Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Bradley, Hendry, and Ricketts.....

- Sullivan mentions today that the Cubs could trade Milton Bradley to the Rays for Iwamura and Burrell. I have been saying that for a while! If Hendry can pull that off, I say do it!

- Hendry says he does not believe his job is in jeopardy and is just working towards building a strong team for 2010.

- The Cubs are working on signing John Grabow to a multi-year deal worth right around 7 million.

- The Cubs would also like to sign a speedy leadoff hitter. Figgins seems the logical fit even though I think Iwamura could fill the role if they traded for him.

- The Cubs do not want to get in a bidding war for Chapman so they are likely to search for pitching depth elsewhere.

- The Cubs are looking for another "Rich Harden" type player for next season. They want a guy the can buy low and have tons of upside. Players like Eric Bedard, Noah Lowry, and Ben Sheets could fit the bill.

- One Cubs exec says if Mark Teahen or JJ Hardy are non-tendered expect the Cubs to be "serious players" for one if not both players.

- Tom Ricketts has stated that he want the Cubs payroll to remain in the top 3 in baseball. That is some great news Cub fans!

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Nick I Cub Fan said...

I think the cubs could do better than Burrell and Iwamura, for Bradley. Burrell can only play left and we have Soriano. Iwamura is OK but i think Castro might be our SS this spring and Theriot our 2B man. I think Snyder might make the team also.

Anonymous said...

Rich Harden is a Rich Harden type.