Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Cubs Notes: Baker Signs, Liriano Might, Levine's Latest, and More...

- So the Cubs signed Scott Baker to a one year $5.5M deal with $1.5M in incentives. This is a typical risk/reward move by the front office and I expect the Cubs to sign or trade for 2 more pitchers this offseason.
- More talk is heating up around the Cubs and Francisco Liriano sources tell me.
- I am also told the Cubs front office has been in constant contact with the agents of Brandon McCarthy, Shaun Marcum, Scott Feldman, and Dallas Braden.
- The Cubs are looking at starting pitching right now while having position players more on the back burner.
- The Cubs are expected to make a “flurry” of moves between now and the winter meetings a source told me.
- The Jays/Marlins trade was a big win for both clubs because it filled a need for both. The Jays want to be contenders next season so this “all in move” was necessary. The Marlins got their stadium so they did not need their overpriced players anymore so they sent them on their way. What this means for the Cubs is the Jays are no longer looking for pitching and the Marlins could be open for business on all their remaining players. Although Stanton does not seem like a guy on the move.
- Matt Garza is going to get another scan on the injured elbow this week so they can plan out the next few months. Everything points to him pitching in the Spring.
- Torii Hunter signed a 2 year deal with the Tigers worth $26M! I like Torii but not that much.
- If the Cubs are able to trade DeJesus and/or Soriano soon and save money they could actually ink someone like B.J. Upton to a 5 year deal.
Bruce Levine had a chat today so here we go-
- Don’t expect to sign Bourn or any top flight CF this season. They could go with a Campana/Sappelt platoon. (I am not exactly too thrilled with that answer)
- The Cubs will trade Marmol and maybe for a 3rd baseman because they feel secure at 1st, 2nd, and SS.
- Scott Baker looks like he will start to pitch in March and be ready to mid-April.
- Levine says the Cubs do not have a legit 3rd baseman for the future. He says they are looking for a more finished product like Castellanos and Chisenhall. (I agree with you Bruce 100%).
- It does not sound like Ian Stewart is an answer at third.
- The Cubs will listen for trades on Barney but really like him at 2nd.
- The Cubs were close to dealing Garza at the deadline and nothing has changed. The Cubs opened up his side sessions to teams. (I am hearing they will do the same in the next couple months.
- McCarthy would love to come back to Chicago.
- Levine shames Miami and I totally agree with him. A disgraceful owner and team in Florida.
- The Indians like the Cubs young players and to get Chisenhall it would cost Vitters and another young player. (Bruce, I would do that in a heartbeat).
- Baez will be 100% by spring training.
- A lot of talk around Liriano from a deal on the table reported by Jim Bowden and another report stating the Cubs have offered him a two year deal. Nothing concrete on Levine’s end though.
- Vogelbach will spend the year in High A or Double A next season. (He could also be trade bait).
- Chavez and McGehee are just part-time players for the Cubs.
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