Saturday, June 21, 2008

Cubs place Z on 15 day DL.

The Cubs placed Z on the 15 day DL even though Z fought them every step of the way. Zambrano will miss two starts and Marshall is expected to be called up Tuesday to fill his 2 starts. Eric Patterson was called up today since Carlos was placed on the DL but will be sent back down once Marshall is called up. Ward is also expected to be with the team Tuesday against the Orioles.

Great Baseball Videos.

Here are some great baseball videos for your viewing pleasure. I know it is not Cubs rumors or news but have fun with it.

Switch hitter vs. Switch pitcher- This is great!

Great Baseball fights-

Cubs Win Cubs Win-

Nobody does it better!-


One of my FAVORITES! Paul Wilson vs Kyle Farnsworth-

Friday, June 20, 2008

Good News for Injured Cubs.

The Cubs got some good news today to cap off a great day for Cubs fans everywhere. Carlos Zambrano has just a minor strain in his pitching shoulder and is still expected to miss his next start which is Tuesday.

"The good news is there was no structural damage to the two main parts of his shoulder," Jim Hendry said following Zambrano's MR arthrogram. "The two worrisome parts of his shoulder are the labrum and the rotator cuff, and they're in very, very good shape for a man who has pitched as many innings in the big leagues that he has."

Trainers and coaches will talk to Z on Saturday to determine their next course of action. Although a DL stint is unlikely. Marshall or Gallagher could take over Big Z's next start or two if needed. This is the best news you can expect Cubs fans. Thank God!

More good news is that Soriano is healing well and expected to be back in the lineup after that 6 week time table. He says he expects to take batting practice on Monday but Lou does not think that is a good idea and I agree.

In other injury news, both Reed Johnson and Jimmy Edmonds were available to pinch hit on today and could be in the lineup this weekend or by next series. Daryle Ward has began batting practice and is expected to be with the I-Cubs this weekend and in the Cubs lineup by next weekend if everything goes well.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Big Z to miss next start.

Not looking good Cub fans. Zambrano flew back to Chicago last night to get checked out and he is required to get a MR arthrogram test to check why he has discomfort in that right shoulder on Friday. The fact that he is required to have further test on his shoulder worries me. He is going to miss his next start on Tuesday and I am just hoping nothing is damaged. Lets just hope it is tendentious or a strain and he would miss only a couple of starts. A long DL stint would be a big blow to the Cubs especially since we were already looking for a starter at the deadline, if he is out longer than 15 days then you have the problem of needing two starters and not having the resources to land 2. Lets pray for Z and wish for the best.

Edmonds is also day to day with foot soreness due to the turf they have been playing on.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Rumors and Notes

- The Cubs called up Matt "Thunder" Murton today and sent down Eric Patterson to Iowa. Murton provides a right handed bat against the tough lefties on the Rays. Lets keep in mind that he is only batting .298 in AAA with one homer. Should have called up Dubois or Torres instead, they have earned it more.

- The Cubs have 6 pitchers they are looking at via trade before the deadline ends next month. They are C.C. Sabathia, A.J. Burnett, Rich Harden, Randy Wolf, Greg Maddux, and Erik Bedard. I have a good feeling about Sabathia, Harden, or Burnett on this one!

- Soriano is hopeful to return by the all star game. In fact he is hoping to play in the all star game. Good news for the Cubs!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Rumors, Rumors, and more Rumors!!!!

Lots of rumors involving the Cubs today, lets get caught up!

- If the Cubs fall out of the Sabathia race then they may turn to Randy Wolf, Greg Maddux, or Erik Bedard. All are available via trade and the Padres and Mariners have been informed of the Cubs interest.

- The Cubs need a top tier starter and they prefer to land a nice lefty to complete the rotation of Z, Lilly, and Dempster. The Cubs number one choice is Sabathia but they have tough competition with the Yankees losing Wang. Their other alternative is Erik Bedard or Randy Wolf.

- Gary Hughes( Special Assistant to the GM) was scouting the A's and Giants game recently. The Cubs are not looking at position players but pitchers. Rich Harden maybe??

- Sabathia maybe traded sooner rather than later to maximize value in return. The Cubs, Rangers, Cardinals, Yankees, Mets, and Red Sox all are interested in acquiring the lefty.

- According to 1460 kxno out of Iowa, the Cubs maybe interested in Carlos Beltran. The Mets are an aging team with young players that could be ready for the ML next season. Carlos has fallen out of favor with the fans and staff and could delt if " the right deal came around". The Mets need young pitching and outfield so the Cubs maybe a good match. Jim Edmonds and Reed Johnson have done a good job in the outfield for the Cubs and by no means am I saying there better than Beltran but I think we need pitching more. Beltran is signed through the 2011 season. He is owed 18.5 million for each of the next 4 seasons.