Sunday, November 19, 2006

Jim working hard!

I bolded some intresting points in Chris's aritcle today in the Sun Times. I found it reassuring that Jim is actually working hard to make this team better. I also think he feels a since of urgency, considering his job mite be on the line. Its also nice to hear Lou is having an effect on Hendry, I have never heard Jim come out and say we will now get pitching and a big bat for our outfield. You can since the change in Hendry cant you!!!

BY CHRIS DE LUCA Staff ReporterNAPLES, Fla. -- Jim Hendry was among the last executives to leave the general managers meetings Saturday.

''We have a long way to go before you feel real good about anything,'' Hendry said. ''I think hiring Lou [Piniella as manager] was a very good first step. And it has been lost in all of the player acquisitions, but I'm really happy with the staff we have put together.''

Hendry knows his biggest work will come in the next several weeks. " Now we're going to concentrate on getting some pitching, some starters and maybe another nice bat in the outfield.''

Hendry had Soriano in his cross hairs long before he even sat down for an interview with Piniella.
Cubs have backed off the market on high-priced pitchers such as Barry Zito and Jason Schmidt. Give Hendry credit for acting like a man on a mission. Sources say the Cubs have been involved in talks centering on plenty of second-tier pitching talent -- Jake Westbrook, Gil Meche, Vicente Padilla and Jason Marquis.

''I like expectations,'' Piniella said. ''The more, the better. I'm looking forward to this.''

''We have hit it off from the first day,'' Hendry said. ''We have worked really well together.''
Of course, there's no pressure in November. The heat gets turned up next month when the winter meetings open Dec. 4 in Orlando.

''It has been a positive,'' Hendry said of the week spent in Naples. ''But I won't be satisfied until we have the right team in place on the field.''

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