Sunday, November 19, 2006

Cubs could make Drew offer? Jason Jennings trade?

Angels, Padres, Indians, Red Sox, Mets, Cubs, Rangers, White Sox, Jays and Orioles pursuing him. He will not return to the Dodgers. He is seeking 4-years, $56M. The Red Sox have made him their top offensive target along with Julio Lugo. One report claimed he was close to signing a 4-year, $52M deal with the Sox and another claimed he was close to signing a 2-year, $30M deal with them. Cubs are also reportedly willing to give him 4-years, $48-52M. The source of this rumor was Jon Heyman.


Rockies shopping him, though they may hold onto him until mid-season when he may potentially have more value. Rockies also discussing a long-term contract extension with him and have offered a 3-year, $21M deal, but he is seeking a whole lot more. Astros interested and the Rockies covet Chris Burke. Twins (Jesse Crain), Cubs (Michael Wuertz and Felix Pie) and Rangers (C.J. Wilson) interested. Mariners, Yankees and Mets also interested. Cubs are unwilling to move Rich Hill, whom the Rockies covet, for him.. The source of this rumor was Denver Post.

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