Friday, February 01, 2008

Jim Hendry to be on Chicago Tribune Live!

Jim Hendry and Sweet Lou will be on Chicago Tribune Live tonight at 5:30 cst. You can submit your questions and they could get read on the air. I have already submitted like 10 and hope he can answer some of my questions becuase I know some of you have the same questions. Here is the link to submit you questions to Jim-

Ask him the questions your wondering. Such as-

With the Mets close to aquiring Santana and Dbacks upgrading there rotation with Haren are you looking to get a calibur pitcher such as them through a trade before opening day??

There are rumors going around that you are prepared to trade Felix Pie and/or Rich Hill. Are these are at all true? Or are they considered "untouchable"??

Those are a few I asked. So send him you questions and hopefully we will get some answers.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Cubs should look at Alex Rios.

This according to MLBRUMORS-

Jays May Trade Rios?: The Blue Jays have tried to trade Alex Rios all off season and might continue to do so this off season. Rios could probably land a lot more at the trade deadline, especially if he is hitting well, and it would allow the Blue Jays to avoid giving him big money. The Blue Jays have pretty good pitching and if they are able to trade Rios to a team like the Padres midseason, they could probably get several prospects that could help towards the future.

Rios would be a great fit in a Cubs uniform especially if they trade Pie in a deal. Rios is sloted as a right fielder but he can play decent CF. He has played 36 games in CF since 2004. He would be more ideal in the lineup rather than he would be in the field. I feel he is worth taking a step backwards in fielding to take 3 steps forward in improving our lineup. The other option is having him play right field and moving Fukudome to CF. I dont nessassarly agree with that but you have to do what you think that will improve the team the most.

Rios hit .297 with 24 homers and 85 RBI. He stole 17 bases last year which is consistant the past 3 years. He posted a .354 OBP last year and has a career OBP .338 which isnt that bad. He is set to be a free agent after the season with having already 3.130 of ML service.

I think the Cubs could land him for some decent prospects but for who I dont know.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Crane Kenney on ESPN 1000 yesterday.

Here is the link to some good info from Crane Kenney, Chairman of the Cubs. Its the Podcast for 1/28.

It is about 15 mins long and has some great info on the selling of Wrigley, trades, and other tidbits.

The best thing out of the interview happen right around 12 mins into the interview. He says that rather than deplete the farm system for Johan Santana. Jim has 2 fair trades out there right now on some "high profile guys" who will help this team a lot and not ever 5th day like a pitcher would. He also says he can see the deal getting done soon! That's a pretty bold statement and its good news!

Here is a list of players that I can see the Cubs getting-

Brian Roberts- Has been linked to the Cubs for months, would be a huge asset.

Chone Figgins- Also has been linked to the Cubs, it would be huge pick up. A utility guy who has speed and can play everyday. He could man CF, 2b, or SS on our team.

Khalil Greene- Possibly a deal that involves Murton and has been rumored for a week or two.

Marlon Byrd- Not a high profile name but still a decent pick up.

Orlando Hudson- Another name that has been floating around but have not heard anything lately.

Those are the only 5 names I could come up with unless Jim has something else up his sleeve to surprise us. ( Carl Crawford???) We can only dream! Did I miss anyone else that you the readers feel might be a high profile player we are after that's not a pitcher??

Two out of those 5 that I would love to get in a deal is Chone Figgins and Khalil Greene. That would be really complete the lineup and you can use Theriot as a super utility guy and keep Derosa at 2b and make Pie expendable in one of these deals or maybe for pitching( assuming they use Figgins in CF). Check out this lineup!

Soriano LF
Figgins CF
Lee 1st
Aram 3b
Fukudome RF
Greene SS
Derosa 2b
Soto C

All I got to say is WOW!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Bedard traded to the M's. Roberts next??

Update 7:52 on 1-27-08- I am hearing now that the O's will be pushing to trade Roberts soon so they can go into ST with there young team. They are in full rebuilding mode and have been in recent contact with the Cubs. I am hearing a three way trade is in the works that will send Marlon Byrd and Brian Roberts to the Cubs with Texas getting Murton and Marshall and the O's getting Gallagher, Cedeno, Colvin, and Armando Galrraga. This is just what I am hearing. Seems like we are giving up a lot for those two players but getting Roberts and Byrd really help the Cubs.

The O's have traded Bedard to the Mariners for Adam Jones and other prospects. Officials now say that the O's will push hard to trade Roberts before the end of the month. They want to get the best package available for him but wont trade him if they dont feel they get the best deal. It is also said the recent talks with the Cubs could really heat up and there demand for players like Pie may change with the acquisition of Adam Jones. It will be interested on what happens next week. At least we wont hear anymore " Bedard to Cubs" rumors.

Bedard and Roberts to Cub won't DIE!

According to Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe he still believes that the Cubs are not out of the race for both Bedard and Roberts. He says that sources are telling him that Bedard and Roberts could become northsiders in a deal that would send the O's the Cubs farm system. I honestly believe the Cubs are done with the O's ridiculous demands. I see no reason to give up guys like Hill and Pie along with guys like Veal, Gallagher and Colvin among others for Bedard and Roberts. Giving up Hill would be a big mistake and I don't see Hendry doing that. Sources also say they see Bedard being traded within the week but doesn't mention Roberts being delt. My wishful, unlikely thinking would be for the Cubs to get Byrd, Bedard, and Roberts without giving up Pie or Hill but that would never ever happen!

Nick also notes that Towers really wants to get his hands on Murton. I say give us Greene and we will throw in Gallagher and Cedeno.