Friday, August 29, 2008

Check out this new pitch and other nasty stuff.

Satoru Komiyama invited this pitch called a shake. It is pretty impressive and could really fool hitters. It is as drastic as a curve but with a slower speed. Pretty cool.

Now this is a Gyroball. It looks to be held like a cutting slider but released at the side arm angle. It should be noted that the guys palm is facing toward the sky when he releases the ball. I do not know how he controls it and how that does not hurt his arm but it is NASTY!

Nice bugs bunny curveball

Masaki Hayashi has the best movement on his pitches I have ever seen! Anyway we can get him on the Cubs!?!?!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Who will get called up September 1st??

A lot of players have the goods to get called up when roster expansion takes place on September 1st, but here is a list of the players I think will be called up-

1. Micah Hoffpauir- Lighting it up in AAA. There is no reason why the power hitting lefty does not get called up.

2. Koyie Hill- To give Soto and Blanco time off and rested for a possible playoff run. He is a switch hitter and decent behind the plate. He has been doing well in Iowa hitting .274, 16HR, and 63 RBI. He will get the call.

3. Micheal Wuertz- Was with the big club for majority of the year but lost command. He will get the call for extra arms in the pen and give some of the righties time off.

4. Kevin Hart- Spent some time in Chicago. He has been doing well down there with a 4-2 record and a nice 2.91 ERA.

5. Angel Guzman- This guy has been a stud during his rehab. He could get some starts in Chicago if the Cubs build a big enough lead in the division. In Iowa he 1-0 with a 1.29 ERA. Lou has already said he will get the call.

6. Felix Pie- I think Lou will bring him up again, mainly to showcase him for other teams so they can trade him this winter.

Now here are some guys on the fence in my opinion. There are guys also on here that I think should be called up. It is still unknown how many will get the call.

1. Bobby Scales- This guy has been Mr. Production in Iowa, hitting .320 with 15 homers and 59 RBI. He also post a robust .415 OBP. Not to mention he is a switch hitter. The thing that does not help him is the amount of MI we have.

2. Josh Kroeger- This guy is better than Pie and is a really good defender. He has hit .306 with 14 homers, 64 RBI, and 12 SB. I can see it being a toss up between Felix, Josh, and Torres.

3. Andres Torres- I think this should be the one outfielder that the Cubs should call up. I watch him throw out a guy at third when he was 10 feet from the track in CF on the fly. He is a hard worker, hit hits well posting a .302 Avg., 11 homers, and 49 RBI. He also posted a .384 OBP and stole 24 bases. He is my pick.

Honorable Mention= Jason Dubois and Jose Ascaino

The guys I would have in Chicago on Sept. 1st are-

K. Hill