Tuesday, May 03, 2011

The latest from the falling Cubbies...

Here is the latest-

- The Cubs 4th and 5th starter position is a combined 1-7 with an ERA over 9 since Wells and Cashner both hit the DL.

- Cashner and Wells both had bullpen sessions and are on there way back but the earliest would be the 3rd week of May.

- The Cubs could call up Doug Davis and Todd Wellemeyer to replace Russell and Coleman in the rotation. Both are scheduled to make their debut this week. Todd in AAA and Davis in A ball.

- Baker is still out with a sore shoulder, it is not likely he will be out very long.

- With Soriano’s hot start and the Cubs continuing to scuffle may be a blessing in disguise. The Cubs maybe able to move Soriano if he continues to hit the ball the way he has. The past couple of years we have seen players like Jake Peavy, Vernon Wells, and Alex Rios all traded with a large amount of cash still remaining on their contract. So anything is possible.

- Brett Jackson could be called up very soon if the Cubs continue to fall in the division. They would likely use Jackson this year like Castro last year; a potential spark.

- The Cubs are unlikely to try to trade Zambrano no matter how far out of contention they are because of the dramatic turn around he has shown. Of course that could change if a team like the Yankees or Red Sox came calling with a very strong package for him.

- If the Cubs continue on the road they are heading on you would likely see guys like Blake DeWitt, Jeff Baker, John Grabow, Jeff Samardzija, Alfonso Soriano, Marlon Byrd, Kosuke Fukudome, Carlos Pena, Ryan Dempster, Reed Johnson, Aramis Ramirez and even Randy Wells on the move because they either don’t fit the team financially, don’t help the Cubs build toward the future, or they could snag a good package of prospects from contending teams.

- Ted Lilly was a little puzzled that the Cubs traded him last summer reports Paul Sullivan. Lilly was willing to get creative and to try to stay but talks did not get far. I expected Lilly to get traded but I thought he would have at least tested free agency and let the Cubs shoot him an offer. I think this team would look mighty good Lilly in the rotation.

- Tom Gorzelanny dropped his ERA to 2.93 in 5 starts, it may have been a mistake to trade him something Hendry has been making lately because Pena is starting to look like a 10 million dollar bust.

- The Cubs have no interest in Kevin Millwood.

- If the Twins make Francisco Liriano available the Cubs would likely try to make a deal for him because of his upside, he is a lefty, would likely dominate in the weak NL Central, and is only owed 4.3 million with one more year of arbitration after this one unless he is sent to the DL or down to AAA in which case he may have another arbitration year for 2013. The Cubs could offer the Twins a decent package of prospects to get Liriano but nothing like they had to give up for Garza giving the struggles of Liriano.

Until Next Time….