Saturday, November 25, 2006

Rumors.....Rumors.....and More Rumors

Just when i thought todays rumors were gonna be quiet i check my email. So now its another addition to my unconfirmed rumors, so have fun with it.

I was emailed that accordian to espn 1000 David Kaplan reported that the cubs will announce by the latest monday that we signed Floyd to a 1 year 8 million dollar deal with about 3 or 4 million guaranteed and the rest incentives.. It also says Meche could be the next addition to our pitching staff!!

If true this would be huge if Floyd does a bench roll or platoon with Murton.. Adding Meche in the rotation will be much improved and it will be intresting what deal we would sign him to.

In another email i recieved we are expected to sign 2-3 pitchers and one possibally through a trade, all in the winter meetings.. It says that Hendry wants to get his rotation some what settled up by Christmas.. It also says Hendry has been in good contact with the following pitchers: Padilla, Meche, Wolf, Marquis, Lilly, and Batista.

The emailer didnt say where he got his info and i hadent heard back from him but i decided to post it anyways considering it a rumors site and i can cover myself by putting it in my Unconfirmed rumors section in my Blog.

If this emailer is correct Hendry( who i think already deserves a B so far in the offseason) deserves alot of credit!!! With these emailers info heres the lineup and rotation i have come up with( or what i would like to see anyways)

Soriano cf
Barrett c
Dlee 1st
Aram 3b
Jones rf
Murton/Floyd lf
Derosa 2b
Izzy ss

Big Z

Cooled Cubs Hot Stove

Well since the cubbie hot stove has cooled off some there hasent been alot of big rumors.. With exception to the normal Floyd to cubs for 1 year deal, cubs close to deal with meche, or Westbrook rumors that have been around since the winter meetings, its been pretty slow this Thanksgiving weekend. There are some intresting tidbit that Phil said in his article today.. So here it is-,1,2137639.column?coll=cs-whitesox-headlines

J.D. Drew-to-the-Red Sox was supposed to be a done deal but still hasn't been announced. Maybe agent Scott Boras just wants to give the Cubs more time to up the ante. ...

The Brewers would love to deal Geoff Jenkins and the Cubs are trying to build a market for Jacque Jones. Either would be a better option in left than going to arbitration to keep Podsednik. Cliff Floyd, on a one-year contract, probably is worth a look. Among the other free agents who could fit are Kenny Lofton, David Dellucci, Preston Wilson, Darin Erstad (if he's healthy) and Ray Durham (if he's willing to play the outfield).

Most of the Rogers is spectulation, but he has some intresting points.. If in fact Boras is waiting for the cubs to up the ante i say go ahead and do it. He is a good lefty bat, a rbi machine, and decent fielder. He would be great in the middle of order if stayed heathy and would make room to move Jones or Murton.. I like a 3 year 45 mill deal with an option for the fourth.. Then i think you trade Jones for pitching or bench help.. Then by dismissing Jones contract Drew's deal doesnt look that bad and with murton in right or left you dont have a big contract there either.. But who is worried about money obviously the cubs arnt!

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Turkey Day Rumor


Now I did get this off a message board, so take it will a grain of salt. But i thought I would post it cuz after all this is a rumors site. Now he stats he got an email from Kaplan, I have been fooled before on a post like this before so here is my disclaimer


"""When I e-mailed WGN's David Kaplan last night he sent me an e-mail backand told me to expect Cliff and Gil Meche to sign contracts next week,and that Jim Hendry is working on trying to trade for apitcher, like Jake Westbrook of the Indians; that could come atthe winter meetings."""" - POSTER ON ESPN.COM

Now if this is true, way to go Jim! He got us a decent #4 pitcher and someone to platoon with murton, or come off the bench to give Dlee a break.. We will have to see what happens!!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Weds. articles, check them out,0,6978067.story?coll=ny-sports-print

It states the the cubs are his first choice and would like to stay in the national league, he is also entertaining thoughts with the A's.. i say offer him a contract and platton with murton. Couldnt hurt.,CST-SPT-cub22.article

''For the first time in a while, we need more pitching,'' he said. ''We need a few more position players, but we're off to a good start.''
One pitcher who's available is Vicente Padilla, who went 15-10 for Texas last season. And Padilla happens to be represented by Paul Kinzer, who also represents Ramirez.

