Sunday, January 20, 2008

9 player trade not accurate?? Cubs lose out on Affeldt.

Now we have heard from Jim Hendry. He says the rumor that would have sent Bedard and Roberts to Chicago for 7 prospects is "not accurate." Roch Kubatko says that "it now appears the Cubs would be willing to part with Rich Hill" if they could get Roberts and Bedard. But I don't see that happening considering the can get a lot more players if they deal them separately. I also feel that Hendry wouldn't trade Hill for Bedard because they are basically the same pitcher only Bedard has more experience and becomes a free agent next season. Doesn't make sense to me.


In other notes the Reds signed Jeremy Affeldt to a one year 3 million dollar contract. They beat out the Cubs, Astros, Mets, and Mariners. The Cubs were looking at him as a possible swing man or long relief but decided to focus on the outfield and middle infield rather than Affeldt who has control problems. I see no need to sign another reliever, we are pretty tough in the pen.


Anonymous said...

We have 8 starting pitchers, Zambrano,Lilly,Marquis,Hill, Dempster,Marshall,Lieber,Gallagher. And 11 relief pitchers,Howry, Ascanio,Marmol,Wood,Eyre,Wuertz, Pignatiello,Hart,Lahey,Cotts, Takatsu. I think with all the teams looking for pitching we can make some trades. I'd like to up grade our starting pitching and find a short stop. Nick I

Joe said...

Agree. I think we are set in the pen... although an additional proven lefty arm would be an upgrade over Cotts and I think its Pignatello? that will be fighin for the second lefty out of the pen slot.

For the Cubs to be real contenders in the playoffs... we definitely need a power #2 arm. But with whats available at this point I dont see anything happening until after the break.

That might actually work out in our favor. We will have taken advantage of Marquis ability to have great first halfs... while also seeing if Hill can continue his growth and develop into a legit, dominate #2.

Anonymous said...

I think Marshall may end up being your lefty in the pen. And i like Lilly,Hill both better than Zambrano. Their walk to strikeout ratio is way better than big Z's. And there era's were better too. Keep up the good work with your trade rumors, this is the first sight i go to when i log on. Nick I