Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Theo Epstein Era Has Started!

The press conference quick hits and other notes-

- That was Theo Epstein at Starbucks a couple weeks ago.

- I liked the Theo Epstein “Office Space” comment in referring to himself as Milton they guy that came to work but did not actually have a job.

- Theo is looking to build the team from the ground up.

- He is looking for the same unity and coaching from the Winter League to AA ball to MLB to the Front Office.

- I best describe Theo’s vision as family oriented where you start from a foundational ground and build from within and expand from there.

- Theo says he will have plenty of resources to be successful but expressed that means toward the draft and other avenues.

- He says this change is not an immediate but that does not mean a one year turn around is not possible.

- He values both traditional scouting and new age, describes using both in one scope to clearly and completely evaluate a player.

- He says the Cubs and Red Sox have a good relationship and will continue to work towards a compensation agreement.

- Hoyer and McLeod will likely be announced the day after the WS concludes.

- Quade and Epstein will have a sit down conversation about their visions and what happened last year. If you listen to the press conference it sounds like he is saying positive things about Quade right before he cans him.

- It is possible Hoyer could let Quade go even though it will likely be the President of Baseball Operations decision.

- John Ferrell will not be the Cubs new manager if Quade is let go because the Blue Jays will not allow him to make a lateral move.

- One source told me it is likely that Ryne Sandberg will be with the Chicago Cubs ML in some capacity in 2012.

- Another source close to Ricketts said the Cubs will have a ceiling of $160M for the Baseball Operations side of things.

- Theo left the door open on high profiled free agents such as Pujols and Fielder by saying if the “market allows them to be players”

- Theo Epstein was the Cubs pie in the sky guy. It was hard to imagine landing him.

- A strong draft class really helped Theo in making a decision on the job,

- At no time did Theo ask for more money or an extension from the Red Sox.

- Epstein’s good trait is he is really competitive.

- Main focus is player development and scouting.

- Best tradition is winning according to Theo.

- Theo plans on bring in the best and baseball and leaving those instrumental to the Cubs in place.

This should be a great and busy offseason for the Chicago Cubs as they usher in a new era. As always tune into Hot Stove Cubbies for your Cubs rumors and news. Don’t forget to follow me on twitter for up to the minute news and rumors as it breaks.

Until Next Time…