Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to all my readers, posters, insiders, and everyone who has made this blog a success. Without all of you this blog would not be where it is today, so I give thanks to you. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving to you, your family, and friends.

God Bless,

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Levine Notes....

Levine had a chat yesterday and here are some things he talked about-

- Everything depends on Milton Bradley and who he is moved for and how much money the Cubs will take on to get a deal done. He is still hearing Bradley for Burrell but has a new twist on it. He says the Cubs could in fact spin Burrell to the Giants. The only contract that would be similar are Renteria which the Cubs do not need. The Cubs could trade Burrell and Miles the Giants for Rowand but the Giantswould have to pay at least 20 million of this 36 million left on this contract.

- The Cubs want Curtis Granderson but will not trade Castro, Vitters, or Cashner for him.

- Bruce said the Cubs would love Orlando Hudson at 2nd base next season but money is an issue.

Have a great Thanksgiving!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Castillo... Davis... More...

- The Cubs want Luis Castillo and are working on a deal that involves him and Milton Bradley but they need to get a third team involved according to sources. The Cubs tried a deal that would have sent Lyle Overbay to the Mets, Bradley to the Jays, and Castillo to the Cubs but that failed. Then the Cubs had a rumor deal that sent Bradley to the Rangers, Castillo to the Cubs, and Millwood to the Mets but the quickly was dismissed.

Now the rumor is the Cubs, Mets, and Rays are talking about a three player swap. The Rays would receive Bradley, the Cubs get Castillo, and the Mets would get Pat Burrell. Seems like an even swap to me although I think the Cubs would have to kick in some cash to get it done. I really think the Cubs need to get rid of Bradley soon and if they do so and get Castillo, call it a victory for the Cubs.

- We talked yesterday about the Cubs looking at backup outfielders and also everyday guys for CF. We have three new names to the list and they are Rajai Davis, Nate McLouth, and Denard Span. The Cubs have continued their search for a possible replacement for Bradley and these three names have came up. Davis we have heard about some this offseason and would be a great addition to the Cubs even though he is a righty. Nate McLouth however the Cubs have always liked and the Braves maybe making available for a more power bat or to clear payroll to get a guy like Matt Holliday or Jason Bay. McLouth is owed 11 million over the next two years with a 10.65 million club option for 2012. He would likely be a cheaper trade target than Granderson and cost less as well. Denard Span is intriguing as well. The Cubs were linked to Span during the deadline last year so there is no wonder why his name comes up again. Span is a young guy under team control for sometime so he would likely come with a heavy price tag but to me he would be worth it. I will keep you updated on these names as the Hot Stove starts heating up.

Until Next Time.....