roster so he has became an unrestricted free agent. His agent said Noah is completely healthy and throwing three days a week on his normal off season program without any restrictions. The Cubs have talked to the Giants in the past about deals involving Noah so there is know interest there. He should be an inexpensive pick up for the Cubs since he has not appeared in a game since August of 2007 due to arm injuries. Lowry's people believe the Giants misdiagnosed and mistreated his injury but is fine now. If the Cubs did sign Noah he would compete for the 5th spot in the rotation against Shark, Marshall, and Gorzalanny.

That is it for now Cub Fans!