Saturday, January 26, 2008

Trade Coming Soon??

There is a very interesting development happening in Texas that could effect the Cubs. The Rangers DFA Armando Galrraga to clear a roster spot for Jennings . Rangers fans and columist are shocked at the idea of designating him for assignment. They figured that it would either be Robinson Tejeda, Nelson Cruz or Botts that gets cut. A lot of people are speculating including me that this means that he will be traded within the allotted 10 days and more than likely to the Cubs in a Murton/Byrd deal. Armando is a 25 year old righty who went 0-0 with a 6.23 era in 3 games in the ML last season. In his career in the minors he had a 25-35 record with 4.13 era in 116 games in which he started 98 of them. He had a whip of 1.32. Here is some comments from some outraged Texas fans-

WHAT THE FFFFFFFF?? DFA Galarraga and keep Scooter Feldman? What naked pictures do Feldman and Tejada have of Hicks and JD together? This is REDICULOUS. There is no way we would have traded Galarraga for Jennings, IS THERE? I guess we just did huh? This is messed up unless there is already a trade out there!!!!1

his numbers weren't spectacular last season and that a good thing in this case. so hopefully he'll clear waivers. hell shelton did. but i also would have let go of feldman, tejeda, or cruz to keep galarraga.

Guys... this is such a stupid move, I can draw only one conclusion from this. Galarraga is the add-on in a Marlon Byrd for Matt Murton trade. JD needed to make that 40 man move, so he DFA'd Galarrga.
At least, that's what I hope the case is. If it's not, and we did just DFA a decent pitcher over Feldman, Tejeda, and Nelson Cruz... then I'm with you guys, I'm gonna be livid. 'Cause there ain't no way he'll clear waivers.

I can't believe that the Rangers would DFA Galarraga unless they plan to trade him. I don't see him passing through waivers to the Rangers have something up there sleeve. I would not be surprised if the Cubs, O's, and Rangers have a three way deal that would send Roberts and Byrd to the Cubs with the O's and Rangers getting prospects that include Murton, Gallagher, Galarraga, Veal, Cedeno, Marshall, Epatt, Colvin, etc. Look for a trade in the next 10 days with something happening sooner than later.

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