Sunday, January 27, 2008

Bedard and Roberts to Cub won't DIE!

According to Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe he still believes that the Cubs are not out of the race for both Bedard and Roberts. He says that sources are telling him that Bedard and Roberts could become northsiders in a deal that would send the O's the Cubs farm system. I honestly believe the Cubs are done with the O's ridiculous demands. I see no reason to give up guys like Hill and Pie along with guys like Veal, Gallagher and Colvin among others for Bedard and Roberts. Giving up Hill would be a big mistake and I don't see Hendry doing that. Sources also say they see Bedard being traded within the week but doesn't mention Roberts being delt. My wishful, unlikely thinking would be for the Cubs to get Byrd, Bedard, and Roberts without giving up Pie or Hill but that would never ever happen!

Nick also notes that Towers really wants to get his hands on Murton. I say give us Greene and we will throw in Gallagher and Cedeno.


Joe said...

I'm wonderin if the Cubs are really willing to deal Veal after the difficult time the kid has gone through with the loss of his parents in recent years. I think the Cubs org is helping take care of him and his younger brother, a freshman in college. Would they really trade a kid in such a fragile state?

Anonymous said...

For some reason everyone thinks we are giving up the farm for Bedard and Roberts. Baltimore needs an inning eater Marquis and a stopper Howry. Cedano or Theriot to play short. Derosa or Patterson to play second. Marshall or Gallagher to start. Murton, Pie or Colvin for the outfield. The cubs may trade some vets to get the job done. Roberts is O.K. but i would really like to see us get Bedard. Pitching wins in my book. Nick I

Anonymous said...

why not Zambrano for Berdard and Robert

cubsfan82 said...

First off there is no reason to give up Zambrano. That idea makes no sense. I agree with Veal, I dont believe they would trade him but you never know. My thoughts and pryers go out to Donald and his family.

O's are trading Bedard and Roberts to get younger and look for the future. They dont need bloated contracts or veterans. I do see Marquis or Dempster being in a deal tho. That is not out of the question, but no to Derosa and Howry.

Thanks for all you comments.

Anonymous said...

Bedard going to seattle, darn