Saturday, November 25, 2006

Cooled Cubs Hot Stove

Well since the cubbie hot stove has cooled off some there hasent been alot of big rumors.. With exception to the normal Floyd to cubs for 1 year deal, cubs close to deal with meche, or Westbrook rumors that have been around since the winter meetings, its been pretty slow this Thanksgiving weekend. There are some intresting tidbit that Phil said in his article today.. So here it is-,1,2137639.column?coll=cs-whitesox-headlines

J.D. Drew-to-the-Red Sox was supposed to be a done deal but still hasn't been announced. Maybe agent Scott Boras just wants to give the Cubs more time to up the ante. ...

The Brewers would love to deal Geoff Jenkins and the Cubs are trying to build a market for Jacque Jones. Either would be a better option in left than going to arbitration to keep Podsednik. Cliff Floyd, on a one-year contract, probably is worth a look. Among the other free agents who could fit are Kenny Lofton, David Dellucci, Preston Wilson, Darin Erstad (if he's healthy) and Ray Durham (if he's willing to play the outfield).

Most of the Rogers is spectulation, but he has some intresting points.. If in fact Boras is waiting for the cubs to up the ante i say go ahead and do it. He is a good lefty bat, a rbi machine, and decent fielder. He would be great in the middle of order if stayed heathy and would make room to move Jones or Murton.. I like a 3 year 45 mill deal with an option for the fourth.. Then i think you trade Jones for pitching or bench help.. Then by dismissing Jones contract Drew's deal doesnt look that bad and with murton in right or left you dont have a big contract there either.. But who is worried about money obviously the cubs arnt!

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