Hes my number one choice of pitchers on the free agent market, excluding Zito and Schmidt.. Get it done Jimbo

MadDog could be back on the northside????

Yet, Maddux says he’s ruled out nothing — including Chicago and the Cubs.
“No, man, I haven’t decided anything yet,’’ Maddux said Tuesday from Las Vegas, where he was driving home from his daughter’s Thanksgiving play. “I think you leave all your options open and then make a decision based on what’s best for you personally.

“Chicago was great. I mean, if you can’t have fun playing baseball in Chicago, you can’t have fun anywhere,’’ Maddux said. “I think I know where I want to go and what I want to do, but hey, somebody has to offer you a job

I in fact would love Maddux to come back to the cubs. He is great to have in the club house, he will pitch .500 baseball and is so smart about pitching.. we at least should offer him a contract!!!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Cubs pushing hard for lugo???

Cubs continuing to lure Lugo
Ken Rosenthal /

The Cubs didn't stop pursuing free agent Julio Lugo after signing Mark DeRosa to play second base. And they haven't stopped pursuing Lugo after signing Alfonso Soriano to be a $136 million outfielder, has learned.
How Lugo would fit into the Cubs' plans remains unclear. He could bat second behind Soriano or first if Soriano hit in the middle of the order. He could start out in center field, then move back to shortstop if the Cubs promoted top prospect Felix Pie and/or parted with shortstop Cesar Izturis, whose contract expires after next season.
Lugo, 31, was a favorite of new Cubs manager Lou Piniella's with the Devil Rays. His athleticism intrigues the Cubs, who could field an electrifying lineup if they added Lugo to a mix that will include Soriano, first baseman Derrek Lee and third baseman Aramis Ramirez — and eventually Pie.
The likelihood of Pie's emergence — possibly in 2007, probably no later than '08 — has caused the Cubs to back off free-agent center fielder Gary Matthews Jr., who would block Pie, 21, if he signed a long-term deal. Lugo, on the other hand, would be versatile enough to return to the infield — that is, if he doesn't sign with the Red Sox to play shortstop or the Mets to second base.
Matthews, 32, could seek a contract in excess of the five-year, $45 million deal that free-agent center fielder Juan Pierre will receive from the Dodgers. The Angels, Giants and Rangers are known to be interested in Matthews. The Phillies, Orioles, Astros, Brewers and Mariners also could be fits.
The Cubs' lineup would be heavily right-handed if they signed Lugo; right fielder Jacque Jones currently is the only accomplished left-handed hitter on their roster. The team, however, could trade for a left-handed hitter or sign one as a free agent.
In the wake of the Soriano signing, starting pitching remains the Cubs' biggest priority. They expect to add two starters, preferably one by trade. They also have the option of converting newly acquired left-hander Neal Cotts into a starter.

to be honest i dont see us getting lugo. He is good defensivly, and has a decent bat, but i dont see us getting that right handed. Unless... you get a floyd to platoon in left, or get a Drew and trade izzy and jones and have lugo play ss.. I just dont see how he makes us better than we are right now.. I say consintrate on pitching!!!

3 or 4 more players??? and other aricles of note..,1,6929809.column?coll=cs-cubs-headlines

Hendry still hopes to sign or trade for three veteran players—two starting pitchers and a left-handed or switch-hitting outfielder. If he signs three of the top guys on his radar (center fielder Gary Matthews Jr. and starters Ted Lilly and Gil Meche), he could wind up with a payroll of about $125 million.

You keep hearing these names and i have to say if he can get two to three starters and another left handed outfielder payroll will be up along with the hype!!!


On the other hand, with Soriano in right, the Cubs would rather trade Jones than play him in center and find a left-handed bat elsewhere to play center, while keeping Murton in left

This is a great idea... i think if you get floyd or matthews.. you trade jones for pitching. I dont see use trading murton.. he is young, doesnt take up payroll, and mark my words he will hit .300 and 20 hr 90 rbi in the coming years... Barry is saying what i was thinking.

