Friday, August 29, 2008

Check out this new pitch and other nasty stuff.

Satoru Komiyama invited this pitch called a shake. It is pretty impressive and could really fool hitters. It is as drastic as a curve but with a slower speed. Pretty cool.

Now this is a Gyroball. It looks to be held like a cutting slider but released at the side arm angle. It should be noted that the guys palm is facing toward the sky when he releases the ball. I do not know how he controls it and how that does not hurt his arm but it is NASTY!

Nice bugs bunny curveball

Masaki Hayashi has the best movement on his pitches I have ever seen! Anyway we can get him on the Cubs!?!?!

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Unknown said...

Man... that gyroball looks like a hanging breaking ball until it just eludes the bat at the last second.

The breaking ball in the last clip is more nastier than Marmols! Crazy.

But back to more important matters... why didnt the Cubs go after Guardado? Cotts has had his good stretches... but you still worry about what you are going to get each outing.

One of the other sites also said Lamb was DfA and Cubs may have interest.