Monday, November 20, 2006

Cubs want Floyd???

Cliff Floyd, LF--New York Mets
Posted: 12:26 PM - Nov 20, 06
There is mutual interest with Baltimore. Mets have made him an offer to re-sign and he is mulling it over. Tigers may have interest. Mariners interested. Cubs would like to add him to their bench....This rumor was last updated on 12:26 PM - Nov 20, 06. The source of this rumor was Associated Press.

How big would that be? it would mean to things, jones would be delt ( which i have been reading alot on message board rumors saying that) or he will platoon with murton.. either way i think its a good deal.. all in all i wouldnt mind seeing him here next year!!!


Joe Han said...

I saw on the Cubs board that Schmidt has been given an offer by us. Just wanted to see if you had any info that could help back that up.

cubsfan82 said...

i dont really have anything to back that up, i would be intresting to see if we did offer a contract what i would be.. i do have a hard time believing this rumor, because he had stated he wants to stay on the west coast.. but who knows, Soriano supposly wanted to stay on the east coast.