More intresting quotes from the daily herald

st arting pitching will be next on Hendry’s docket. It’s still more likely the Cubs will look at a group that includes Cleveland’s Jake Westbrook (a trade candidate) and free agents Gil Meche, Ted Lilly and Vicente Padilla.
There’s virtually no chance Oakland free-agent lefty Barry Zito will land with the Cubs.
It’s a slow-moving market for pitchers, and the Cubs don’t know how much Giants free agent Jason Schmidt will command. Cubs insiders say he’s no higher or lower on the priority list than the aforementioned pitchers.
All right: Save for outfielder Jacque Jones and switch-hitting shortstop Cesar Izturis, the Cubs are a right-handed hitting team. The Cubs would like to add some left-handed hitting.
Mets free agent Cliff Floyd is an option to play part time, but the Cubs probably won’t look at him until later this off-season.
“We’ll be looking at different options and role players and maybe get a little stronger from the left side hitting wise,” Jim Hendry said. “Things can change from what you have today to what you line up with in April.”

Jim is headed in the right direction i think!!!!!

Message board rumors..

These type of rumors are hard to tell if there made up or if there actually true... the following rumor could be true but i will first say that many articles have stated that Schmidt wants to stay on the west coast and that the cubs have no intrest in level 1 Starters through free agency. The names thrown around like Meche, Marquis, and Lilly are level 2 or 3 starters not a level one lik e Schmidt is. now having said that heres a rumor that was on,, message boards.. Once again this is a message board rumors, take from you want from it, personally i will take it with a grain of salt. (though i hope its true!!!!) lol

heres the entire message

This story is coming from (CubsTalk)
Bruce Levine on ESPN 1000 in Chicago reported on Monday the Cubs have offered Schmidt a 3-year, $45 million dollar contract. Levine said the Cubs are not interested in signing Barry Zito. And mentioned the fact free agents will want to come to Chicago after the signing of Soriano.

thanks to the poster that notified me of this!!!!!

Monday, November 20, 2006

Cubs want Floyd???

Cliff Floyd, LF--New York Mets
Posted: 12:26 PM - Nov 20, 06
There is mutual interest with Baltimore. Mets have made him an offer to re-sign and he is mulling it over. Tigers may have interest. Mariners interested. Cubs would like to add him to their bench....This rumor was last updated on 12:26 PM - Nov 20, 06. The source of this rumor was Associated Press.

How big would that be? it would mean to things, jones would be delt ( which i have been reading alot on message board rumors saying that) or he will platoon with murton.. either way i think its a good deal.. all in all i wouldnt mind seeing him here next year!!!

Interesting aritcles and point of views,1,2534304.column?coll=cs-cubs-headlines

The beauty of getting this early commitment from Soriano, a deal you could get this quickly only by blowing him away with an offer such as eight years for $136 million, is that it strengthens your hand with every other free agent you are pursuing. This includes pitchers Ted Lilly, Gil Meche and Jason Marquis, perhaps center fielder Gary Matthews Jr. and shortstop Julio Lugo.

According to Piniella, the Cubs would still like to add one more hitter and as many as three starters. Ideally the hitter should be either left-handed or a switch-hitter, which favors Matthews Jr., J.D. Drew (supposedly on his way to Boston) or even bringing back Juan Pierre

It is so amazing to me as a cub fan that we are actually spending the money to get the players we need.. I think lou has alot to do with it, and you gotta love the aggressivness they have shown!!!


Expect Hendry now to turn his attention to the starting rotation. He’ll try to obtain at least two veteran pitchers either through trades or free agency. The Cubs like Cleveland’s Jake Westbrook along with free agents Gil Meche (Seattle), Ted Lilly (Blue Jays), Jason Marquis (Cardinals) and Vicente Padilla (Rangers).

If Jim gets at least 2 sp, i give him an A++++... especially if there off this list! can you imagine Westbrook and Padilla in the rotation! wow!


Also in the sun times it says this-

"Free-agent right-hander Gil Meche, 28, tops Hendry's pitching wish list. Meche -- who earned $3.7 million while going 11-8 with a 4.48 ERA for the Seattle Mariners last season -- is said to be seeking at least $8 million annually."

