Saturday, May 15, 2010

Another Rumor Round-Up...

Here is the latest addition with "Rumor Round-Up"-

- The Cubs are actively shopping Jeff Baker and Mike Fontenot for relief help but it looks like they have not bites as of yet. Jay Jackson and Casey Coleman could be on their way up to Chicago soon. Jackson has pitched in relief recently and Coleman has looked good as a starter. Look for both to come up in the next week or so if Caridad and Zambrano continue to scuffle.

- According to a couple of GMs around baseball, Carlos Zambrano's trade value is "less than 0." Stating he has not been an elite starter in 2 years and does not look like he is coming around to being one anytime soon. OUCH!

- Roy Oswalt maybe traded out of Houston in the coming months. The Cubs should have some interest but a deal is unlikely unless the Cubs overpay, plus what makes you think the Cubs will have a better record than the Astros?

- Jim Hendry gave Lou a "vote of confidence" this week. Saying he is the man to get this team out of the funk and into the playoffs. So anything short of making it to the post season, we have likely seen the last of the Jim Hendry Era in Chicago.

- If the Cubs continue to fall, look for them to become sellers at the deadline. It is rumored that players like Aramis Ramirez, Derrek Lee, Ted Lilly, Soriano, Fukudome, Theriot, and many others would be shopped for young up in coming prospects or young talent already in the ML. There has already been talk about maybe Ted Lilly, Aram, and/or Lee going to Texas who is looking for corner infielders and pitching. The Cubs could target Rangers top prospect Justin Smoak who is currently playing first base for the Rangers. The Cubs currently do not have a top prospect for first base so it would really help them to rebuild for the future.

- I will leave you today with a nice tidbit! It is no coincidence that Greg Maddux was to fill the role as assistant GM to Jim Hendry according to a source. This source says that it was Tom Ricketts idea to bring in Greg Maddux not Jimbos. Greg is basically being groomed for the GM job for the Chicago Cubs according to this source, which could actually be coming sooner rather than later.

Until Next Time...