I have always liked him and he would be an ideal#3 or 4 starter!!!

Go cubs! Hendry is not done yet!

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Soriano signing making other free agents want to sign with the cubs!!

The Cubs have reported that they have offered a 3 year 45 million dollar contract to Drew which sources close to Scott Boras says he will accept.

A side note Barry Zito contacted Jim Hendry Personally to let him know that he would enjoy pitching at Wrigley field and for the Chicago Cubs.

How big is today!!! I have been emailed by a "source" that says he has inside information that, this tidbit is true!

Not only that but there will be a press conferance tonight or the latest tommarrow announcing the signing of both Drew and Soriano... He also states the only way Zito will be here is if he takes less than his orginal 7 year 100 mill contract.. It is stated that now Murton/Jones will be moved to Indians for Jake Westbrook in a package deal. Check this lineup.

Soriano cf
Izzy ss
dlee 1st
aram 3b
drew rf
barrett c
murton/jones lf
derosa 2b

Big Z
fa signing
8 years 136MIL and 8th years are option years


Coco an option in cf???

According to the boston globe he mite be expendable... I love this guy, decent arm, can hit, and good clubhouse guy! It would be ideal if we could get him in a deal with Manny or get him after we sign or trade for a power hitting outfielder. Lots of options out there, lets see what Jim does!

Jim working hard!

I bolded some intresting points in Chris's aritcle today in the Sun Times. I found it reassuring that Jim is actually working hard to make this team better. I also think he feels a since of urgency, considering his job mite be on the line. Its also nice to hear Lou is having an effect on Hendry, I have never heard Jim come out and say we will now get pitching and a big bat for our outfield. You can since the change in Hendry cant you!!!

BY CHRIS DE LUCA Staff ReporterNAPLES, Fla. -- Jim Hendry was among the last executives to leave the general managers meetings Saturday.

''We have a long way to go before you feel real good about anything,'' Hendry said. ''I think hiring Lou [Piniella as manager] was a very good first step. And it has been lost in all of the player acquisitions, but I'm really happy with the staff we have put together.''

Hendry knows his biggest work will come in the next several weeks. " Now we're going to concentrate on getting some pitching, some starters and maybe another nice bat in the outfield.''

Hendry had Soriano in his cross hairs long before he even sat down for an interview with Piniella.
Cubs have backed off the market on high-priced pitchers such as Barry Zito and Jason Schmidt. Give Hendry credit for acting like a man on a mission. Sources say the Cubs have been involved in talks centering on plenty of second-tier pitching talent -- Jake Westbrook, Gil Meche, Vicente Padilla and Jason Marquis.

''I like expectations,'' Piniella said. ''The more, the better. I'm looking forward to this.''

''We have hit it off from the first day,'' Hendry said. ''We have worked really well together.''
Of course, there's no pressure in November. The heat gets turned up next month when the winter meetings open Dec. 4 in Orlando.

''It has been a positive,'' Hendry said of the week spent in Naples. ''But I won't be satisfied until we have the right team in place on the field.''

Cubs could make Drew offer? Jason Jennings trade?

Angels, Padres, Indians, Red Sox, Mets, Cubs, Rangers, White Sox, Jays and Orioles pursuing him. He will not return to the Dodgers. He is seeking 4-years, $56M. The Red Sox have made him their top offensive target along with Julio Lugo. One report claimed he was close to signing a 4-year, $52M deal with the Sox and another claimed he was close to signing a 2-year, $30M deal with them. Cubs are also reportedly willing to give him 4-years, $48-52M. The source of this rumor was Jon Heyman.


Rockies shopping him, though they may hold onto him until mid-season when he may potentially have more value. Rockies also discussing a long-term contract extension with him and have offered a 3-year, $21M deal, but he is seeking a whole lot more. Astros interested and the Rockies covet Chris Burke. Twins (Jesse Crain), Cubs (Michael Wuertz and Felix Pie) and Rangers (C.J. Wilson) interested. Mariners, Yankees and Mets also interested. Cubs are unwilling to move Rich Hill, whom the Rockies covet, for him.. The source of this rumor was Denver Post.